Nokia Purity Pro Wireless Headphones

Nothing makes our wallets happier and collectively sigh than saving big bucks on all these gadgets we must have. A few days ago we let you guys and gals know about the Nokia Purity Pro (BH-940) wireless headset discounted over $100 bucks. Unfortunately, at the time only the black and white colors were discounted. Red and white were stuck at the $349 price.

So which of those two is on sale? Guess and read on.

Yellow Purity Pro wireless headphones

While we’d love if all four available colors were discounted, we’ll take what we can get. Right now if you head on over to Amazon you’ll see that the yellow variant of the headphones have dropped in price by $110.28 bringing the total to $238.72. Not bad at all, but poor Dan is kicking himself for ordering the white model two days ago when his favorite color is now available. Don’t be like Dan and get yellow today.

Not sure if they’re for you? Read our review and find out.

Thanks for the tip cae758!

Source: Amazon

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