Developers investigate video-out functionality on Windows Phone, present in Apollo?

We've continuously seen Microsoft make use of video output from a Windows Phone when demonstrating features and functionality at past events. This is a feature we'd all like to see at consumer level for somewhat obvious reasons To make use of the big screen using nothing more than a USB cable would be handy in certain situations. While the likes of SmartGlass is on the horizon, it would be beneficial for Windows Phone owners to be able to make use of supposedly supported video output.

The folks over at XDA Developers Forum have since decided to investigate and see whether it's possible to get video output working on Windows Phone. Marsrogers heads up the team, which was formed back in 2011, and the progress made in the designated thread looked as though the project wouldn't pick up and would eventually stop dead in its tracks. Marsrogers has continued to publish updates to the thread and keep readers up-to-date with progress and findings regardless.

That was until a couple of days ago, when Marsrogers shared a handful of photos that either clearly illustrates working video-out from the attached Windows Phone - or displays a clever illusion through the use of image placeholders on both the device and PC. According to the update he published in the XDA Developers thread, a copy of an original build 7003 ROM from a prototype LG Panther was received, which made video-out functionality possible. 

According to Marsrogers, the source (who he believes to be fairly trustworthy) has indicated that Windows Phone 8 will support video-out functionality for consumers to utilize. As well as using a USB cable, we'll apparently be able to make use of Remote Desktop in Windows. We'll not be seeing this come to fruition anytime soon, but at least there's potential light at the end of the tunnel in Apollo. The big question will be, would Windows Phone 7.8 sport such a feature?

Source: XDA Developers, via: Windows Phone Daily

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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