Developers can add speech translation to apps with new version of Microsoft Translator API

The speech translation features that were developed for the Windows desktop version of Skype and the iOS and Android versions of Microsoft Translator are now available for third-party app developers. An updated version of the Microsoft Translator API is now available with the tools needed to add the speech-to-speech features to third-party apps

Microsoft stated:

Speech translation is available for eight languages — Arabic, Chinese Mandarin, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Translation to text is available in all of Microsoft Translator's 50+ supported languages. Translation to spoken audio is available in 18 supported languages.This new version of Microsoft Translator is the first end-to-end speech translation solution optimized for real-life conversations (vs. simple human to machine commands) available on the market. Before today, speech translation solutions needed to be cobbled together from a number of different APIs (speech recognition, translation, and speech synthesis), were not optimized for conversational speech or designed to work with each other. Now, end users and businesses alike can remove language barriers with the integration of speech translation in their familiar apps and services.

Download the new version of Microsoft Translator API{.cta .large}

John Callaham