Destiny 2's Luke Smith details future plans for 2020 and beyond

Destiny 2
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What you need to know

  • Bungie's Luke Smith has written an extensive blog post that details future plans for Destiny 2.
  • Changes to weapons, an overhaul of core activities, better New Light systems, and giving players goals to look forward to are the major points touched on.
  • These changes are expected to come in Season 10 and beyond.

Destiny 2's Game Director, Luke Smith, has written a lengthy and detailed blog post that gives a closer look at many of Bungie's plans for Destiny 2 in both the near and far future. These changes will not be all at once, but will rather be things that Bungie iterates on over time. Players will begin to see changes start to occur in Season 10.

The post is pretty extensive, but we've summarized the major information for you in this article. The biggest change being made to the game is arguably the addition of Power level caps to Legendary weapons; essentially, this means that Legendary weapons will not be able to be infused higher than a pre-determined Power level value assigned to that weapon. This is being done to ensure that players always have a reason to chase new pieces of gear that come out, as they will be some of the only weapons that will have the Power level players need to complete content as the game continues to evolve. According to Smith, weapons will have a lifespan of about 9-15 months before they will start to feel obsolete in endgame activities, though they'll still be great choices for general play in standard activities. It's important to note that Exotic weapons are not part of this new system.

Destiny 2.

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Other major changes to the game will include an overhaul to the core activities (Strikes, Crucible, Gambit) that will presumably make them more rewarding, improved New Light systems that make it easier for new Destiny 2 players to learn the game, and a general focus on making sure players have meaningful goals to look forward to. Some smaller changes coming immediately in Season 10 include adding the gear from Destiny 2's old Faction Rallies into the general loot pool, making it easier to organize quests in your Quests tab, and the removal of the ability to buy Bright Engrams from the Eververse Store, Bungie's in-game microtransaction marketplace. In the far future, Bungie is also looking to reduce how much Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) affects the Destiny 2 gameplay experience.

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Desitny 2 is available for free on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The latest expansion, Shadowkeep, costs $35 on all platforms.

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