Defend against the alien horde in Boom Brigade 2

Get the guns ready, sound the alarm, throw some headphones on and prepare to whip some alien ass in the latest title from developer 10tons. Boom Brigade 2, sequel to the popular iOS game, puts the player in control of troops and the overall defense, while waves of aliens attempt to seek and destroy. Think turret defense with more action and elements from line drawing. The result is an action-packed experience on Windows Phone.

The main campaign sports 30 missions, spanning across three chapters. Leaderboard support is present with several quick game modes. There's bags of gameplay hours with upgrades for multiple trooper types, as well as the number of missions available. Bonus missions can be unlocked once mission 5 has been completed. 

Boom Brigade

The ability to control troopers in both real time as well as a tactical mode provides enough scope for players to choose exactly how they wish to play through the game. If you're familiar with the original Boom Brigade then you'll feel right at home here. While the title is not Xbox Live enabled (boo), there are a selection of achievements to unlock while the player progresses through the game.

Here are some highlights of the game itself:

  • Explosive action against a rampaging alien horde
  • Five unlockable upgrades for each character
  • A hand crafted campaign including 30 missions
  • Varying types of alien enemies that require different tactics
  • Survival levels with leaderboards
  • Other interesting quick game modes like "Medical Emergency" with leaderboards
  • Over a dozen achievements

It's the seventh Windows Phone 8 release for 10tons and the developer plans to throw out a new title every week, for several more weeks. We'll have a review of Boom Brigade 2 up in the near future, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, you can download Boom Brigade 2 for $2.49 from the Windows Phone Store (free trial is available).

QR: Boom Brigade 2

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Thank you "10tons" for supporting WP.
  • Woop. Let the support roll in. Soon they will all see that the WP community is strong and willing to spend the cash
  • Can they at least mention thats its wp8 only in the title of the article or at least the first or even second paragraph?!? :( I got all happy and they only mention that it's wp8 only at the very end!!
  • I really hate having to say this, but get used to it.  I feel for you guys still on WP7.  You guys are still getting some support, but not much.  Do your best to save up and move to WP8 when possible.  I wouldn't hold out on too much coming over to WP7.  Sorry.
  • Sadly, they would have a bigger audience writing the game for the HP TouchPad than they would WP7.
  • As I said a while ago now the splitting of developers begins.  WP8 now has center stage and us with our lumia 900s are left in the dust with nothing new.
  • Welcome to technology
  • I can't believe people are still commenting about this. It has been repeatedly mentioned that WP8's native code support allows for significantly better games due to the ability to run game engines WP7 couldn't.  It's pretty clear (and has been since well before WP8 released) that most new games are only going to support WP8.  Many of these newer games couldn't possibly run on WP7.  Even if they could make the game for WP7 and have it run on WP8, that would introduce restrictions.  Game developers are going to spend their money and resources where it makes sense and that happens to be WP8 (and beyond), not WP7.
  • I feels ya bro. It's not even available on my Nokia 3210. What a shambles.
  • Of course this game doesn't have Xbox achievements of any kind.