Lumia 928

Mother always said life was like a box of chocolates. If you shop around you’ll find older, seasonal selections for a cheaper price. Giving you some extra money for the rest of the date. Or something like that. Same applies for smartphones, if you shop around you’ll get some sweet deals for a phone that isn’t old – the Nokia Lumia 928 on Verizon.

Newegg - $29.99

The first deal, from Newegg, is most inexpensive way to get a Lumia 928 that we can find right now. You’ll need to be either starting a new account, be eligible for an upgrade, or add another line to snag the Xenon packing 928. Doing that will only cost you $29.99 versus the $99 price you’ll find at most Verizon stores. Go to Newegg to get the Lumia 928 in either ebony or ivory.

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RadioShack - $49.99

Why shop at The Shack for 20 dollars more compared to Newegg? Lots of reasons, you may be telling a relative to get the Lumia 928 and they just absolutely love shopping locally. Then tell them to go to RadioShack for a Lumia 928 that costs just $49.99, still half off compared to their local Verizon store. As usual, to get that price you’ll need to be starting a new account, upgrading a line, or starting a new line. RadioShack also gives the phone in either black or white.

Sam’s Club - $49.74

Sams Club Deal

What?! You can get the Lumia 928 for 25 cents cheaper through your local Sam’s Club than RadioShack? While we won’t be seeing Black Friday crowds trampling each other for the savings, Sam’s Club is also getting in on the game of saving you money on a Lumia 928. A Reddit user posted a picture showing an in-store promotion for the newest Lumia on Verizon. Head to your local store to take advantage of this deal.

Wirefly - $49.99

Another place to snag a Nokia Lumia 928 on the cheaper side is Wirefly. The online site has the device going for $49.99 with either a new contract, upgrade, or new line. You can get that deal right here.

Have you found any other deals we missed? Share them below! Who is planning on picking up the Lumia 928? Already have it? Discuss in the forums.

Thanks to James S and everyone who sent this in!