Delhi Police launches useful Windows Phone app to file lost property reports

Delhi Police is the main law and order agency for the National Capital Territory of Delhi, and with over 80,000 personnel and 149 police stations, it is one of the largest metropolitan police in the world.

The organization has launched an app for Windows Phone that allows people in Delhi to register cases of lost documents, mobile phones, and other items.

In a first-of-its-kind initiative, the app facilitates hassle free and instant logging of missing/lost article reports without waiting for hours to get a complaint acceptance letter stamped by the local police. Also, since over 600,000 ‘information reports’ were registered with Delhi Police last year, this app aims to significantly reduce the burden placed upon police staff.

Delhi Police

The user will only need to provide his/her name, mobile number, and email address to register with the app, and then share the details about the missing article — like the date on which it was lost, details about the article, and the place where it was lost. The user will then get a confirmation of the report, a digital acknowledgment letter, which can be printed to be used for further legal formalities.

Any agency or an individual has an option to verify the authenticity of the report, by entering the NCR number on Delhi Police’s website ( The department is also planning to develop an app for logging First Information Reports.

It’s a great facility for Delhi citizens and people travelling to Delhi. Sometimes it is too late before one realizes that he (or she) has lost something, and with this official app, anyone can file the report instantly. Also, the complainant would not need to worry about which police jurisdiction the incident happened in.

While not a native app, it's a well polished hybrid web app, featuring a clean design and is very functional. Download the app for Windows Phone 8 devices from the Windows Phone Store. It’s a must have app if you are in Delhi, and a commendable initiative from Delhi Police.

QR: Delhi Police

  • WP growth in India is kinda amazing.
  • I must needed app in Dilli. Btw guys Satyamev Jayate started.
  • Reading this article at 01:51 AM.
    Nice work by Delhi Police... & by wpcentral too for their second largest user base!
    I wonder in which time zone Abhishek Baxi is living!
  • Haha! Back from Barcelona, so IST all the way. Prefer working late in the night; also great time to connect with the WPCentral guys in US/UK.
  • U live in Gurgaon right?
  • Yes
  • Me
  • Close..In Dwarka..
  • What if the owner doesn't know if it was lost or possibly stolen? Or is lost just a euphemism?
  • That's excellent! We need apps like this in all countries and regions. Kudos to Delhi Police for bringing a very useful app.
  • Wouldn't trusting a Govt. App be an issue even if it was made for the US? Wont people be paranoid thinking they are being watched via the app :P
  • People are being watched anyway :D
  • I think many US people would welcome this type of app. The NYPD actually has a special unit just because of iPhone theft. I doubt if iPhones will be the only "hot" item in the future.
  • In India, iPhones are not as common as they are in the US. Most of the people use low end smartphones. Also, we have many local brands that offer smartphones for a low low cost. Since they all run Android, so functionality-wise they are 'almost' same as any high-end smartphone. So, to say, iPhones are not as 'hot' in India.
  • Micromaxx and Xolo are going to make WP8.1 so you will have more low low cost choices soon!
  • And that will surely boost WP users further in India! AFAIK, most people I come across here, don't bother much about the OS they're running in their phones (Some don't even know what's an OS). They run after large screens, cameras and all.. Micromax is one such company that understands their needs and uses Android as their primary OS because its open. Nokia is playing well but not when both large screen size and low price points are put together. So it definitely going to be a good idea...
  • Thanks for the excellent explanation. What I was trying to say is theft of smartphones is just as big a problem in the US. Right now iPhones seem to be most popular for thieves to target in the US, but I think other models will become more attractive to thieves here, so an app like this would be useful to people in the US too.
  • Then don't tell it you lost your weed.
  • Very nice move by Delhi Police (I'm from Delhi) but I'll be waiting for the FIR version...
  • FIR will be a flop idea as an app. Its Better we have direct contact with police by calling them,or visiting them when such cases happen
  • For that, we'll need a police station as near as possible and that's not possible everywhere. You can't file a report just by calling. A quick file through the app makes it easier on the go...
  • ^ this!! plus one can save themselves from the mental (and financial?) torture caused by visiting a police station.
  • I hope the reports that are generated by this app or the acknowledgement letter they email are promptly accepted as genuine documents (for further formalities) without any hassle. Otherwise getting them attested would void the benefits of this app. I am from New Delhi, totally like this initiative. Hope the FIR feature comes soon and works fine, that would be a great initiative!
  • Yeah the exp "....which can be printed to be used for further legal formalities" in the article puts one in doubt. But anyway, it still reduces the pain!  
  • FIR wont be there..Its an complicated procedure..
  • There's an app called SETU launched by the Gujarat govt.Its currently available for android and ios.Its a great app.I hope WP would try to bring it also.
  • What is it about?
  • It is similar to the Delhi Police app.FIR facility is also provided.Moreover it is a safety app for girls though anyone can use it.
  • That's nice. Delhi Police should also introduce such a feature. There is a safety app here, in US, where you can press/hold a button on your cellphone and move towards the parking. If there is some danger, just release your hold, and it will send signal to the police as well as your location. Else, there is some pin code when you reach your car safely to deactivate the alarm. Such features are really helpful in distress, especially for girls.
  • Oh please not again here too.. Mero Gujarat Maro Gujarat ;) :P
  • What can i do if Gujarat govt is always one step ahead??
    Anyways its to be here then anywhere else.
  • Very clever and I hope the NSW police copy that.
  • Why, in Delli is loosing property a policematter? When you loose something in The Netherlands the police doesn't care less. Are policeofficers in India go out on the Street looking for It, or what? The Dutch police only wants to know if you loose a official State documents like a passport.
  • So in other words, stealing is not a crime in your world? Very nice!
  • The artical says loosing, not stolen.
  • Anything stolen is a police matter. What if someone steals something and uses it for malicious purpose? Or if they try to sell it? It can be readily caught if it has been reported stolen.
  • In the Netherlands, when you loose your Phone, you call your provider. NOT a policematter. If It's stolen, you go to the police.
  • If you lose a cellphone you need to report it to the police so that you can get the carrier to cancel the service to that SIM card and issue you a new one. If you dont file a complaint with the cops and your phone and sim card are misused by someone, then you could be in trouble. Once you report it as lost, the sim card can be cancelled. No the cops dont go out looking for lost phones here.
  • They need a Deli Police app in NY. You call this a Ruben on rye? Where's my app?
  • Good to see Delhi Police trying to keep pace with the changing times. Keep up the good work.
  • That's better than what we have (nothing) in most US cities.
  • Nice
  • Been there on Android for ages Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • There are tons of apps been there in Android for ages but not in WP yet and there are many reasons for that. Comparison, in general is just meaningless...
  • Both apps were released together... They arrrived one after the other taking their time to get published. Ages?
  • I hope an app like this for amchi mumbai...
  • I might move back to WP, now that Delhi Police have released a Windows Phone app Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • HTC 816 Desire 816 Dual Sim (White) / Stolen @ pahar Ganj/New Delhi, India   IMEI 1: 352706063830596 IMEI 2: 352706063830604 S/N: FA499WW01251    
  • HTC 816 Desire 816 Dual Sim (White) / Stolen @ pahar Ganj/New Delhi, India IMEI 1: 352706063830596 IMEI 2: 352706063830604   S/N: FA499WW01251   if found pls report to Nabi Kareem Police Station New Delhi