Delhi Police launches useful Windows Phone app to file lost property reports

Delhi Police is the main law and order agency for the National Capital Territory of Delhi, and with over 80,000 personnel and 149 police stations, it is one of the largest metropolitan police in the world.

The organization has launched an app for Windows Phone that allows people in Delhi to register cases of lost documents, mobile phones, and other items.

In a first-of-its-kind initiative, the app facilitates hassle free and instant logging of missing/lost article reports without waiting for hours to get a complaint acceptance letter stamped by the local police. Also, since over 600,000 ‘information reports’ were registered with Delhi Police last year, this app aims to significantly reduce the burden placed upon police staff.

Delhi Police

The user will only need to provide his/her name, mobile number, and email address to register with the app, and then share the details about the missing article — like the date on which it was lost, details about the article, and the place where it was lost. The user will then get a confirmation of the report, a digital acknowledgment letter, which can be printed to be used for further legal formalities.

Any agency or an individual has an option to verify the authenticity of the report, by entering the NCR number on Delhi Police’s website ( The department is also planning to develop an app for logging First Information Reports.

It’s a great facility for Delhi citizens and people travelling to Delhi. Sometimes it is too late before one realizes that he (or she) has lost something, and with this official app, anyone can file the report instantly. Also, the complainant would not need to worry about which police jurisdiction the incident happened in.

While not a native app, it's a well polished hybrid web app, featuring a clean design and is very functional. Download the app for Windows Phone 8 devices from the Windows Phone Store. It’s a must have app if you are in Delhi, and a commendable initiative from Delhi Police.

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Abhishek Baxi