Deutsche Telekom: Mango updates next week. HTC first, Samsung later

For those of you on Deutsche Telekom, some of you will be pleased to know that they will start their Mango update process--for HTC phones--beginning next week. Samsung users, however, will have to wait a bit longer--presumably their software is still undergoing testing. From their Twitter account (Bing translated):

"Telekom customers receive 7.5 update for Windows phone from next week. At first HTC, later Samsung."

So a mix of good/news bad news, but at least you have a heads up from your telekom. So you and Telstra users: sit tight.

Source: @DeutscheTelekom

Daniel Rubino

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  • Hey AT&T, remember when you said you were gonna be among the first to release Mango? Looks like the universe is going to pass you by... again.
  • Correction: "erst" in German means "at first" in English, not "only". ;-)
  • Yo, tell Bing! lol. Adjusting text, thanks. (For practical matters though, the meaning is the same).
  • I will not consider mango released until its available for all end users and all phones. Still not convinced that will be 2011.
  • prepare to be feelin salty then. u and ur best buddy thurott.
  • Ok, so i'm going to be upfront and honest and ask this even though I could possibly be sounding pretty darn ignorant....So, does this mean T-Mobile in the US will also be receving this update at that time? I have an HD7 through T-Mobile and very eager for this update....
  • No word yet, but T-Mo was pretty on top of NoDo.
  • I agree Daniel, hoping they announce something soon!
  • Yes, T-Mobile was quick to release NoDo for my Venue Pro. Hopeing it will be the same this go round.
  • We will see, with the NoDo they were amongst the last releasers
  • Using the 'Where's My Phone Update' from the NoDo rollout as an example, it seems that many, if not most, of the telecoms have completed the 'Testing', and have completed the 'Scheduling'; so all that is left is 'Delivering update'. With that said, I'm thinking that the 'Where's My Phone Update' for Mango will show 'Delivering update' for many of the telecoms. Which, from a visual and psychological standpoint, is a morale lifter and should ease frustration experienced by many when the chart was first introduced with the NoDo update.I think the rollout of Mango will be a success.
  • "I think the rollout of Mango will be a success." Think so too.
  • That page was last updated in June 29 (US is July 19), and the information currently relates to the 7392 update. So that is not Mango as far as I know.
  • @smtpserver...I know :) I was just using that as an example with regards to how they might visually show the status of Mango update. Since it's a new update, they may use the same shell and status categories, but list only the Mango update version number.
  • Ok, I see. I hope we will get our hands on Mango soon, and I think Microsoft probably learned the lesson from the delays with NoDo.