We previewed Locksider, the new lockscreen image app from developer Liquid Daffodil just over a week ago and we’re happy to announce it is now live in the Store for Windows Phone 8 users.

What’s more, it’s going for free right now but only for the next 72 hours, after which it will be raised to $0.99—so snatch it up!

For those curious as to why Locksider is a solid choice for your lockscreen wallpaper management, we’ll give you a few. Locksider just doesn’t stream in images from a site that are then “forced” onto your lockscreen. Instead, images are hand picked and curated, resulting in designs that are formatted to look good on your lockscreen.

That means things are sized appropriately for high resolution, your time/date area is not obscured and the image just looks respectable. If you just pull in images from a stream, you don’t know what you’re getting…lower resolution, formatted wrong, things off centered etc.

With Locksider, you also get to choose some categories with a ton of variety, including Today, Cool, Geeky, Abstract, Nature and Mellow. Finally, you can also choose the frequency of updates, incorporating once a day, twice a day, every four hours and every hour options, giving you quite a bit of flexibility.

All in all, Locksider is another high-quality app from Liquid Daffodil and we highly recommend it, especially since it is temporarily free. Pick it up here in the Store.

QR: Locksider