Destiny 2: One Thousand Voices is melting every raid boss in the game

One Thousand Voices
One Thousand Voices

One of the features that makes Destiny 2 one of the best Xbox shooters available are its powerful and game-changing mods that players can employ in combat. The most exciting of these mods available during the Season of the Lost is Particle Deconstructor, an extremely effective mod that allows fusion rifles and linear fusion rifles to apply a stacking debuff to enemies that increases all further damage done with these weapons by a whopping 40%.

Particle Deconstructor, in addition to the flat 15% damage buff that fusion rifles got when Season of the Lost began, has turned weapons like Null Composure, Cartesian Coordinate, Telesto, Bastion, and Sleeper Simulant into incredibly effective boss damage weapons. The undisputed king of them all, however, is One Thousand Voices.

This fusion rifle from the Last Wish raid is capable of killing almost every raid boss currently in Destiny 2 in one damage phase, provided that everyone on your fireteam is using it with the proper setup. The only exceptions are Atraks-1 from the Deep Stone Crypt and Shuro Chi from Last Wish (you can only one-phase Atraks-1 with The Lament sword, and Shuro Chi can't be one-phased due to the mechanics of her encounter). Check out some of the videos below to see just how effective One Thousand Voices is right now:

Particle Deconstructor and the Weapons of Light buff provided by a Titan Ward of Dawn bubble alone will allow One Thousand Voices to do an incredible amount of damage, but you can get your DPS even higher if one Hunter on your fireteam uses the Stasis Silence and Squall super on the boss while everyone else has the Focusing Lens mod equipped and is standing in a Well of Radiance. This is because Focusing Lens boosts Light ability damage on targets affected by Stasis, and when you're standing in a Well of Radiance, the game considers your weapon damage as abilities. The debuff provided by the Hunter Shadowshot Super also stacks with Particle Deconstructor, allowing you to deal even crazier amounts of damage.

Overall, it's really cool to see One Thousand Voices absolutely tear bosses apart like this. The weapon has always been one of the best Destiny 2 Exotics and a strong DPS contender ever since it was added to the game, but it hasn't truly been a part of the endgame meta before now. I'm looking forward to one-phasing many a raid boss with One Thousand Voices this season, and I hope you are too. And keep in mind that if you don't have One Thousand Voices, there are tons of other excellent fusion rifle and linear fusion rifle options that you can use for top-tier DPS. It's Season of the Voop, after all, and fusion rifles have become a core component of many of the best Destiny 2 builds.

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