Custom Gamerpics are coming to Xbox Live before E3 2017

During the latest episode of Major Nelson Radio, an official podcast from Xbox Live's Larry Hryb, further details have been shed on the long-awaited addition of custom Gamerpics. As shared by Microsoft's Mike Ybarra, the team is currently aiming to release the feature ahead of E3 2017.

Since the Xbox One's launch back in 2013, Xbox Live users have been restricted to a small pool of pre-made Gamer Pictures available to all profiles. Unlike the Xbox 360 where developers could offer their own 'Gamerpic packs' for purchase, Xbox One owners are limited to a small offering from Microsoft.

Mike Ybarra of the Xbox team has now confirmed that custom Gamer Pictures are on the way relatively soon and set to drop in the coming months. Although they won't be included in the Xbox One's upcoming Creator's Update, we can expect the feature to arrive shortly after the public rollout, ahead of E3 2017. The team is also working to bring custom Club artwork to Xbox Live during the process.

This delay supposedly comes down to the system's unpredictability, with a risk of unwanted content appearing on Xbox Live. To avoid having a rampant influx of inappropriate images, some form of moderation is seemingly on the way.

Would you use custom Gamerpics for Xbox One? Or do you prefer the preset options? Make sure to let us know in the comments!

Matt Brown is Windows Central's Senior Editor, Xbox & PC, at Future. Following over seven years of professional consumer technology and gaming coverage, he’s focused on the world of Microsoft's gaming efforts. You can follow him on Twitter @mattjbrown.

  • well steam has them so hury up xbox. facebook has had them for how long?
  • Xbox 360 had them before either of those!
  • Not really something I care about tbh. But it would be nice to see a bit more variety in my friends list.
  • Cool glad they are bringing such a feature clearly 99% of the rest of the sucessfull market thats completely dominating has :) glad it took them exactly 16 years to bring it to us but wait no wait let me be like this guys up top ^  Not really something I care about tbh. But it would be nice to see a bit more variety in my friends list.🚮  
  • Isaiah, protip: The One has been out for 3 years, not 16, and even Xbox Live has only existed for 10-11.
  • 16 was overestimated, but 10-11 is even more underestimated, making it an even worse answer.
    My account shows a 13 years tenure, and Xbox Live was launched in the US about a year before I could join from Europe.
    ​Checking facts before posting them is sometimes important, and sure enough, Xbox Live was launched on November 15, 2002, so 14 years ago.
  • I was speaking to Xbox Live on the 360 which was released in late 2005 as it is my understanding as to that is when joint/universal account management was introduced, and thus the gamerpics as we know them.  I didn't know you could have custom gamerpics on the original Xbox; the way my memory serves all the games still had individual account settings and LIVE was solely a service to connect gamers via the in game accounts (at the time, it felt like a 'remote LAN').  Yours disagrees?
  • Universal account was introduced with the original Xbox Live, including unique gamertag to be used across games, along with cross-games presence and audio-conference.
    But indeed, we didn't have gamerpics on the original Xbox, that got introduced with the Xbox 360 update, and so did achievements and gamerscore. Remember even though the original Xbox had an ethernet port, most users were still on dial-up and using ethernet to share a slow connection between their PC and Xbox... gamerpics probably would have been too slow to load back then. So yeah, Xbox Live has existed for 14 years, not 10-11, but gamerpics only existed for 11 years.
  • Another very cool option that I'm excited for! A lot of people are going to like this! Great job Xbox!!
  • Nice! I miss a lot of the 360 gamerpics. Glad we will soon be able to use something else instead of the selection we have now.
  • PlayStation has done it since Facebook was allows to be linked so to could use your Facebook profile picture. It's not said weather its friends only or anyone will see your custom photo. I remember paying for the Xbox camera on the 360 to get custom photos and it was still friends only. It'd actually still on there if I use an Xbox 360
  • Nice.
  • I like the addition, and the inappropriate content problem was the first thing that sprung into my mind. Glad working the issue in advance.
  • I agree.
  • Does that mean you can upload your own image like ps4
  • How about Microsoft also allows users to change their damn gamertag without the insane price of $10 for every change of a stupid gamer name. Its this sort of crap that will prevent Microsoft from ever competing with the likes of Steam.
  • The first name change is free... I completely agree and support the 10$ change. Otherwise you'd have thousands of people constantly changing names and making previous name unavailable for months until they are released again... Pick a name, stick to it. Dont be dumb.
  • I agree Elvis7. As far as I know on other social (non-gaming) networks you have just one handle/username. You can still change your bio or personalize other aspects, but think about your name/gamer tag well before clicking "Apply".
  • Whoop-de-doo... *extreme sarcasm* Though I guess as a fan boy I am supposed to get excited about any Microsoft news that isn't cutting features. =P
  • This was not a feature I cared about. The one supposedly promised feature that I cared about was ability to use keyboard and mouse in games. That is the ONLY thing that would make me reconsider taking our Xbox One out of storage and hook it up again.