Developers may get early access to Mango

Windows Phone developers might be in for a treat. In a Channel 9 Live interview, followed up with a tweet, Brandon Watson let it be known that Microsoft is working hard to enable an early release of Mango to developers.

The obvious benefit is that this early release will allow developers to test the update before it reaches consumers. It will also give developers a jump on any updates and new software that will tap into any new features Mango will bring to Windows Phone 7.

Source: wpsauce

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  • That would get leaked and we'd all be running a half finished Mango update. Bring it on!
  • Thats what I think they're working on. They might end up registering each download/update to a specific device. So if the device ID is different from when the software is set to download then it won't load.
  • So happy I have a student dev account now :)
  • Then I'll probably regret doing the backdoor NoDo(ze) upgrade on my AT&T phone.
  • Would be very nice!True tcp sockets available =)