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It's another cryptic Microsoft error code...

Developers have been experiencing issues when submitting .XAP files to the Marketplace for approval. Whether it be new apps or updates for already-submitted content, developers are getting hit with an error code. Glenn Edwards, the brains and soul behind recently released MetroSpec, has also been having trouble getting his work published.

We last covered MetroSpec when it went live on the Marketplace a couple of days ago. The paid version got through, but the free, ad-supported baby brother is still being held back. It's an annoyance more than anything as the Windows Phone community love their trials and free versions of apps that seek their hard-earned cash - and rightly so. If developers can't publish all their work, then this could cost them valuable custom.

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The case of MetroSpec is not a single problem. According to threads over on MSDN, a number of developers are experiencing the same (or similar) situations. 

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Edwards got in touch with the support team to see if the issue was on his end, or whether Microsoft had some temporary faults. Here's a snippet of an email conversation between Edwards and a Windows Phone Developer representative:

"We are sorry to hear that you are still encountering difficulties with submitting your XAP. It appears that this is an issue that started over the weekend. Our engineers are aware of this issue and looking at a fix. I will follow up with you as we receive updates on this issue. We truly apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you."

Unfortunately, should you be experiencing such issues, the only thing one can do is wait until Microsoft solves what's causing havoc. We do hope Microsoft acts quickly and gets this sorted as we're told this still isn't fixed for many content creators.

Thanks, Glenn, for the heads up and info!