We're pretty stoked about Mango for many reasons, but a big one is the ability to use augmented reality. LG has already done a great job of doing this last year but their apps are only for their phones. Now with Mango and the upcoming AR Starter Kit, third party developers will get access to all the tools to enable them to create some killer apps.

The best part about these tools, once again, is Microsoft's emphasis on simplicity. With as little as six-lines of code, developers can begin to make their own AR layers to existing apps. All the sensors are handled for them and there's a "drag and drop" design. What this means for consumers is obvious: more apps of higher quality. Devs won't have to spend hours thinking of how to implement AR but rather can focus on other things, like design, utility and execution. We can't wait.

The kit will be put up on Codeplex as soon as some internal review process is complete.

Source: YouTube (jbienzms); via @mckhendry