Daniel Rubino talks all things Surface on Your Tech Report

Surface Duo unfolded on display
Surface Duo unfolded on display (Image credit: Windows Central)

This week's Surface event turned out to be bigger than we expected. Microsoft not only debuted the new Surface Pro 7, Surface Laptop 3, and Surface Pro X, but we also got a peek at the future with the Surface Duo and Neo.

Following up on the event, Windows Central Executive Editor Daniel Rubino took part in a new episode of Your Tech Report to talk all about the new slate of Surface devices. Check it out in the embed above.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

Dan Thorp-Lancaster is the former Editor-in-Chief of Windows Central. He began working with Windows Central, Android Central, and iMore as a news writer in 2014 and is obsessed with tech of all sorts. You can follow Dan on Twitter @DthorpL and Instagram @heyitsdtl

  • I guess my 1 year old Surface GO is now a dinosaur...
  • Tech rarely go past a couple of yrs. Keep using it for what you bought it for. No need to keep chasing specs. But Neo and Duo are not Surface Go replacements. The price point is not even close.
  • Neo looks so damn good! This will make a perfect companion to my Surface Studio. Add folder support to the app launcher of Windows X though...I cant work without it.
  • Software is still far from final but I hope they will. Currently Start menu/screen with Live Tiles supports it with so many ways to personalize. Still bothered they are moving away from it.
  • Now i am ready to jump to android come 2020. 1520, just hang on for a year.
  • 950 xl, 1 more year.
  • Wow, you still have a 1520? The best phone I ever owned... I miss that lime green beast I named, "The Hulk"!
  • Duo and Neo look interesting, looking at the Duo to replace my Galaxy Note 9 in a couple years IF it has a docked pen. No docked pen means I will have to stick to the Galaxy Notes. Myabe they will corrx t that with Duo 2 (or Duo Duo :) ) I was kinda hoping for a Surface 2-in-1, while I thought the removable KB was a great idea, practically it's a PITA for those of us who tablet lots becase 20% of the time I am then trying to find the KB (which is upstairs in my bag and I'd like to use it right now) and no dockable pen... I have no idea where the pen is for my Surface Pro. So... the Lenovo C940 looks to be the best choice for me right now. (TB for fast external storage, an eGPU if I need it and a dockable pen that suits my inking use) and I will watch the Duo to see how it goes (must have a dockable stylus) with one eye on the Neo out of interest but none of the other Surface products appeal to me, a Surface Pro 3 user.
  • They can talk all they want. Not getting my money. I went back to Samsung where I came from in 2016 when I got my Lumia 950 XL. It was a fresh input using W10M but seeing how we were treated I feel a strong distaste for any phone like hardware device from Microsoft. I am pretty fine with my Samsung S10.
  • So if you know you're sticking with galaxies, why are you even talking about the Duo? It just seems like a waste of energy and unnecessary stress letting a company who you clearly don't want a mobile phone device from even cross your mind.
  • Treated by who? Microsoft did what they could and probably kept the platform going longer than it deserved. There was only so much they could do without developer support. I switched over to Android about 2 years ago and it's great having apps when I need them. I use the square home launcher to give me that WP10 feel on my Pixel and I'm really looking forward to see what Microsoft does work the Duo.
  • Fun fact. Search the 2007 Nokia communicator and you will se the same hinges like in surface duo. I guess sometimes there is nothing new under the sun. Good thing they buy Nokia
  • ProX - 7 of 10 stars - pretty good iPad Pro clone, but still a clone. Cool (but expensive) pen charger though. And better keyboard than iPad Pro. Neo - 5 of 10 stars - will suffer if only because of Duo Duo - 3 of 10 stars - Android? Surface Laptop 3 - 10 of 10 stars. Good choice to lose the Alcantera. The perfect MacBook clone, but with a touch screen!