Dell Venue Pro for T-Mobile (Hands on)

Yup, of course we got to play with the Dell Venue Pro (an odd name) aka the 'Lightning'. Featuring a 4.1" screen with 8GB of storage, the device felt pretty solid in our hands. It was a bit top heavy with the keyboard out, but nothing serious. Speaking of, the slider is fantastic--you really feel the springs and quality with this one.

The keyboard itself is also quite nice, though a bit cramped (being a portrait slider, this is natural). Here's a funny thing though: yeah, the onscreen keyboard is really, really as good as everyone says it is. Seriously. Phil and I were both banging away on the HD7 and were shocked at the speed and accuracy. All of this almost, almost makes the hardware keyboard feel redundant. Still, we know some of you want this bad boy and we don't blame you--it's a sold device.

In fact, all the phones today feel fast, smooth and top quality. We like these new hardware restrictions as we get consistency for once.

The Dell Venue Pro will be on T-Mobile, features a 5MP camera and Gorilla Glass for the screen. A few more shots after the break!


Daniel Rubino

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