Dell says it's still 'very much working' with Windows Phone 7

We've been hearing rumors about Dell working on a Windows Phone 7 device, the Lightning, for a while now. During a recent earnings conference call, Dell CEO Michael Dell kept hopes alive that Dell hasn't given up on the Lightning.

Dell stated, "We're very much working with Android and Windows Mobile 7 and we see those platforms as more attractive alternatives to other suggestions that you may have offered."  The alternative he is referring to is likely the option for Dell to buy or develop their own OS.

It's rumored that Dell's Android phone is likely headed to AT&T later this summer and if the renderings do the Lightning any justice, it would be a nice addition to the Windows Phone 7 lineup this Fall.

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Phil Nickinson

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  • If the specs hold up and the size is nice it could be one sweet phone for those who like this kind of setup (as far as the KB goes). Things should get more interesting in June I think. I have a feeling MS could have the final set of dev tools, or near final, out next month or maybe July.
  • Yeah, hopefully, those features do hold up, if not improve. To mention one particularly, MicroSD card slot...
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  • Well that's good but I wish they replace the browser IE with the Opera mini or the new browser of Firefox-Fennec.Otherwise the other features are good.
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  • I love the portrait slider layout, its the best of both worlds: large screen but easily one handed operation.