Death Worm

Death Worm is a super popular game for Windows Phone, iOS and Android. When ported to Microsoft's platform there was no trial mode present, requiring consumers to purchase the game outright. The developer has addressed this issue by updating the game with full trial mode support. After years of waiting for the game to launch on Microsoft's platform, it's good to see the developer adding new features to the title.

If you're not familiar with Death Worm, it's a 2010 arcade style game made by PlayCreek. Players control a massive killer worm that burrows underground, bursting up to gobble people, animals, vehicles and other objects on the menu. It's a fun game that will keep you occupied for some time in each session.

Check out the game on the Windows Phone Store, which can be downloaded for $1.99. We strongly recommend you do so. PlayCreek notes that Mini Dash will receive similar treatment soon.

QR: Death Worm