Develop your own VR games from scratch with this AppGameKit starter pack!

The virtual reality (VR) industry is gaining traction, and many developers have noticed an opportunity to create games for a relatively content-starved platform. However, building a VR game doesn't just happen on its own.

Go from beginner to pro with this AppGameKit VR starter bundle!

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If you're interested in developing VR games but have no experience whatsoever, it's best to start with something simple yet powerful. AppGameKit is the answer, and right now Windows Central Digital Offers has a complete starter kit for only about $31. That's 82 percent off the regular price of $174.96!

This bundle includes the AppGameKit game engine, an AppGameKit VR kit, an AppGameKit sound library, and an official tutorial guide to help you along the way. This is everything you need to build a fully-fleshed VR game.

Build your own VR games with this AppGameKit starter bundle!

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If you love VR enough to develop your own game but don't know where to start, AppGameKit is here to help. For only about $31, you might not find a better deal when it comes to building your own games.

WC Staff