Dead Trigger 2 will end its zombie shooter game soon on Windows Phone

Developer Madfinger has confirmed it will soon end support for its popular free-to-play zombie first person shooter game Dead Trigger 2 for the Windows Phone platform.

Windows Central reader Samuel Gomez sent an email to Madfinger requesting that Dead Trigger 2 be upgraded so it could be played on all Windows 10 devices, but received the following response.

Unfortunately we have to announce that Dead Trigger 2 will no longer be supporting Windows Phones and Amazon. You will be able to continue your adventure on Facebook, Android or iOS provided you log into your account. We have also sent this message to all players as an ingame message. We are sorry for the inconvenience and hope to see you in our future games.

We contacted Madfinger Games via Twitter and it confirmed its plans to end support for Dead Trigger 2 for Windows Phone:

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We checked the Windows Store and found that Dead Trigger 2 is still in place and still playable, but Madfinger's email and Twitter response would indicate that situation won't last for much longer. Indeed, in a follow-up Twitter message, Madfinger stated the game "shouldn't be available to download now.". If you already have Dead Trigger 2 installed on your phone, Madfinger indicated you should still be able to play it.

The game was first launched for Windows Phone in April 2015. Madfinger also released a version for Windows 8.1 RT, but oddly did not for do the same for Windows 8.1 x86 PCs. That version is apparently no longer in the Windows Store.

Download Dead Trigger 2 (for now) in the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

QR: Dead Trigger 2

Thanks again to Samuel for the tip!

  • Not really a surprise time to get used to these kind of news.
  • That's why i m moving on to android now.. Once i was a great supporter of windows mobile but now i m fed up of it, in a week one app retire always. Now i can't handle this anymore R.I.P windows phone..
  • Seriously your switching means "RIP for WP"? It is not dead until Microsoft says so.
  • Its terrible to see Windows Phone dying.....
  • Your comment is more terrible than that.
  • I think It's time to jump from Windows platform to Android... But have to come come back once W10M flagship devices gains 10% Market share at the least.. Was able to play around with my friend's S7 and trust me Android is not Lagroid anymore.. But I hate the Play Store.. 50% of apps are just AdBombs.. iOS is tooo restricted to consider.. So only option is Android.. Note 7 seems compelling..
  • Consider IOS. Google / Android is essentially professional spyware. There is nothing that happens on a Google phone that isn't being tracked and sold to data companies. It is the Google business model. Additionally, Android phones do not receive security updates and criminal hackers know it. Using Marshmallow on Moto G3 and it is indeed a much better performer than Windows Mobile even on mid-tier phone. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Will do some research before choosing between iOS and Android.. Thanks for the information.. :)
  • I have all 3 OSes. If app support is your number one priority, go iOS. If hardware variety and ability to have the latest and greatest hardware innovations, go Android. My main 3 phones are a Lumia 950XL, Nexus 5, iPhone 6. iOS truly has the best app support. Android is less boring than iOS and almost has app parity and I simply love the Windows ecosystem and how my purchases follow me across device types and Continuum and all that makes Windows great and different. With that said, my 950XL is the only phone that I use 100% of the time. CSR Racing 2 is an amazing game so I play that on Android. For me, apps are not a high priority but if they are for you, iOS would be #1 for app support as of today with Android following in an extremely close 2nd. There are games that are only for iOS and the multiplatform games are usually for iOS first and are given special treatment or graphical enhancements even though Android and Windows devices could handle the extra effects as well. Choose what works best for you and live happily in your lifetime.
  • As a user of Blackberry, iOS, android, and windows phone i can tell you this. Despite iOS being locked down, its user experience is far better then that of android. Accessories are all made for iphone, apps are made first and supported first for iphone. Even though iOS is limited in what it can do, that functionality is usually bridged by the apps and accessories available for the device. So you might not be able to use a file explorer to look at your devices storage, but theres an app that will handle a particular file type and allow you to access those types of files in storage. Android, while leagues better than it used to be, still has its quirks. It can do anything an iOS device can do and more. But at the expense of user experience. Blackberry 10. The OS is great, but it suffers all the same problems windows phone does in terms of dev support. Its a sinking ship, i wouldnt go with BB10. I personally will always have a windows 10 device on the side to jump to when i get bored of android/ios.
  • Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So, you yourself want to jump ship, but somehow you think this will motivate others to help the system gain 10% market share? How generous of you.
  • I'm not here to motivate others.. I was just posting my opinion.. I'm not here to do the marketing for W10M..
  • I am pointing out the inherent contradictory nature of your comment. If everyone decides to leave and wait until *others* jump onboard, its over. So just say you're leaving and good riddance.
  • If everyone leaves and wait until others jump onboard, it's over.. True that.. But let's take it in a different approach.. If everyone stays and wait for others to jump onboard and MS keep on saying that they are committed to W10M , but their actions speaks otherwise .. It's over anyways.. I love windows and I'll keep my Lumia as a secondary device until it's all over.. Even though MS is regularly updating the mobile OS.. Adding more features too.. But they are late.. If every w10M users switch to other OS too.. They don't really care.. After all it's just 0.5% of us left as wp users in the world.. So not gonna make any difference.. They want to start from scratch.. We are just build testers for them..
  • I used to play that game. Half completed. Then uninstalled it. Bored. Wasnt updated for W10M. But we see new games built for W10M. I love ❤ Game Troopers' games
  • Agree. Android has about as many apps as ios but the amount of ads you get on some of them make the experience less enjoyable.
  • Guys, I don't mean to be disrespectful, but it's not news if the app leaving isn't a major, recognized app. And then, I even doubt the point of doing it. But clearly in this case it's not a famous game or anything.
  • But to be frank how many major/recognized apps or games are present in W10M that is getting regular updates from the developer?.. May be a handful.. Or more.. But faaaaaaar less than iOS or Android... But it was fine for me to adjust.. But Android is tooo compelling and can't be avoided.. Samsung have step up the game for Android..
  • Well since the platform lacks so many "major" apps the disappearance of whatever we have left is definitely news.
  • What's next asphalt 8? candy crush? Microsoft will always be in last place.
  • Asphalt 8 is regularly updated both for PC and Mobile. Candy Crush is also regularly updated(UWP and other UWP games from developer). Sadly Your knowledge about Windows 10 Mobile seems to be in last.
  • Abandon ship (windows phone) immediately to survive.
  • Never knew we were on Titanic when I came on board few years back.. It was WP 8 UI , especially the tiles and the photos app that made me jump from Android to WP8 .. Nokia brand was also a decision maker.. But things started to change with MS purchase of Nokia to avoid death of WP OS.. But there onwards it was just a series of preview builds and bugs.. Even though MS is on the right path.. They joined the party late.. Catching up is not that easy.. It's gonna take at least 3 years or more to make any noticeable change.. So better to abandon and come back when things are back to normal..
  • I am seeing your nostalgic comments and leaving WP. You should Do a movie about your relationship with WP
  • Then it might become a porn movie.. You can also be a part you know..
  • Huh. Bad guy
  • Sigh....More bad news from Windows Phone....Wish Microsoft would learn how to market WP/W10m and maybe it would not be a failure..
  • Hate to say it but my next phone wont be a windows >_
  • You are not alone.. Waiting for my salary now.. It's Time to take a good decision.. Started to feel like my friends and families are ahead of time and I'm catching up.. It's hard to hold on to W10M.. and my bank app is also not present in W10M store..No support for wallet app.. No government apps.. Stuck with web version..
  • Loved it when the game arrived but I don't recall it ever being updated. Shame to see apps go but if the dev has no plans for the platform then goodbye to that dev, im staying with this platform all the way. Don't mind losing this app, was streaming doom to my phone and it works amazingly well.
  • I guess Madfinger is financially challenged. They were supposed to get this game on Steam too. That never happened. Also, the game runs on the Unity engine and both Windows 10 and W10M has excellent support for it.
  • Well if they are in financial trouble then I guess they have to do what's needed to survive. Hopefully they turn things around and we see support resume this time utilizing uwp.
  • True. There will be new games.
  • I'm seeing your "die" hard fan comments.. You should "die" with W10M.. /s
  • I am still young and healthy which means W10M isn't going anywhere near.
  • Well of course it had terrible usage. They made it for the two smallest segments of the Windows Ecosystem. You must be crazy to make a game for Windows RT that doesn't work on x86...
  • And why they did that completely beats me. We you have a game ported to WinRT, you have got to be the dumbest guy on earth to only keep it on arm and avoid x86.
  • Well. I don't really care. I am going to be with W10M till the end (if there is such a thing).
  • But what baffles me is why the developer has financial trouble. The game is on Android and IOS, so revenue should be on the positive side. It just goes to show that these devs are just making excuses, cuz if he targeted the pc with mouse and keyboard support it would've been better for him. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I am with you ☺
  • Best of all its still a long way to go until we actually get new Windows Phones. No way to turn this around seeing that MS themselves don't care about Windows Phone this year
  • Who said they don't care? Are all the updates and features are developed Google? Of course there is no new Lumia. But there are 14 OEMs now. W10M is cool with RS1. Really excited about RS2
  • It seems like they are developing for W10 now. Maybe they saw an opportunity with PC's and XBOX... Hope too see their new games.
  • That's why I'm waiting for Nokia Android phone as secondary phone.
  • Surprise Surprise!!
  • It was a horrible game too laggy to enjoy wish there was a better alternative to it
  • I've never not had a Nokia, so waiting for the Nokia Android too.
  • Windows 10 my ass lol
  • if microsoft doesn't support their own platform , why would any other developers ? Just look at Microsoft garage, they keeps on developing some new app for either android or ios but nothing for windows phone. Damn, not even an alarm app they have made for other platforms. 
  • This is the reason I gave up my Windows Phone this year. Microsoft essentially abandoned the platform in 2015. They are putting in the absolute minimum effort "just in case" the UWP strategy actually works. Like many others I think, I keep checking back on Windows Central because the live tile interface is miles ahead of Android and iOS and I really want to be wrong about the platforms death. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You are wrong. Microsoft Garage aren't official Microsoft Apps. They are group of developers who release Apps under Microsoft Garage.
  • Apps are released on play store and app store under Microsoft official developer account so it means it is official app. If it was just supposed to be demos or else, they should have released app under different account.
  • But they aren't official and heartbreaking apps. Some apps are only for iPhone some only for Android. There are different teams.
  • even though they are different teams...they are released uner Microsoft official account.....not all but some apps of microsoft released on those platform are really keyboard in iPhone, it is way better than what we have right now in windows 10 mobile..
  • hope to see you in our future games.
    How can they expect to see us in their future games if they won't be available for our platform? Also I won't spend money in their games even if they'll be ported to W10 because they can be discontinued any time like this one.
  • That's my attitude these days. Support for support. You support my platform, I'll support your app. So don't hope to see me on other games if 'other games' won't be on Windows 10 (mobile and pc) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It is all because of Microsoft's bad Marketing of Windows Phone devices. They don't ever promote their devices after a launch event. Finally, it results in a decreasing sales of Windows Phones. And why a developer is going to develop apps for an Operating System which is about Dead.
  • Definitely sad to see continued pull back of apps, even if a couple of new ones are arriving. Are devs starting to see Windows 10 Mobile as just an enterprise OS? Whatever, I wanna use W10M as a consumer OS and will be sticking around especially with the anniversary update nicely polishing up the experience, no complaints whatsoever. Not leaving this great platform yet for want of one game even if it was a good one.
  • Im afraid if some apps like whatsapp leave win plateform..
  • Don't be afraid.
  • Yeah right.. You will make them stay.. Satya Karenlla :D
  • If windows phone dies can Microsoft at least upgrade the 950xl to android software. I love my 950xl physically and love win 10, but I dnt want it to be unuseable if the unthinkable happens :)
  • i switched from Windows Phone which i used since 2009 to an iPhone SE, and holly ****... the app diference is so damn big.. windows phone has a lot to improve but sadly it seems that is dying
  • I think it is maturing. There is RS2 and more to come in 2017
  • When it comes, the hall will be empty.. Good luck with that
  • It is dead for us consumers, the OS might not be dead but if Microsoft isn't interested to keep me as a customer then it is dead for me. Did you see the AppRaisin story on apps are failing on the platform the UWP strategy isn't working for mobile or Desktop. Most Companies that were supporting WP8 in markets where it was doing well are stopping their efforts because they are losing money. Look at blackberry a business focus does not mean Windows phones have a future. And PC apps on a surface phone won't bring apps and dev and company support back to the platform.
  • ah when Microsoft will announce the saviour surface phone , all hopes on it
  • Only diehard fans will buy it. It will fail. I don't get people who bought 950.. paying money for os, which devs better avoid and waiting for Soon TM.
  • So what. I just uninstalled that game..hehe. What a coincidence! I have noticed that Windows Phones are becoming more of a business phone. As long as the essential business apps are there, Windows 10 mobile will still be cool yet significant.
  • It always was more a business phone like BlackBerry. 
  • Manny great apps in windows phone leave there support for windows phone don't know why?
  • what a shame. I downloaded Dead Trigger 2 a month ago and its my favourite fps on my lumia. Still, I just hope i can continue playing this game without interruption
  • They should send a letter of thanks to the CEO assclown MS has.