Destiny 2's 'Warmind' expansion launches in May, with numerous fixes in tow

Over the past few months, Bungie has made many changes to Destiny 2 including the confounding "Eververse" microtransactions. Luckily, the developer aims to fix many other issues in future updates which will bring a host of new features to the game. In a post on its website, Bungie highlighted some of the major tweaks coming to the game soon.

While there are other changes coming like the ability to select which emote is bound to which button, the fact that the developer will no longer restrict competitive multiplayer maps to only those who buy the expansion is by far the most important. Also, Masterwork Exotics will probably be the most game-changing addition because they make your weapons stronger.

In the post, Bungie teased the next expansion as well. Destiny 2's second expansion, called "Warmind", will launch on May 8, 2018. As the name suggests, it deals with the artificial intelligence constructs designed to protect the solar system.

On May 8, with the beginning of Season Three, we're also launching the second expansion to Destiny 2. It's called Warmind, and it will send you to new places to meet new heroes and battle new enemies. You'll earn new loot and master new activities. Today, we're naming it and dating it. You'll learn more in a reveal stream on April 24.

Hopefully Warmind will be full of new content so that gamers will want to play the title again. Over the past few months, the player base has decreased rather significantly because the "Curse of Osiris" expansion placed many of the maps behind a paywall. Let's see if May 8 changes that.

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Asher Madan

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