Deutsche Telekom sets Monday 26th as Mango day

We recently caught wind of Deutsche Telekom's plan to roll out Mango (opens in new tab) to HTC devices beginning next week and later cover Samsung handsets. now reports that the German-based operator is looking to kick start the process as early as Monday, September 26th.

Hopefully more details surrounding the Samsung wave of the roll out will be released sometime soon. 

Source: (Bing Translate (opens in new tab)) Thanks Malte for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
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  • Tmobile USA stinks!!!!First the give us the shaft on downgrading us. HTC HD7 to a HTC RADAR is a downgrade anyway you slice it.Now Tmobile UK, gets mango but not in the USA on Monday the 26th.Even Verizon and ATT USA are getting mango on 9-27. That's right I said ATT which is usually last is beating tmobile.Tmobile needs to quit giving the WP7 users the shaft.
  • I've said thus on the last article and apparently I'll say it here too, what en demonios is wrong with the radar? there's really no need for the senseless bashing and its really starting to get old.
  • Is it really bashing or a criticism? I take it as a criticism, which is a good thing. Without criticism, there is no room for improvement.I see Tbonenga's point. He is a fateful T-Mobile customer at heart. Otherwise, he wouldn't have spend time writing his comments.I have been in Microsoft's side since day one (i.e. Windows Mobile user). I still have my HD2. WP7 was and still is a loser. As I have said back in 2010, this is not even the end of 2012 yet. So here is the real bashing: keep eating the Mango. ROFLMAO.
  • Well if you've already said this then obviously the majority feels this way. I also know if you had the HD7 and the Radar side by side which one you'd pick. HD7 hands down I know it and you do to.
  • still don't get the senseless bashing.
  • I don't think its bashing but more of expressing discontent. We know ATT will be recieving wp7s above in specs than what Tmo will be getting and three devices to note. Why wouldn't any Tmo customer be upset. Will this be the only new wp7 device for Tmo? After one year of long waiting for an upgraded device, is this all Tmo has to offer? And where is the rumored HTC bresson?
  • I have defended you, and I understand what you are saying. Yes, HD7 beats the Radar... in some ways.This game is not new. If you've took the WP7 plunge, well... what can I tell you!!! At least, Microsoft is doing you a favor, and it is giving you a free upgrade to Mango. Also, Microsoft phone models are usually slower than Android but faster than Apple (i.e. specs wise). Let's put it this way. The Omnia i900 was still with a 5 MP camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I have given a chance to the HD7. I am an HD2 user, and still favor WM. Yet, I couldn't even offered the HD7 to even my grandma! Really!!! What is a device named "Phone" without an actual "Send" & "End" buttons?Anyway, my old Omnia i900 is due for a replacement, and there is no longer something of that size in the market anymore. As I favor even slightly bigger screen than the HD2/7, the Radar is just perfect for user, such as my wife, that favors smaller size phone, as well as the color.
  • So T-moblie USA wont be getting the update on Monday? On another note the Radar does kinda suck Id pick the HD7 over it anyday, **** that's what i use now!
  • True. At least your investment didn't go to the toilet. It will give you time to save more for a better upgrade.As you can see, Microsoft failed since day one when it's OS unitask. Even with the Mango upgrade, Microsoft is not ready for multi-core phones yet. So wait for next year.I am an HD2 user, and I have waited for eternity... almost ready to switch camp!!!
  • TMO already announced mango in the nest week or two. There's no need to get your panties in a fix when we could very well see an update as soon as Monday. I'm sure TMO just wants the rollouts to be smooth. On the other note, the radar is going to be a great phone at a great value,, probably going to see like a $350-$400 price tag versus a $600 tag on the titan for a phone that's not that much better.. Still looking forward to see what Nokia is gonna bring out with their traditionally amazing hardware, and I think that's possibly what TMO is waiting on as well..
  • I agree that the Radar isn't really that bad of a device. And technically it is better then the HD7 that I own. But it bugs the **** out of me that AT&T is getting two, not just one but two, high end devices that are much better then the Radar. Bigger screens, faster cpus, more ram and better cameras. Heck, even AT&Ts mid range mango phone is better then the Radar. My beef is that I don't want to go down to a 3.8 inch screen after using a 4.3 for almost a year. If T-Mobile can't get the Titan can't we aleast get the Focus S? Please??btw, T-Mobile still hasn't officialy announced anything concerning the Radar or the Mango Rollout. WTF are they waiting on??
  • It is not a bad phone, but it is not a phone that I would get either. LOL.It's more like a phone for my wife or woman: something new, smaller, and a distinct color.Still two thumbs down for WP7, and 1.5 thumbs down for WP7.5 if you get my drill. It's getting there, but not yet. LOL.I really feel sorry for you guys... (e.g. no micro sd card, less buttons, and etc...). But hey, free upgrade. LOL.
  • Troll harder.
  • Have you heard of "Cloud." The beauty and simplicity of wp7 is to do more with less. How many buttons do you need? Mango and much more is coming. What else is there that MS should add to your christmas list? Show me your perfect phone that dose not need upgrading because its perfect so i can buy it too.
  • The Cloud is great. But there is something else called "Security".I am up for any improvement. As far as the # of button, well it doesn't hurt to have SEND and END dedicated buttons. The BACK, and etc... and even the name of Mango is too copycat (see Apple & Android). There is really nothing innovative.As we are reaching 7.5, it is time for the next chapter. That's my Christmas wishlist.
  • As you can see, 99% of smart phones don't have buttons anymore. Its all touch. Each OS has its unique touch Send and End. The Back button on wp7 is the arrow in the left lower corner. You can easily see it. Mango is just a code name for the wp7 update. WP7 is Wp7. What would you rather they have named it, "psychoart?"
  • There is nothing worse than a Troll especially one who puts LOL at the end of every sentence. You my friend are what people call, a douchebag!
  • thanks for telling off that desgraciado for me so that I dont have to.
  • I just hope T-mobile doesn't BS with the update! If they do I might have to jet over to AT&T..
  • This just reaffirms to me to never buy another Samsung device. We yet again have to wait longer for updates for our Samsung devices than those using HTC's.Nokia better come up with something good lol
  • Before, it was Symbian vs WM. Now Microsoft has brought Nokia on its side. It will be interesting to see what Nokia will have to offer.My bet is more chrome and more colors. 2012 is the year. This year ain't good at all.