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Delta Airlines has told one of its customers that it has no plans to update its Fly Delta app for Windows Phone devices. The news comes even as many of its users complain that the current version has many bugs and generates lots of crashes.

Delta Airlines has been a big supporter of the Windows Phone platform in the past. In 2013, they announced that all of its flight attendants would start using Lumia 820 smartphones for customer service duties. In 2014, the company upgraded those phones to the Lumia 1520 model. Finally, Delta's pilots began using Microsoft's Surface 2 tablets as a replacement for their flight manuals.

However, that same kind of support has not been extended to the Fly Delta app, which first launched for Windows Phone in 2011. It is supposed to allow users to, among other things, check the status of their flight, get information on their flight's terminal and gate, rebook if their flight gets delayed or cancelled and more. However, the online reviews for the app show a ton of complaints about missing features compared to the iOS and Android versions, along with bugs, crashes and loading issues.

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The Fly Delta app was last updated in March 2015.

One of our readers reached out to Delta Airlines to offer his thoughts on the Fly Delta app and received a response via email:

"Thank you also for reporting these issues. Unfortunately, we have not been updating the app for Windows Phones because the usage level is less that 1% of the total app usage. There are no plans to update it in the near future. We regret any inconvenience and frustration this may have caused."

The app is still available to download from the Windows Phone Store. Then again, since Delta has no plans to update it, there may not be much point in using it if you are a frequent customer of the airline.

Windows 10 may change things, but until companies see a major adoption of the OS for mobile and desktop, they likely will not be returning anytime soon.

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