Co-Founder of Plex shares view on Windows Phone development

Elan Feingold, co-founder of Plex, has shared his thoughts on the experience the company has had with development on the platform thus far. Plex recently released the official app for Windows Phone, which enables the user to stream movies, music and photos to their device(s) on the go.

Feingold is a longtime iPhone user who has never had any interest in Android, due to the mess of the system itself, fragmentation and how much work is involved into personalising the experience to suit the user's needs. He was introduced to Windows Phone ("Mango") by his brother, and explains his initial reaction:

"When Windows Phone 7 was released, I was intrigued by the design and typography [...] my initial impression (this was pre-Mango) was lukewarm, and I was obsessed with the iPhone at that point anyway, so I just went all fanboy on his ass and mostly ignored it."

Feingold moves onto talk about how he returned to Windows Phone in January and ordered himself a second-hand Samsung handset to aid with development. He was surprised by how impressed the operating system left him after initial use.

"Windows Phone felt original, well designed, and fun to use. The performance was great, really smooth in a way iOS is and Android isn’t even in ICS. The 'pivot' and 'panorama' UI concepts were fresh and a great way of making good use of a small screen in portrait mode. The typography was clean and brazen. The integration of Facebook and Twitter made them feel like first class citizens, not an afterthought. The live tiles on the home screen were a great way to make the phone feel alive."

The features of the OS were so appealing during and after use that it actually made Feingold almost dislike using his beloved iPhone. How was the development of the Plex app though, and does it stand up to competitor platforms? The icing on the cake is the below comment on how the development on Windows Phone compares to both iOS and Android:

"So how is the Windows Phone development environment? It’s scary good. C# is a great language, .NET is a solid framework, XAML is a really nice way to design user interfaces, and the edit-build-deploy cycle is fast. It still has a bit of growing up to do, but the proof, as they say, is in the pudding: we were able to write the app from start to finish in two months, between two engineers working part time, which is almost an order of magnitude faster than it took for the iOS and Android app."

Be sure to read the full blog post over at Elan's blog on Plex's website (see source link), and of course the official Plex app which can be found on the Marketplace.

Source: Plex (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
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  • Thats a pretty resoundingly good response from a developer, I wish more fanbois would quit being so closed minded and give WP7 a chance. Speaking purely from a consumer point of view I feel like I have never had something so simple yet so powerful to use in terms of a mobile device and cannot wait to see what we have in store for the future.....
  • nice read. got me interested. In checking out the app I'm thinking its time to dump TVersity for Plex!
  • Very interesting...I think "we" need to spread this article around to other developers who have been slow to get their apps on the WP Marketplace.
  • It seems like every dev tells the same story. They start coding for wp7 and end up falling in love, but one of the initial barriers is their own bias, even if users are clamoring for the app (instagram, Pandora, etc). Just wish they'd grow out of that bias like this one did more often.
  • The site doesn't even list wp7 in the supported mobile section. =(
  • The app just launched less than 24 hours ago, give 'em some time.
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  • this great article to attract more developers to windows phone :)