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Destiny Ghost Edition sold out but priced well above normal on eBay

If you were hoping to get the $149.99 Destiny Ghost Edition for the Xbox One at your local games retailer, you are out of luck as the limited collector's version of Bungie's upcoming sci-fi shooter is sold out. However, there are plenty of the Ghost editions on eBay, but be prepared to pay a lot more than the standard price.

While there are a lot of the Ghost versions of Destiny that users can buy on eBay, instant sale prices for those games start at around $300 and some have reached beyond the $1,000 mark. You can also take your chances on bidding for the Ghost edition, but again, the bids tend to be much higher than the normal price.

The Ghost edition of Destiny, which will ship along with the other versions of the game on September 9, will include the game disc itself in a SteelBook case, along with exclusive in-game items and real world content such as a field guide, a star chart and postcards. It also will have a Ghost replica with motion-activated lights and the voice of actor Peter Dinklage, who also handles the voice of the AI character in the game. There's also a letter of introduction and some "golden age relics" like a photo, sticker and patch. Finally, it offers gamers free access to the Destiny Expansion Pass, offering access to the game's first two downloadable expansion packs.

Are you tempted to go on eBay to grab one of those hard to find Ghost editions of Destiny, even at its high price tags?

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  • I really wanted that limited edition. I missed out on Halo: Reach and now the limited edition to their latest game is sold out. If someone has it, I'll tell you how many licks it takes to get to the center of a lollipop in exchange.
  • I have one. Well, the ghost edition
  • Got Limited on Halo Reach, Halo 4 and already preordered Destiny Ghost Edition for Xbox One and the normal Destiny disc for Xbox 360. Will be awesome to get the Destiny stuff. Wonder if the season pass license will transfer to the 360. It probably won't but it could be very much possible.
  • Deal
  • I'm waiting for the Halo, the master chief collection edition of the Xbox one.
  • The hype for Destiny worries me....
  • Destiny lives up to the hype. Don't be worried
  • I didn't think it did, particularly the PvP competitive multiplayer (a.k.a. the Crucible), which I thought was downright awful (completely unbalanced = not fun at all; Titanfall's multiplayer is better). It's still a decent game because the co-op story mode is okay if you are playing with a few friends. Riding solo, though, it's not very good. I'd give the game an 8/10, for ambition. But I definitely think it fails to live up to the hype. PS4 players think it does because the Playstation has always had a crappy FPS selection (no Halo, no Titanfall)--in comparison to Killzone, this game looks amazing, no doubt. But for Xbox owners who know better, Destiny is just all right.
  • Agree that a full release of titanfall multplayer is better than destiny beta multiplayer.  But I have to just hope that things will be tweaked and balanced considering we have 3 maps and only 1 gametype. Bungie is known for having a lot of gametypes in multiplayer, hopefully there will be some more balance.
  • The Titanfall beta with only 2 maps and 1 multiplayer mode was also better than the Destiy beta PvP multiplayer, so...
  • Agreed, but personally I am not going to make an end all statement that the MP will suck just from the beta.  I have played betas that the multiplayer seemed like it was going to be amazing and ended up sucking and vice-versa.
  • Isn't Titanfall just competitive multiplayer though, with an absolutely good awful story clumsily tacked on? Destiny revolutionises how we play the campaign, they need to work on the campaign a touch but its definitely a step in the right direction. It certainly had faults, but its also a beta, hoping that they smooth out the multiplayer issues well enough to make crucible as enjoyable as CoD, TF2 or Halo online.
  • No, Titanfall isn't just competitive multiplayer; Titanfall is competitive multiplayer. It does one thing and it does it really well. Desinty didn't really revolutionize anything: name one thing it does that hasn't been done before? It is an interesting hodgepodge of other games, but there is nothing revolutionary about it. You're focusing on comparing the totality of Destiny vs. the totality of Titanfall. They're incomparable in that sense. The former is more designed to be a Phantasy Star Online + Halo co-op multiplayer game with crappy PvP competitive multiplayer tacked on; the latter is only a PvP competitive multiplayer game. As I said earlier, many people will find Destiny to be more worth the price of admission, since it does a lot more. But, if you're looking for which game has the better deathmatch multiplayer, it's Titanfall, by a lot.
  • Aha, see deathmatch multiplayer means little to me, nothing has beaten unreal tournament in my books. If a game has a bad campaign then it's not worth my time, at least with destiny it is shifting the standards of a fps campaign, the only thing they need to fix is when joining a party it pulls you out of what you are doing, even if the person is right next to you. Needs to be more seamless than that. But the beauty of having these other characters around so you can choose to play together or not, is something new to the fps genre. With work it could be how campaigns move in the future.
  • Why? People are hyped because they are loving it. I'm hyped (and this is very out of character for me). I played the closed alpha, the E3 alpha and the beta and still want more. I have pre-ordered the Ghost Edition (also uncharacteristic of me to buy special editions).
    Have you even played it?
  • I played all three too. The thing is that a lot of these games have such big hype, but get boring after a month or two. Same happened with Titanfall and Watchdogs, at least for me.
  • Maybe, but it's basically Halo gameplay. The Crucible PvP is awesomely fun. I don't see any reason people won't play this as long as they did Halo MP.
  • The Crucible PvP in Destiny was atrocious! Nothing new or innovative. Whereas Titanfall brought some new ideas to the mix, particularly how the vertical level designs complement the wall running and double jumping, as well as the dynamic interplay between pilot vs. pilot, pilot vs. titan, titan vs. titan, and titan vs. pilot, Destiny was nothing but a Halo clone but with poorer balance (particularly, vehicles were so overpowered that the game eas excruciatingly frustrating to play).
  • Wow. You do remember it was a beta? Among many goals of the beta, one was balancing: and the tank, especially, is being rebalanced because it was to OP. Its rate of fire, the blast radius, and damage output are all being reduced. ALL games have balancing issues, even you're beloved Titanfall, that was a rather shitty game, imo, that I am glad I returned. Also, alot of people who hated Halo4 (since 343 totally ruined the gameplay that Bungie made Halo known for) are glad to have a Halo-style shooter with some twists and improvements. It's by no means a clone, even if it does feel similar as far as how combat works.
  • Yes, everyone is aware that it was in beta, but there is no way they're changing the PvP multiplayer enough in the 7-week gap between the beta ending and the game's release that it will matter. The core gameplay concept of the Crucible isn't good enough. This doesn't mean Destiny won't be a good game--it just means it will be a good game beause of the co-op gameplay, not the PvP gameplay. Destiny will arguably be a better value at $60 than Titanfall was as it's a much more abitious game, but if you're simply talking about which game has better competitive multiplayer, that game is Titanfall, by a long shot.
  • Well, ultimately you can think what you want. To each is own. However, the numbers and the hype totally beg to differ and prove otherwise. So, while everyone is entitled to their opinion and their likes/dislikes, there are still things called facts which show that Destiny is more popular then Titanfall ever was.
  • Right, because we all know that there is one truth in life and that that is quantity always equals quality...
  • Never said it would be boring in a month or two, just said it COULD for me.
  • I had enough fun with the varying missions that I would probably stick it out for a while at least, once I'm sick of that aspect I'll play some crucible then ditch it.
  • Got so lucky to get my Ghost Edition pre-order early in GameStop. Its sold out in Ireland too.
  • Some on eBay for $300-$350 incl. Postage for buy it now. Just sort by low price + p&p (xb 360)
  • Just wait to after release, the value on eBay will drop like a rock, like it always does.
  • $150 for a game is just too much for me. The most I've ever spent is like $90.
    Edit: Technically $120 if you count the Titanfall controller as part of my purchase of Titanfall, but I have some 2 player games, so....
  • The most I'll spend is 60 dollars on the Game of the Year Edition.
  • I just paid 250 for the witcher 3. I never thought I would spend so much on a game but CDProjekt are just too awesome, and that statue, oh so sexy. Plus everything else it comes with. That's AUS by the way, typical Australian price gouging.
  • That thing is incredibly nerdy, and this is coming from a nerd. I'll just buy the regular version and if I like it I'll get the expansion pass. I think it's better to do it that way anyway because if you don't like the game they sure as heck aren't refunding you for that dlc pass.
  • I went with the limited edition as it included the season pass plus a couple other things for only 20 more, considering the price of dlc lately I figured it was a good move.
  • I want the Digital Limited version, but unlike the PS3/4 version, there isn't a way to pre-order it.
  • $1000 for a box with a game and toys? No thanks
  • It is pretty cool, but I don't want discs anymore. Digital FTW.
  • Seems more like a party trick than anything else... Plus destiny isn't really my style of gameplay.
  • The "buy it now" listings aren't the best prices to go by to determine value. A lot of the buy it now priced items will never be sold. Sort them according to ending soonest and see how much they're really going for.
  • I'm getting this CE for the collection but I will not play the game, I just dont like the major cod/halo mix this game has. Imo, the hype is way to overblown for this game.
  • When I first heard of the ghost edition I was a little disappointed it was sold out but now that I think about, it is all a little useless and just more stuff to clutter up my pad IMO. The ghost is a star tetrahedron also known as a "Merkaba" and is the geometric form in alot of spirituality beliefs throughout history. I'm sure you can buy one somewhere. Bungie put a lot of geometry in this game as well as terms from alternative history/science.
  • So you never buy a game on release?  Just curoius do you not think any initial release game is worth $60?
  • Yes, Project Spark is worth $60 at launch, but it's actually launching at only $40, so that's a hell of a deal.