Destiny 2 best builds 2023: Titan, Warlock, Hunter in The Witch Queen

Destiny 2
Destiny 2 (Image credit: Bungie)

Destiny 2 changed a lot in the leadup to the Witch Queen expansion and even more has changed after release. While some of the game's coveted Exotics were nerfed, others were buffed, and the whole landscape of builds, particularly those associated with Void 3.0, has changed.

There's a lot to take in and the viability of some builds, as well as what's important in those builds, has changed dramatically in the past few months. We've broken down what it means to create a good build in Destiny 2, our best builds to date, and what each setup can offer.

Builds are a staple of the Destiny 2 experience, allowing players to mix and match their weapons and armor, all helping fine-tune a perfected Guardian. It's important to consider the purpose of your build and which specific armor mods to use. While the overall goal is to kill enemies, what makes Destiny one of the best shooters is that different builds are effective in different areas. You have to think about enemy density, boss encounters, whether you're locked at a certain Power Level, or if PvP activities are involved. Thankfully, there are some constants involved.

Destiny 2 Witch Queen Gear Large

Source: Bungie, Inc. (Image credit: Source: Bungie, Inc.)

For those looking to build towards a competitive loadout, it's important to consider the weapons you are using above all else in relation to mods. Due to changes in abilities and supers, you'll see them a lot less in competitive modes. As such, you will get a more literal bang for your buck by prioritizing weapon mods.

Whereas those looking to slay out against the enemy AI will want to maximize their abilities and make the most of their heavy weapons wherever possible. This means that PvE builds will often have; double heavy or secondary ammo finders on helmets, anti-champion mods on their gauntlets, resistance or ammo scavengers mods on chest armor, and heavy or secondary weapon scavengers on chest armor.

There are also ability-based builds that carefully tread the line between PvE and PvP content. Their focus is predicated on the ability you want to use. Carefully considering both the PvP and PvE elements could lead to greater success in a game mode like Gambit.

Destiny 2 builds: Stats, tiers, and the numbers explained

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Destiny 2 The Witch Queen The Arrival

Source: Bungie, Inc. (Image credit: Source: Bungie, Inc.)

When talking about the best builds, it ultimately boils down to stats, governing how your damage, abilities, health, and movement work in-game. You can view what role each stat plays and how it impacts your Destiny experience via the character screen.

Stats start at zero and climb to 100, which marks the maximum cap for each attribute. For every 10 points within each stat, you also gain what's known as a stat's tier. This means that not landing on a rounded 10 could be considered a waste of stats. There are also only 10 tiers, meaning that anything beyond this threshold is also a poor investment. Bungie has also clarified that the Base Cooldown of all stats starts at Tier 3, so anything under 30 may feel underpowered.

While stats can be relevant for all characters, each class has a specific stat that governs its "Class Ability." These Class Abilities form the basis of the class identity. For Hunters, it's Mobility. For Warlocks, it's Recovery. And for Titans, it's Resilience. By focusing on this stat, you can use the Class Ability far more frequently, plus any additional attributes it provides.

It's advised that you tailor your build to have 100 stats, also known as Tier 10, in both Intellect and Class Ability. Class Abilities play an important role in all facets of the game, while Supers can also have a similar effect in many game modes. There are some exceptions, which we will discuss later.

For instance, in the case of a Hunter, it's great to aim for Tier 10 Mobility and Tier 10 Intellect, regardless of their overarching gameplan. Where they can differ is in the armor and mods used, which either bolster other stats or provide different uses for abilities.

How to choose the right armor in Destiny 2

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

Source: Bungie, Inc. (Image credit: Source: Bungie, Inc.)

The first port of call for improving your stats should be armor. Every piece of armor available in Destiny 2 has a spread across the six potential stats.

On Legendary-tier armor, the most common among seasoned players, all pieces have a minimal value of two in each stat. The highest possible stat value available on a standard piece of legendary armor, excluding your Class Item, is reportedly 68 stats right now. When it comes to Class Items, all Class Items will always drop with 0 in each stat. It is possible to increase the number of stats on a piece of armor by masterworking it or adding mods.

Masterworking should be reserved for the best pieces of armor, those which guarantee high stats in desired areas, due to the required resources. When a piece of armor has been masterworked, a further 2 stats will be added to each category and in the case of your Class Item, which normally has no stat values, it will provide 2 stats in each category. The armor will also have 10 energy available for mods, which we explain later in this guide.

With this knowledge, you can start to theorycraft and understand what "good armor" looks like. This often includes maxing out the stats you desire in your build. Using the example of Hunters, I typically aim for a minimum of 23 in Mobility and 23 in Intellect when it comes to masterworking. Given that each stat also has to roll with a minimum of two in each category, you can deduce that a good piece of armor can have an overall stat value of 54, but 66 after masterworking.

If I was able to masterwork and equip armor with these stats in the chest, gauntlet, legs, and helmet slot with the stats above and masterwork them, I would have Tier 10 in both Mobility and Intellect and 18 stat points in every other category, should you include a masterworked Class Item.

However, these are only the basics of armor. Every piece of armor has the ability to equip mods that can alter the value of stats, both positively and negatively. Each wields an energy type, be it Solar, Arc, Void, or Stasis, and these dictate what mods can be used on that armor, as well as the available energy on the armor itself.

How to choose the right mods in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen Hardmode

Source: Bungie, Inc. (Image credit: Source: Bungie, Inc.)

After choosing the right armor, mods are the way to make the most of each build. It's first important to look at the type of energy your armor has and what mods are available on this armor. If the armor is not your desired energy type, you can switch the energy type for an Upgrade Module and up to 20,000 Glimmer — depending on the amount of energy currently on your armor and its rarity.

Once you've scoped out the energy types you need across the desired mods, it's time to masterwork your armor. Armor can be upgraded to have a maximum of 10 energy points. Each mod will use this energy. The higher the energy, the more mods you can slot.

Every standard piece of Legendary armor has four mod slots; General, two Armor Specific, and Combat Style. These slots allow you to place different mods. However, there are exceptions, like Artifice and Raid armor, that do provide a fifth mod slot. Raid armor will allow you to equip Raid-specific mods and Artifice provides an additional mod slot to equip extra seasonal mods.

The General mod slot is focused on stat-based mods. These can offer 5-10 stat points in each of the six categories and can cost anywhere between 1 to 5 energy, with a +10 Intelligence mod costing the most at 5 energy. None of the mods in this slot require a specific energy type to equip.

Next is the Armor Specific slot. This slot has the widest array of mods as it contains both energy-specific and armor-specific mods. Due to the large assortment of mods, it's impossible to neatly sum up the total spread. These mods will rarely define a build, but they are critical in enabling it.

The final core Mod Slot is the Combat Style slot. As suggested by its name, the Combat Style mod slot is what you will try and focus your build on. These mods offer key words, like Charged With Light, Warmind Cells, and Elemental Wells. While they don't require a specific type of armor, they do require a specific energy type. There are synergies within and across the Combat Style Mods, the most popular of which is a combination of Charged With Light and Elemental Wells. Here are a few popular examples of Combat Style Mods in builds:

Charged With Light

These builds focus on the generation of Orbs of Power and casting supers to become Charged With Light. This is enabled by orb-generating Helmet mods like; Harmonic Siphon, Kinetic Siphon, and the energy-based orb generation mods combined with the Taking Charge Combat Style Slot mod. It is also achieved by killing enemies in rapid succession with specific weapons, thanks to mods like Sustained Charge, or through casting a super while you have mods like Powerful Friends or Radiant Light equipped.

After becoming Charged With Light, these charges are then used to deal extra damage or provide additional resistance. Mods such as High-Energy Fire, Argent Ordnance, and Lucent Blade increase damage based on the weapons you are using while Heal Thyself and Protective Light offer additional sustainability in harder content.

There is a lot of flexibility currently available in creating Charged With Light synergy, but a personal preference of mine is to use the following; High-Energy Fire combined with Taking Charge, Radiant Light, and Kinetic Siphon. This combination of mods requires one Arc Energy piece of armor and one piece of Void Energy armor but is flexible across a full range of builds.

With this build, the goal is to create a series of orbs by killing enemies with your primary weapon. Upon picking up the orbs or casting a super, your damage output will be increased through High-Energy Fire or, if you are in a survival situation, you will gain extra damage resistance after losing your shield. Following either of these scenarios, you lose your charge and should seek to generate further orbs.

Elemental Charge

Elemental Charge is currently the most malleable Combat Style to toy around with, as well as the cheapest. You can create wells off just any part of your arsenal, be it kills or simply using your class abilities. When the wells spawn, you will need to collect them. This, in turn, will replenish your abilities faster or even power up weapons with an energy type that matches your subclass.

While solely running Elemental Wells is weaker, there are some builds that are currently bolstered by the Season of the Risen's Volatile Flow mod and reduced cost Font of Might. These two mods, combined, have resulted in several builds. My current preference is to utilize a Void subclass accompanied by the following elemental mods; Well of Tenacity, Font of Might, Volatile Flow, Reaping Wellmaker, and Elemental Ordnance. As such, you will need three pieces of Void armor, and one piece of Solar armor.

The result of this, when used in tandem with a Void energy subclass and secondary weapon, is a build that absolutely shreds enemies. Kills with your grenades or void weapons, spawn wells that regenerate your Void grenades, and empower your weapon for a short period. You will also gain four seconds of increased resistance for each well you pick up, which improves your sturdiness in prolonged fights. In the right circumstance, this build can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Warmind Cells

The intention of Warmind Cells is to use particular weapons, namely Seventh Seraph and Ikelos, to generate large glowing cells. Killing enemies with these weapons, or some abilities has a chance to create these cells upon death.

When a cell spawns, you will be able to pick it up or shoot and destroy it. It might even have an area of effect, this can range from healing teammates to weakening enemies or even setting everything on fire. It all comes down to the mods you have selected.

Due to the inconsistent nature of the cells spawning, as well as a few nerfs, the builds have largely fallen from grace. But, popular use of strictly Warmind Cells could look like; Global Reach, Burning Cells, Rage of the Warmind, Cellular Suppression, and Warmind's protection. This armor requires two pieces of solar armor, a piece of arc armor, and a piece of void armor.

By combining these mods, while using a weapon that can generate Warmind Cells, a successful kill should create a Warmind Cell that weakens the enemies surrounding it upon its creation. Upon its destruction, the Warmind Cell's explosion will suppress enemies, deal additional Solar Damage, and set enemies alight. Its main purpose is clearing small-medium enemies and is not appropriate when it comes to focusing on damaging a boss.

That's not to say that these builds are the only possible builds, in fact, they are just the start. Across the three core mechanics of Combat Style Mods, there is a lot of crossover. Thanks to Elemental Charge, you can use the well mechanic to become Charged With Light and make use of something like Argent Ordnance or High-Energy Fire. The same can be said of Warmind's Light, which also allows you to become Charged With Light and implement similar Charged With Light functionality into a Warmind Cell build. It's all about considering what suits your weapons and playstyle. The more you experiment, the more fun you will have.

There are some other mods we have not touched upon, Ghost Mods. Unlike other mods, Ghost Mods focus on rewards received from various activities or locations throughout Destiny 2. The most important of which is the Armorer subset of mods and the XP mods. These mods are not classed as part of any build, but slapping them on your Ghost to gain a few extra levels or even tailor the stats your armor will drop will get the most out of your experience.

Best Destiny 2 Warlock Builds 2022

Destiny 2 Witch Queen Void Subclass

Source: Bungie, Inc. (Image credit: Source: Bungie, Inc.)

Warlock has traditionally played a support role. Their healing ability is a selling point of the class and, as there are no others that offer such a benefit, you'll find that the placement of healing rifts or even a Well of Radiance is often the most common approach to a Warlock. That's not to say they aren't capable of dealing damage or clearing waves of enemies, but there is always a focus on the healing rift as a base.

That's why, as a general rule, the assumption throughout these builds will be that you should aim for 100 Recovery prior to addressing the additional priority stats. This rule also extends to Intellect. Intellect is the most expensive stat in the game and, in PvE content, casting a super is often a priority.

Stasis Buddy Build

The first of the builds we'd recommend is the Stasis Buddy Build. This build is centered around creating Bleak Watcher Stasis Turrets and maximizing your firepower as a solo player while making use of the new Osmiomancy Gloves Exotic that was released with The Witch Queen.

To make the most of this build, set up a single Stasis Turret as covering fire and use your secondary Coldsnap Grenade to chain between enemies to increase the regeneration of your grenade ability through the Osmiomancy Gloves' exotic perk. While enemies are frozen, you'll also utilize No Time To Explain to quickly finish enemies with precision kills to proc its Time-Slip ability. This will provide an additional support mechanism that will whittle away enemy health and manage large groups of small to medium size enemies with little to no risk.

When used correctly, this build should effectively provide a near-infinite amount of grenades. In turn, this will allow you to alternate between creating turrets and using Coldsnap to lock out enemies that are out of your turret's line of sight. While these enemies are frozen, you can get easier precision kills thanks to increased damage and the enemy's inability to move.

  • Class and Subclass: Shadebinder with Cold Snap Grenade. Aspects; Bleak Watcher and Iceflare Bolts. Fragments; Whisper of Fissures, Whisper of Chains, Whisper of Rending, and Whisper of Torment.
  • Key Exotic(s): No Time To Explain and Osmiomancy Gloves
  • Weapons: No Time To Explain is your key focus of this build, which means the remaining slots can be used in line with your preference.
  • Priority Stats: Discipline
  • Suggested Mods: Grenade Kickstart (Arms Armor Mod, Stasis Energy Armor), Firepower (Combat Style Mod, Solar Energy Armor), Bomber (Class Item Armor Mod, Solar Energy Armor), Innervation (Leg Armor Mod, Solar Energy Armor), and Kinetic Siphon (Helmet Armor Mod, any Energy Armor).

The Support Warlock

Warlock Well Of Radiance Solar Build

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

There's a stark difference in the diversity of 3.0 subclasses, Stasis and Void, and the remaining subclasses, Solar and Arc. But that doesn't mean the older subclasses are no longer required. This build, the Well of Radiance build, will always be a part of a Warlock's arsenal and can only get better.

When it comes to support and team-wide buffs, this is a staple of team compositions. Even at the height of Void 3.0 excitement, every Day One raid team most assuredly had a Warlock rocking Well of Radiance. Part due to its ability to act as a battery with Phoenix Protocol closing the gap in time between supers, resulting in more Orbs of Power for the team, and part due to the quick switch in exotic armor to Lunfaction Boots that increase weapon reload speed and range when using Empowering Rifts.

Due to the large focus on supporting others, it is also important to enable the Charged with Light mods others may have on. That's why Radiant Light Powerful Friends can come in hand, as well as some grenade focussed mods that allow you to charge up and throw out overshields in tactical locations with the Divine Protection perk.

  • Class and Subclass: Dawnblade Subclass (Solar) and Attunement of Grace (middle tree)
  • Key Exotic: Phoenix Protocol or Lunafaction Boots
  • Weapons: Player's PvE preference, but Divinity will allow additional support and damage across your team.
  • Priority Stats: Discipline
  • Suggested Mods: High-Energy Fire, Radiant Light, and Powerful Friends.

Infinite Regeneration Build

Devour Ability Warlock Void Build

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

There's no denying that the Void Subclasses are the current rage. The new update has left Void in an incredibly powerful state and it's only heightened by some mods in the Season of the Risen.

The premise of this build is to utilize a multitude of Void abilities to ensure that kills create an infinite amount of ability regeneration that in turn leads to a nearly infinite amount of regeneration. Its sustainability is perpetuated by Nezarac's Sin which encourages the user to deal Void damage across their weapons and abilities, chosen to enhance further with the seasonal Volatile Flow mod to generate explosions on Void weapon kills after picking up an elemental well.

We also push the limits with Devouring Depths, increasing the overall damage of the Warlock's super, gained faster through Ashes to Assets mods, and adding a Wellmaker engine to ensure that even more ability energy is generated. There's also more resistance through Well of Tenacity, which is proving to be strong this season.

  • Class and Subclass: Voidwalker Subclass (Void). Aspects; Feed the Void and Child of the Old Gods. Fragments; Echo of Expulsion, Echo of Persistence, Echo of Remnants, and Echo of Instability.
  • Key Exotic: Nezarac's Sin
  • Weapons: Void weapons
  • Priority Stats: Discipline and Strength
  • Suggested Mods: Reaping Wellmaker, Font of Might, Ashes to Assets, and Volatile Flow.

Resist Stacking PvP Build

Arc Pvp Stag Build

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

The Stag technically works across any subclass. It's a neutral exotic that will provide additional benefits across any build. However, if you've played in previous seasons, you'll know why we have opted to shine a light on the Arc-based version of this build.

The perks and benefits of Attunement of Elements inherently intertwine with competitive play. In teams of three, you can run faster as a pack and team-shot enemies from within your rift and benefit from The Stag's additional damage resistance, resulting in firefights that are in your favor. The rifts also just last longer. This means more uptime for your Arc Soul - adding to the overall firepower within your team. You also have the instant activation of Landfall, which can clear other Guardians in quick succession, which is a benefit not afforded by other roaming supers.

It's like everyone just gets better while playing in your rift and that's basically the aim of the build. Much like all PvP builds, you'll want to tailor your weapons towards your preference. There's not much else to this build currently, but it will evolve in line with the Subclass 3.0 updates.

  • Class and Subclass: Stormcaller Subclass (Arc) and Attunement of Elements (bottom tree)
  • Key Exotic: The Stag
  • Weapons: Player preference of PvP weapons.
  • Priority Stats: Player's preference for PvP.
  • Suggested Mods: Mods to support chosen weapons as outlined in the "purpose of builds" section.

Poison Touch Build

Necrotic Grip Stasis Build

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

The combination of Osteo Striga or Thorn and Necrotic Grip is a potent one. So potent that some major streamers and content creators consider it one of the best builds for average enemies in Destiny 2. It's incredibly flexible thanks to neither Exotic being tied to a specific subclass nor its abilities, which means it can be used across a multitude of activities. For the purposes of this guide, we've opted for another Stasis build to highlight the potency of this duo.

This build focuses on letting both the poison of Osteo Striga and Necrotic Grip spread alongside the Coldsnap grenade. As frozen targets burst, they drop Stasis Shards which track to your position, providing you with small chunks of overshield. As you collect the shards, they are then converted to Elemental Wells which then charge you with light to enable increased weapon damage through High-Energy fire.

This build absolutely shines best in activities with high density or solo activities. The more poison and stasis freezes you can land, the better. You feel unstoppable.

  • Class and Subclass: Shadebinder Subclass (Stasis) with Coldsnap Grenade. Aspects; Iceflare Bolts and Glacial Harvest. Fragments; Whisper of Conduction, Whisper of Chains, Whisper of Fissures, and Whisper of Rime.
  • Key Exotic: Necrotic Grip
  • Weapons: Thorn or Osteo Striga and high damage Secondary/Heavy weapons.
  • Priority Stats: Discipline
  • Suggested Mods: Elemental Shards, Utility Kickstart, Elemental Charge, High-Energy Fire.

Best Destiny 2 Hunter Builds 2022

Destiny 2 Witch Queen Gear Large

Source: Bungie, Inc. (Image credit: Source: Bungie, Inc.)

If there's one thing Hunters love, it's rolling in the dirt. Getting a good coating of mud often comes with a quick weapon reload, the instant regeneration of abilities, or a brief period of invisibility. Hunters are also the only class you cannot consider for a support role but might opt for thanks to their survivability. You'll most likely find that Hunters are part of your team to clear small enemies or deal massive amounts of damage. They are also a dab hand at Crucible too.

In terms of stats, that means Mobility is key. Unlike our recommendations for the Warlock, it's not always necessary for a Hunter to aim for 100 in Mobility, in fact, the Powerful Friends mod means you can often safely aim for 80 in Mobility and end up maximizing mods to achieve 100 regardless. The Intellect stat also isn't negotiable. Our builds always assume that the base is to have at least 80 in Mobility and 100 in Intellect as standard.

The Invisible Hunter


Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Hunters are notorious for lurking in the shadows. With this build made possible via Void 3.0, an effective Hunter can manage their Snare Bomb to ensure that a permanent cloak of invisibility is available across the team, as well providing additional damaged resistance to all of those blessed with invisibility thanks to Omnioculus.

Through effective use of Vanishing Step and Trapper's Ambush, this build makes the most of its setup by getting close to enemies and dropping a Snare Bomb. Either through the Quickfall divebomb or melee ability, it confuses and weakens everyone nearby, dodging out with Gambler's Dodge to replenish the expended melee ability. In a pinch, dropping a snare bomb in the center of a close fireteam will also allow you to get out of tight spots, like following a revive or through some tricky boss phases. Ultimately, the core goal of the build is survival and appropriate use of what feels like infinite melee abilities and invisibility makes it much easier to survive.

There's also some wiggle room in how you adapt the build thanks to the only mandatory Fragment being the Echo of Persistence. That means you could look to expand your build with the likes of Devour Fragments, mainly combining Echo of Starvation and Echo of Harvest, or even squeezing out some extra stats in your build through the other available fragments, like Echo of Dilation.

  • Class and Subclass: Nightstalker Subclass (Void)
  • Key Exotic: Omnioculus
  • Weapons: PvE weapons of preference.
  • Priority Stats: Strength
  • Suggested Mods: any ability cooldown Class Item Mod or Distribution, Radiant Light and Powerful Friends for additional stat boosts, Well of Tenacity, and Reaping Wellmaker.

Duskfield PvP Hunter

Hunter Stasis Pvp Build

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Based on current trends, this is the build when it comes to Trials. It's an easily adaptable build available for Hunters looking to participate in PvP. It's all about creating opportunities to win duels or increase your team's resistance.

Renewal Grasps are key and work well with the Duskfield grenades thanks to the Depths of Duskfield trait that reduces damage taken by allies while in the aura of effect, extended in range through the gauntlets. When mixed with Touch of Winter and Grim Harvest, enemies struggle to get out of the range of the Duskfield Grenade. Killing enemies will result in Stasis Crystals which will provide you with even more resistance thanks to Whisper of Chains.

Due to the multiplicative nature of the resistances gained by standing in the Duskfield Grenade's aura, this build works best when you can navigate situations where the enemy finds themselves fighting you in the pocket. Even when you aren't maximizing the resistance, you can win out long-ranged duels by standing in your aura, delivering the same amount of shots to your opponent, with a head start on ability generation.

  • Class and Subclass: Revenant Subclass with Duskfield Grenade. Aspects; Touch of Winter and Grim Harvest. Fragments; Whisper of Durance, Whisper of Conduction, Whisper of Torment, Whisper of Shards, and Whisper of Chains.
  • Key Exotic: Renewal Grasps
  • Weapons: Player's PvP preference.
  • Priority Stats: Discipline and Recovery
  • Suggested Mods: Bomber (Class Item Mod, Solar Energy Armor), mods that compliment the choice of PvP weapons.

The Big Shot Celestial Hunter

Hunter Solar Celestial Nighthawk Build

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

The obvious "go-to" for a Solar themed Hunter is Golden Gun. You pick the bottom tree and slap on a Celestial Nighthawk and call it a day. It's easy. And, while you wait for Solar 3.0, very little is likely to change in the near future.

What's more important is making the most of the setup and complimenting the overall approach of the build, which is to do as much damage as possible, by selecting the right weapons and maximizing their damage. If you are lucky enough to have a Divinity user in the team, this is achieved through precision damage.

Thanks to Way of the Sharpshooter's "Line 'Em Up" perk and the single-shot fire, you can make the most of your High-Energy Fire, which will be enabled through the Radiant Light buff immediately after firing your Golden Gun. This will result in higher weapon damage until you kill an enemy. It's simple and effective. Players that are also able to manage their precision kills prior to casting their super will also squeeze a little bit more juice out of the efficiency orange.

  • Class and Subclass: Gunslinger Subclass (Solar) and Way of the Sharpshooter (bottom Tree)
  • Key Exotic: Celestial Nighthawk
  • Weapons: Izanagi's Burden, a precision-based secondary weapon, and Palmyra-B with Enhanced Auto-Loading Holster and Enhanced Lasting Impression.
  • Priority Stats: Player's PvE preference.
  • Suggested Mods: Radiant Light and High-Energy Fire

Close Quarters Combat Hunter

It's hard to deny that Arc-based subclasses for Hunter are lacking. They lack the desirable expansive arsenal of Stasis and Void as well as the damage of Solar subclasses. You could say they lack punch, which is ironic given this build.

Combining Liar's Handshake with the Way of the Warrior is an incredibly fun melee build. There's no way you'd consider it for difficult content, but it is certainly a fun build for your weekly Vanguard Arc Singe playlist.

This build works best when you start by unloading all the pellets of your shotgun into a melee, before dodging near another enemy to refresh your melee, and repeating the process. This approach will incrementally increase your damage, stacking the Combination Blow buff to x3.

This is all compounded with a selection of mods that will boost weapon damage that matches your Subclass energy type, in this case, Arc, and also creating wells that will provide additional resistance after you kill an enemy after dodging with your weapons.

  • Class and Subclass: Arcstrider Subclass (Arc) with Gambler's Dodge and the Way of the Warrior (top tree)
  • Key Exotic: Liar's Handshake
  • Weapons: Any Arc energy Shotgun with One-Two Punch (Prophet of Doom from Garden of Salvation or Found Verdict from Vault of Glass).
  • Priority Stats: Strength, but not necessarily 100 Strength thanks to Exotic's benefit, and Resilience to make sure you have enough health to stay close.
  • Suggested Mods: Shotgun Scavenger, Melee Wellmaker, Elemental Armaments, Font of Might, Reaping Wellmaker, and Well of Tenacity.

Tether Hunter

Devour Tether Hunter Build

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Void is now undeniably the best Subclass for Hunters in The Witch Queen. So that's why we have two here. This time it's Devour Hunter. Unlike the other Void build, this one focuses on standing in amongst the chaos, rather than sneaking by it. It's also a great ad clear and the best DPS in the game at the flick of a switch.

The main objective here is to lead in with anything that weakens your opponent and then kill them with your void weapons to start your Devour ability. After Devour is active, you become extremely hard to kill. You can also use this Devour buff to bolster your super's damage thanks to the seasonal mod, Devouring Depths.

The combination of Devouring Depths, Orpheus Rigs, and Moebius Quiver is considered one of, if not the, highest damage in the game currently. It's incredibly potent. And the combination of Orpheus Rigs and Deadfall Tether is also the best means of dealing with large quantities of enemies in the game too.

  • Class and Subclass: Nightstalker subclass (Void) with Moebius Quiver for Boss Damage and Deadfall for ad clear. Aspects; Stylish Executioner and Vanishing Step. Fragments; Echo of Starvation, Echo of Harvest, Echo of Persistence, and Echo of Underwhelming.
  • Key Exotic: Orpheus Rig
  • Weapons: Void weapons
  • Priority Stats: Balance Strength and Discipline
  • Suggested Mods: Harmonic Siphon, Void Siphon, Reaping Wellmaker, Font of Might, Devouring Depths, and Well of Tenacity.

Best Destiny 2 Titan Builds 2022

Destiny 2 Titan

Source: Bungie, Inc. (Image credit: Source: Bungie, Inc.)

Titans, much like Warlocks, can be perceived as support classes. They put up barricades and drop big bubbles. However, unlike Warlocks, they haven't always played a traditional support role. At times Titans have been relied upon for dealing damage in the Crucible. Regardless of where you've found them, they've always had a use for their barricade.

We recommend always prioritizing your Resilience when it comes to stats, as well as Intellect for similar reasons discussed in the Warlock builds. For the purposes of the following builds, always assume that Resilience and Intellect are prioritized alongside the other stats highlighted in the "Priority Stats" section.

Ability Titan

Heart Of Inmost Light

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

As the name suggests, this build is focused on using your abilities to their utmost extent. Even builds with lower Discipline and Strength can throw out grenades and shields alike at blinding speeds. The key to this build is ensuring you always have an active ability.

Thanks to the Bastion Aspect, your team will have the benefit of a perpetual overshield, which will last twice as long thanks to the Echo of Persistence Fragment, if they stay within range of the Titan's barricade class ability. As the Titan uses an ability, the other unused abilities will also start to regenerate due to the Heart of Inmost Light's Overflowing Light perk, which improves ability regeneration and increases the damage to boot.

Adding to the use of abilities, particularly the grenade, is the Echo of Instability Fragment. Between Echo of Instability and Controlled Demolition, your abilities will also pack an extra punch. The Elemental Well mods also compliment the direction of the build. You are rewarded no matter which ability you are using and take reduced damage as a staple.

This does mean that the build mostly has a singular energy focus, which could hamper success in exceedingly high-end content that requires specific energy weapons, but in scenarios where this is no concern, it happens to be one of the most effective Titan builds around.

  • Class and Subclass: Sentinel Subclass (Void) with the Bastion and Controlled Demolition Aspects. Fragments; Echo of Instability, Echo of Persistence, and a third flexible Echo of your choosing. This could be Echo of Exchange for more ability regeneration, Echo of Remnants for longer grenade presence, or Echo of Leeching if you need more fireteam support.
  • Key Exotic: Heart of Inmost Light
  • Weapons: Void energy weapons, particularly in the Energy slot and less so in the Heavy slot, and the primary of your choosing.
  • Priority Stats: An even and healthy distribution of Strength and Discipline.
  • Suggested Mods: Any ability cooldown Class Item Mod or Distribution, Melee Wellmaker, Font of Might, Elemental Ordnance, Well of Tenacity, and Reaping Wellmaker.

Crystal Resist Titan

Titan Hoarfrost Z Stasis Build

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

When it comes to Hoarfrost-Z, the builds surrounding it are all about making and breaking Stasis Crystals. After you shatter a crystal, a shard will spawn, doubling as an Elemental Well that will activate your Font of Might mods. These should be stacked where possible.

From there, Elemental Time Dilation combined with Font of Might will ensure that your weapon damage is at an all-time high and that each successfully collected Stasis Shard, which tracks to your position thanks to Whisper of Conduction, increases the duration of your buff. All the while Whisper of Rime also adds a small fraction of an overshield on top of your health with each shard collected.

As Crystals start to populate the arena, you'll also notice that shattering them will increase your ability regeneration through Whisper of Shards, and standing near them will also provide you with the Resist buff thanks to Whisper of Chains. While it is not mandatory for the build, weapons with the Headstone perk will generate even more Stasis Crystals and further improve the build.

  • Class and Subclass: Behemoth Subclass (Stasis). Aspects; Tectonic Harvest and Howl of the Storm - although you can use Cryoclasm, this results in fewer Fragment slots. Fragments; Whisper of Shards, Whisper of Conduction, Whisper of Rime, and Whisper of Chains.
  • Key Exotic: Hoarfrost-Z
  • Weapons: Stasis Primary and Heavy Weapon with Headstone if possible, Secondary weapon of choice.
  • Priority Stats: Player's PvE preference.
  • Suggested Mods: Elemental Time Dilation, Font of Might, Stasis Shards, and Elemental Time Dilation.

Boss Damage Titan

Titan Code Of The Missile Cuirass Arc Build

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Everyone loves a big damage build and everyone loves Superman. This build is a sure thing. It's painstakingly basic, with Cuirass of the Fallen Star and Thundercrash being the only key components, but it's absolutely worth adding to your arsenal.

Much like some previous Arc builds, this build can be enhanced for boss Damage with the likes of High-Energy Fire and Radiant Light mods and can only get better with the promised Arc 3.0 revisions.

  • Class and Subclass: Striker Subclass (Arc) and Code of the Missile (middle tree)
  • Key Exotic: Cuirass of the Fallen Star
  • Weapons: Player's PvE preference.
  • Priority Stats: Player's PvE preference.
  • Suggested Mods: High-Energy Fire, Radiant Light, and Ammo Finder/Scavenger mods for your chosen weapons.

Alternative Solar Ability Titan

Titan Solar Hallowfire Solar Build

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

This build is the Solar variant of the Heart of Inmost Light. Instead of constantly using your abilities to ensure you can regenerate them faster, you passively gain increased ability regeneration that is greatly increased when you have a full unused super.

It plays out better for the more patient players that might not want to jump into the fray quite as regularly or want to consciously think about where they place their barricades, versus constantly placing them.

There are also added benefits through the use of the Code of the Siege Breaker. These enhance the regeneration further beyond the capabilities of Heart of Inmost Light if you are able to kill enemies with your grenade of melee ability and stand in the sunspot produced.

  • Class and Subclass: Sunbreaker Subclass (Solar) and Code of the Siege Breaker.
  • Key Exotic: Hallowfire Heart
  • Weapons: Player's preference of PvE weapons.
  • Priority Stats: Strength and Discipline
  • Suggested Mods: Any mix of Ability cooldown mods on your Class Item combined with your preference of Charged with Light or Wellmaker mods.

PvP Citan's Titan

Tital Citan S Build

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

The core of this build is similar to the previous Void 3.0 ability spam build, but with some key differences. This build is tailored toward PvP, rather than PvE. In PvP, Citan's Ramparts prove vital in giving you the edge over your opponent. The shorter duration of your shield is completely outweighed by the ability to fire through it.

One constant is the overshield provided by the Bastion aspect of your Void subclass. Providing your team with an overshield and extending your own duration with the Echo of Persistence straight up gives you more health. You can't argue with more health in PvP. It's great.

You can even run Suppressor grenades, which were previously a staple of Void titans, to knock your enemy out of their Super that recovers faster thanks to Offensive Bulwark. Add Echo of Domineering into the mix and you'll also get free reloads on your equipped weapon when you suppress an enemy. I even add Echo of Dilation for the improved radar and increased movement speed while crouched, which is great for a meta that involves using a Fusion Rifle with Firmly Planted.

  • Class and Subclass: Sentinel Subclass (Void) with Suppressor Grenade and Ward of Dawn for Control-based game modes or Sentinel Shield for kill-based game modes. Aspects; Offensive Bulwark and Bastion. Fragments; Echo of Dilation, Echo of Persistence, and Echo of Domineering.
  • Key Exotic: Citan's Ramparts
  • Weapons: PvP preference of Primary weapon and a Fusion Rifle with Firmly Planted for Secondary weapon.
  • Priority Stats: Player's preference for PvP, although Recovery is encouraged.
  • Suggested Mods: Mods to support chosen weapons as outlined in the "purpose of builds" section.

The best Destiny 2 builds out there right now...

Destiny 2 is always in a state of change. Armor and abilities can be buffed or they can be nerfed, which means today's hot build is tomorrow's hot trash. Evolution is always afoot. As the year continues, Bungie has already discussed the renovation of Solar and Arc-based subclasses to match the power and flexibility of Void and Stasis subclasses, which means there's a lot to look forward to. But these builds will have your back, for now.

Ryan Esler