Lumia 928

What do we love here at Windows Phone Central? A handful of things like reviewing new apps, learning secrets about the future of Windows Phone, and saving you money. Earlier today we showed you guys the deal over at AT&T to snag you some wireless charging plates. Now you can grab two free phones from Verizon that take advantage of those plates.

Right now over at Verizon the Nokia Lumia 928 and HTC 8X are free on contract. Yup, you won’t be spending anything to get the two best Windows Phone devices on Big Red. You can’t go wrong with either handset since both come with their own benefits over the other. You might prefer the more svelte profile of the 8X or the exclusive apps on the Lumia 928. Either way, you’re getting them for nothing.

Free Lumia 928 on Verizon

If you’re already rocking one of these bad boys you best pass this deal onto your friends and family.

Hit up Verizon to grab the 8X or Lumia 928 for free.

Via: Windows Phone Daily

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