Darkest Dungeon-like turn-based RPG set in WW2, Warsaw, coming to Xbox October 2

Warsaw Screenshot
Warsaw Screenshot (Image credit: Crunching Koalas)

What you need to know

  • The latest turn-based RPG to make the scene is Warsaw, from developer Pixelated Milk and publisher Crunching Koalas.
  • Warsaw is set during the final stages of WW2, inside the Polish capital, from the perspective of a group of war survivors trying to make it to the end.
  • Players will have to recruit new survivors, scavenge weapons and supplies, carefully navigate challenging turn-based battles, and more.
  • Warsaw comes to all current-gen consoles, with Playstation 4 on September 29, Nintendo Switch on October 1, and Xbox One on October 2.

There has been a strong revival of turn-based RPG's recently, sacrificing the necessity for quick reflexes and button mashing skills for strategy, management, and team building. The latest to join the ranks is Warsaw, an upcoming game from publisher Crunching Koalas that brings players to the heart of a crumbling city: Warsaw, Poland, during the ending months of World War 2. This difficult time means the rise of a guerilla resistance in Poland, which players are tasked with taking control of.

You'll recruit new survivors and citizens and culitvate them into freedom fighters, learning their stories, strengths, and weaknesses along the way. You'll also have to scavenge supplies, weapons, and other resources in order to help your people survive until the end of the war. According to the creators, Warsaw will feature challenging turn-based skirmishes, incredibly difficult and moving decisions that affect the fates of everyone involved, and realistic settings and locations in war-impoverished Warsaw.

Warsaw is coming to all current-gen consoles, but it starts with Playstation 4 on September 29. Nintendo Switch comes October 1, with pre-orders available now for a 10% discount. Finally, Xbox One comes October 2, with pre-orders also available now for a 10% discount. You can also check out a few screenshots showing the game's unique 2D graphics below, or watch the announcement trailer above.

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