Danger Goat for Windows Mixed Reality is un-bah-lieveably fun

What is it about games with goats in them? They're the most unlikely stars, and yet here we are with another fun time to be had by playing as a goat. Danger Goat is a VR title made available now for WMR, and it's a lot of fun for all ages.

It's got a full 1,000 Gamerscore for achievements, more colors than you can shake a stick at, and a challenge to keep you coming back for more.

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Not any goat, a Danger Goat

Danger Goat

Danger Goat is a top-down puzzler that sees you navigating the star of the show through a series of increasingly difficult puzzles. Success earns stars, stars mean progression, and progression means climbing the mountain to take on new tests in new environments.

It's a bit like Hitman Go, but with a goat, and you eat thistles instead of assassinating your enemies. The premise is incredibly simple, and the cutesy, colorful graphics are a treat for the eyes.

The levels are beautifully designed, too. Everything is bright and wonderful to look at, and the challenges vary between robots and rockets that'll blow you to pieces or into orbit. Oily slides block your way up but are perfect to slide down, and sometimes you just need to jump on the catapult for the big finale.

Instead of waiting to the end of the level to see how well you did, you're constantly reminded. You begin each challenge with three stars, and every time you're beaten by a hazardous obstacle, you lose a star. You can see your perfect record disappear before your eyes. It's cruel. And brilliant.

Simple to play, tough to master

Danger Goat

The controls aren't complex and make use of both the Mixed Reality controllers and the 3D space you're able to play in. You can rotate the level to get a better angle on your challenge and figure out the path you need to take your goat.

Obstacles can be interacted with, too, for example toppling large boulders by pulling them in whichever direction you need to carry on your progress.


Generally, most of the levels aren't too difficult to pass, especially with the complete 3D freedom to appraise every angle. But, getting three stars on many or all of them will be a fairly stern challenge. And you'll come back to attempt it because it's such a glorious game to look at and experience.

If you're into Xbox achievements, the full complement of 1,000 Gamerscore is on offer, and most of them aren't going to be too tough to get. In most cases just playing the game will unlock many of the heavy hitters. It also supports Xbox Live cloud saves for moving between devices.

The bottom line on Danger Goat

Danger Goat

There's not a massive amount to talk about, because Danger Goat isn't a very complex game. But it is an absolute must-play, especially if you're introducing someone to WMR. It's very easy to play, there's little opportunity to introduce discomfort or motion sickness, and most of all, it's great fun.

And it's only $5.99. There are many reasons to play and enjoy this, and nothing to turn you away.

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