Destiny 2 free trial now live on Xbox One and PC

Updated November 28, 2017: The free trial is now live on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4.

Destiny 2 is getting a free trial, giving players a chance to see if the game is right for them without dropping a dime. Whether you're a console gamer playing on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, or consider yourself a member of the PC master race, Bungie says you'll be able to dive in for free starting November 28.

In all, the trial will offer a taste of both the single-player campaign and the player-versus-player (PVP) content. If you decide to buy in and get the full game, your progress in the trial will carry over. Curiously, however, Bungie is mum on how long the free trial is set to last.

Destiny 2 already saw some deep discounts during the Black Friday weekend, so this is likely intended to entice anyone else who is still sitting on the fence. Still, it's a solid way to check out what, despite some recent controversy, we found to be a solid evolution of the formula established by the original Destiny. This also comes just ahead of the December 5 launch of Destiny 2's first expansion, which will also coincide with some notable upgrades for anyone playing on Xbox One X.

The Destiny 2 free trial will be available on November 28 on Xbox One, PlayStations 4, and PC via the Blizzard launcher. The full game is available now at a base price of $59.99, though you'll likely find it at a discount as sales continue through the holidays.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • how much has it really changed since the beta at this point?
  • Not much. Its not changed much since Destiny 1. Tragedy.  It doesn't even look that good on the Xbox One X, say compared to Ghost Recon Wildlands which looks absolutely stunning. I just played some of the trial. Its like Destiny 1 all over again. So dull.
  • Destiny 2 is actually quite different from top to bottom. It's also much less of a grind-fest for casual players. It looks great on the Xbox One and the same on the One X, but to be fair it won't be patched until 12/5.
  • Getting a token for finishing a raid isn't my idea of "improving" a game over its predecessor. Entirely too much hype over this game.
  • no thanks.  apparently bungie secretly doubled the exp required to level up after being found out that they were secretly gimping the exp accumulation.
  • Yup, they got caught red handed twice. Despicable.
  • Nah, I'm happy with Warframe.
  • Sad thing is, I bought the ultimate edition of Destiny 2, but because of all the nonsense, reskins, and missteps they took; I've been playing Warframe more now than ever.
  • I do like Warframe a lot also. It takes itself a lot less serious.
  • I'll pass, Bungie isn't getting any custom from me as they crossed the line with their xp limitations. I've seen what happens with these mechanics are left to fester and poison games.