Curl up by the Microsoft fire this holiday season with Bing

Well isn't this nice. Microsoft is giving us all a digital fireplace to curl up next to this holiday season through the Bing homepage. It flickers just like the real thing. It's super easy to enable, too. Head on into the lower right hand corner of the page and look for the little circle icon. Click that and you'll find the fireplace symbol. Then grab a good book and a hot beverage.

Thanks wayn1ak for the tip!

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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  • I love Bing
  • Nice feature
  • Be nice on WP. Like my 1520 . I saw the today show where they had hideous sweaters, one had a cutout where an iPhone was installed and had a fireplace. Looked nice.
  • Put IE on "desktop" and go to
  • be sure to curl up next to your favorite search engine this christmas.
  • Is Altavista still a thing? I want to curl up with that.
  • I'm sorry, but she's dead.
  • Not sure. Ask Jeeves, he might know.
  • They can do this but they can't add date search/filters to search results?? Bing kinda sucks, I want to use it but I have to use Google so I can get work done.
  • bing has super power you should use it for several days for me google is sucks
  • I'd like to agree with you, but I can't at this stage. I do use Bing for simple searches, but advanced searches requires Google. I know Bing has greater 'powers' in the US, but not outside and this is a global market that Microsoft is trying to conquer, not just the US - they need to look beyond the backyard with stuff like this.
  • is best.
  • This!
  • Bing is still "beta" outside the US. But yes, I think they could easily add date searching. Hardly a mind blowing feature.
  • What? Bing is beta outside the US!I didn't know this.
  • I never use google and I do fine
  • hey guys you can watch this video here it is awesome
  • Check out Netflix for something similar. It's three separate episodes of a fireplace with music in the background. I think I remember it being called "holiday fireplace"
  • Too bad it's with music. I want a nice digital, HD fireplace with no music. Just the sound of the burning wood. Is that too much to ask? :)
  • The one on Netflix also has it without music -- IIRC it's based off the original tv version of this from the 70's.
  • Yea, the one on Netflix has music, I like the wood crackling better
  • Agreed.
  • I can't do it without the real thing
  • Well, I'm not sure how long this have been in the US, but in Canada I've been seeing this since last week.
  • Cool thing!
  • Sky in the UK do a download onto their Sky box of burning log fireplace with crackling sounds...Merry Christmas one and all.
  • Bing is awesome!
  • Not sure if mentioned earlier but there is a Windows 8.1 app for that too
  • US only?....
  • I think so. I only see red flowers.
  • i'd still rather get venmo and airbnb on my phone actually. 
  • 3AM is when I get the next days image.
  • It doesn't work for me with firefox but it does with internet explorer.  Does anyone know why?
  • None of the animated Bing homepages work on Firefox for several years now. If I'm lucky I randomly open IE or Chrome on a day when they have one and I get a surprise.
  • Firefox is behind. They use there own system and that is not always supported by web developers.
  • Bing rules!!!!!
  • Best search engine
  • Is there a similar app for windows phone?
  • Good thing I can create my own fire.I don't need this.
  • I see no little circle icon!
  • Me neither. From Portugal
  • How to enable on the Xbox?