Destiny's Eververse Trading Company brings microtransactions to the game

Bungie's sci-fi shooter Destiny is set to offer microtransactions through a storefront called Eververse Trading Company. The game will receive an update on October 13 that will re-introduce Tess Everis, who will return to the Tower to run the storefront.

From Bungie:

This coming Tuesday, October 13th, Tess Everis will return to The Tower with a new look, a new storefront, and some new items to sell, courtesy of Eververse Trading Company. Initially, Tess will offer eighteen brand new emotes. Like the trio of emotes offered via The Taken King Collector's Edition, these emotes are completely optional, and won't impact the action game in any way.

You'll be able to trade "silver," the new in-game currency, for emotes. The currency itself has to be purchased from the console's marketplace (Xbox Live or PlayStation Network), with Bungie mentioning that pricing information will be revealed next week. All players will receive free silver once the patch hits, allowing them to test out the microtransactions.


Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

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  • *facepalm*
    Why do microtransactions even exist?
    Maybe it's proof that all of the corporations on earth want everyone on the planet to be driven into poverty and homelessness...
  • The sole reasons company exist in the first place to make money off their efforts.
  • Don't blame Bungie, blame the publisher. :/
  • I'm tired of this "Don't blame Bungie" stuff. Bungie and Activision are both to blame. Even if Activision is the one that is telling Bungie to do it, it's not like Bungie couldn't have gone to another publisher, but they didn't cause they like money too. Bungie knew what they were signing up for.
  • I don't get how selling a product is a problem, are you just mad that you can't get this stuff with your original $60 purchase. Maybe they should actually price AAA games at their actual value which is more than $60, how about that oh wait, you wont buy it if it were $100. Strip down the game into essential and nonessential parts and sell it for lower values so people don't get price shocked, which is what all the big AAA devs do these days.
  • There's tons of sucessful games without microtransactions. There's also many games that add micro transactions as well as paid content that aren't nearly worth the extra cash they charge, and Destiny is the latest in that list. It's been an issue with them since the start where content that already exists ON THE DISC YOU BOUGHT is inaccessable and behind a future pay wall. The current practices of most of the AAA developers is horrible. Look at cd projeckt red, free small updates, and then they had you pay a small fee for many hours worth of new content.
  • Thank you!
  • These are emotes.. Hardly a problem.
  • I feel that microtransactions is a bad way to describe this. It is optional dlc with a one time purchase for each emote. When I think microtransactions, I think of a recurring revenue source for the developer. Such as a temporary boost in currency gain or speeding up in game time. Other microtransactions include the future halo 5 req packs or the character loot boxes from ME3 multiplayer mode. The key difference is that they are consumable.
  • I think the problem are not the microtransactions themselves but the fact that destiny was lacking content (and maybe still is, idk. I don't have it installed anymore)
  • Just when Bungie fixes Destiny so that it's become a great game they have to go and mess it up with microtransactions.
  • These are emotes. I don't see why people freak out over ALL microtransactions. It's cosmetic stuff that has no bearing on gameplay. It's not a big deal.
  • What do emotes do? I got the game originally and hardly played it, as my internet connection restricted me to a Strict NAT type (Due to CGNAT on my 4G connection), and this did seem to interfere with the game - for example I rarely saw another player in the global areas of the game, maybe once in the time I was playing before I got disconnected. I bought The Taken King as I always felt I never gave the game a chance due to my own connection issues, and many existing players have been saying it's now much improved and a great time to start / get back into the game. The simplified levelling system seems easier for people who don't have hours and hours to play each week. Hopefully there's plenty of life left in the game between now and Destiny 2.
  • Emotes are just things like 'point' or 'dance'. Those emotes are bound to the dpad in public areas like the Tower.
  • They're standard MMO emotes; eg the ability to wave, dance, sit, point (those four came with the game at launch). These will be similar.
  • Because most players have already spent roughly $140 for this game and don't want to pay more for something that should be a loot drop. Dota and its like can get away with it because they give away the game for free.
  • Games cost money. In exchange for this they are getting rid of paid DLC for year 2. I've gotten dozens of hours out of this game for like $80, I can afford a few bucks for emotes if that means the guy who can't pay $40 for DLC doesn't have to.
  • I like it, as long as it doesn't give any advantage to any players.
  • Wait, Destiny is free to play?
  • Yes, pay once, play free forever. Like The Elder Scrolls Online. No monthly subscription, but you have to buy the base game. Or in the case of Destiny, if you bought version 1.0, buy the Taken King at full price, so buy Destiny all over again :-P  (its a great game though) Just missing a LFG system IMO.
  • Pay once? Lol! Pay like 3 times! House of wolves, dark below and taken king. Oh and the actual game itself so 4 times
  • Pay once, play free forever? Why are they asking for more money then?
    If you're paying full price for a game, why does it ask for more money? For more content? So, they took your full price game worth of money to give you half a game and are now asking for more? Sounds like a shady business practice.
    Microtransactions make sense on free to play games. But this is ridiculous.
  • Ha ha.. Activision ruined Bungie and this game..
  • Please people chill out. I don't understand this bitterness toward what they are doing right now. If they were selling in-game currencies(motes,legendary marks,etc.) I would understand but they will be selling freaking emotes and other stuff that have absolutely no impact on the game. Take a pill, sit back, never go to the non-mandatory shop and play the game like it doesn't exist.
  • I would normally agree with you, if it was any game besides Destiny, a game that's well known to fuck people over to get their money.
  • But.. It's emotes. I think you can put your destiny hate aside and realize that. I don't even play the game and I know emotes aren't a big deal.
  • But are these emotes obtainable without microtransactions? To my understanding they aren't. Destiny is a game entirely based on the human desire to want more, whether it be guns, armor, and yes even emotes and other stuff. I have no doubt that this will make a ton of money because people will be like "i have everything in Destiny except those emotes I might as well buy them." Why do you think they didn't add trading? There isn't enough unique items for it, people would just trade for everything, then get bored and stop playing. Destiny is just a huge mind game to see what can make the most money, and everyone that plays it are just lab rats being tested on so the next thing they release can make ridiculous amounts of money.
  • Destiny is a reskinned Halo with great visuals and amazing gameplay. But as much as I expected since the Activision contract announcement for them to go as low as possible for such a dev team, I still feel sad for them being tied into a 10 year commitment on crap like this. Halo 5 will have more life and content to it than Destiny which is meant to be an online game with such a stale thing going on to it that its by far the most lame thing I've ever played within the first 10 hours.. I feel sad for it and for every single dollar every individual spends on their micro transactions applauding them for it. I expected so much more from Bungie yet all the haters and anti MS losers is the best they have seen from them so... I guess it worked out for most parties. :'(
  • That's an insult to halo as halo actually had a fully fledged story line BEFORE 3 loads of PAID dlc came out
  • I agree, that's an insult to Halo, personally I'm glad that Bungie left Halo, because they were taking it in a horrible direction.
  • Bungie now says they don't have a 10 year plan for Destiny, that it's just the publishing deal with Activision. In other words, you cant trust anything this new Bungie says anymore.
  • As someone who has played countless hours of both Halo and Destiny, your analysis couldn't be further from the truth. Destiny by its very nature has more content than a typical Halo game. I mean that in regards to pvp and pve in particular.
  • Destiny has more content? You have to be joking. Or misunderstanding what he means by "content". Having more content doesn't mean being able to do the same over and over again, which is basically the entirety of Destiny PvE. Even the missions are all "keep walking foward, shoot stuff, get to boss, shoot him alot". The Halo:CE mission Assault the Control Room has more diversity in one mission then all of Destiny. PvP in Destiny is a joke, every gamemode is team deathmatch, whether its normal deathmatch or deathmatch with zones that give you more points for each kill. Also the Halo 5 beta, had more PvP maps then Destiny at launch, a BETA!! And to be honest Forge by itself has a possibility of having more content then Destiny by itself.
  • I'm saying that with dynamic strikes, questing system, rare loot, new raid, and other pve cooperative opportunities, Destiny pve offers MORE variety and playability (read: Hours of playtime) than Halo campaign even if you just do that at each difficulty level. Granted Destiny pvp is definitely lacking compared to Halo, but even pvp in Destiny has added quests, monthly pvp modes like Trials and Iron Banner, and weekly variety to keep things fresh. I simply can't understand the blind hate, and comparing Halo and Destiny is pointless. I'm going to play he hell out of Halo 5 AND Destiny this month anyway.
  • I don't think you know what dynamic means. (Read: Dynamic) but all that stuff you added costs an extra $80 and that's if you bought it now at a reduced group price. Now with that money I could buy The MCC (or another game like an RPG), adding that to Halo 5(same launch price as Destiny) I would have Halo 1-5 (or 5 and another game), which is definitely alot more content than Destiny. As for your replayability of Destiny, a lot of people, including myself, don't like to do the same thing over and over again against AI's that are programmed to do the same thing over and over again. It's boring.
  • If you don't consider weekly modifier changes, individual instance randomizations in strikes, and hidden secret missions in the daily heroic to be "dynamic" I don't know what more you could want. Destiny isn't a roguelike with procedurally generated maps. This boils down more to a preference of playstyle then. People who like MMOs won't mind paying $10-15 monthly for what amounts to be the same content each month. $120 a year is really nothing big in THAT industry, which I think is more what Destiny should be compared to. I also don't think we can simplify it to a "bang for your buck" argument that MCC+Halo 5 is the better deal, because if you simply prefer playing Destiny that won't be satisfactory. It's one thing to say Destiny has less content than Halo 5, and another entirely to say that it has less content than Halo 1-5. If you don't enjoy playing the content it doesn't matter. I know YOU don't like destiny, but there are millions of others that do, for a variety of reasons. Ultimately these emotes have no tangibly negative impact on the game (from what we can tell right now), and may in fact have a more beneficial effect overall.
  • Agree. It should have been called Halo: Destiny. But I disagree that it has great game play. I grew bored with it within hours. The long, and childish, load screens, and very repetitious game play resulted in me putting the game away, never to be played again. Maybe it's better with some of the new content, but I'm not willing to spend even more money to find out. In my opinion Destiny is a major fail, which is unfortunate because it could have been so much better.
  • Excellent. People, please look, they're cosmetic emotes ONLY, and this generates funding to provide new expansions for free; upcoming expansion packs like House of Wolves and The Dark Below will now be free. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Says who? And that will certainly piss people off if they give away the first dlc's. Especially the people that paid for them.
    But I'll buy these emotes, and probably the other stuff they release after these emotes too, if it's any good. Edit: Opps. See your saying future dlc, not past. My bad. But I don't see that happening. Although I'll wish for it too.
  • Kotaku reported that Bungie is using this as a method of subsidising the cost of year 2 DLC and will provide updates for free as a result of implementing this microtransaction model. They aren't providing year 1 DLC for free as far as I'm aware.
  • Just to even out the hate, I see no issue with this. Just as i see no issue with DLC.  You know what you are buying when you go into it, and you know there is more DLC coming.  In this fasion i dont have to spend any money (though there is a chance i will haha) and will get DLC this year.  I dont get how anyone can be so outraged over something so trivial.  I guess some people will cry over anything and everything.  I see Destiny working better as a subscription based model anyway.  
  • Bullshit
  • If you don't like play warframe. It's better
  • Bungie said Destiny would be 25x bigger than the beta after the game was released they changed what they said to," We meant there would be 25x more stuff to do. Bungie misleads there gaming community at every turn. They promised that the 1st dlc would fill gaps in the story, they said the same thing about the 2nd & 3rd dlc and haven't delivered. The story is so jumbled I don't think it can be saved. But I'm sure we'll know what's going on if we buy Destiny
  • Does this mean they'll raise the level cap for people that haven't bought the DLC?