Dead Purge: Outbreak for Windows 10 PC pits you against piles of zombies

Available for Windows 10 PC, Dead Purge includes two game modes, each with several difficulty levels. The graphics look good, with the option to dial down the gore as needed. There are plenty of weapons to discover an upgrade through the game's research and skill systems.

The controls offer a challenging learning curve, but once you get the hang of things, Dead Purge: Outbreak ends up being a decent Windows 10 game for destroying a few zombies.

Dead Purge

What Dead Purge: Outbreak is all about

The primary menu for Dead Purge offers options to jump into gameplay, research and improve your weapons skills, access the game's options and view the about screen. Game options include turning on and off the gore, control layout, audio settings, and graphics options.

Dead Purge incorporates a combination of keyboard and mouse controls to guide your character through the zombie apocalypse. It's not the ideal setup and can be a little overwhelming. Luckily you can dial down the game's difficulty to give yourself a fighting chance at survival as you learn your way around the controls.

Gameplay includes two modes of play: Horde and Survive. Horde has you facing increasingly difficult waves of zombies, and Survive is a test of endurance to see how long you can last in an endless battle. Both modes have an assortment of gaming levels that offer a range of environments (day, night, city streets, and suburban neighborhoods, for example) and four difficulty levels.

Once you choose your mode, playing Dead Purge is not much different than any other FPS. You defend yourself against walking, crawling and running zombies that are very intent on eating your brains. Headshots result in a quick defeat of the zombie, while other shots slow them down and eventually dispatch the threat.

Dead Purge

The gaming screen has your health meter in the lower-left corner of the screen, weapons options in the lower right and gaming progress (number of zombies left in a wave and money earned) running across the top of the screen. Money earned during gameplay can be used to research and upgrade your skills with a weapon, a defensive item (protective vest) or support item (hand grenade). Improving your skills can increase an item's destructive and protective qualities.

Dead Purge is a Windows 10 game with potential

Dead Purge

The zombie genre of games is well represented in the Windows Store, and Dead Purge has the potential to be one of the more appealing options to consider. Graphics are good but have a slight blur as your move around that creates a tunnel-vision effect. This blur adds a bit of realism to gameplay, but it makes lining up a shot on the move very difficult. I liked the environmental impacts on the game's graphics. For example, if you run through a lawn sprinkler or find yourself fighting in a rain-soaked alley, rain drops appear on the screen that can obscure your view.

The zombies are extremely aggressive, as if they haven't had a meal in months. Even on the easy difficulty setting, the zombies swarm on your position like mosquitos on a hot summer day in the swamp. It is very difficult to stand your ground, requiring to you move around and create distance. All this movement brings the blurriness into play, further adding to the game's difficulty.

While the game is inherently difficult, the blend of keyboard and mouse controls offers little assistance. I would have liked to have seen an option to use a game controller or a way to rely more on the mouse for movements. Dead Purge is a Windows 10 game that requires a coordinated effort with both hands for success.

Overall, Dead Purge: Outbreak is a decent Windows 10 game with potential. The game is currently priced at $14.99 and is available for Windows 10 PCs. If you've tried Dead Purge, let us know what you think in the comments.

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