Development interest in Windows Phone 7 Series increases

It looks like things are picking up on the development front with regards to Windows Phone 7 Series. Appcelerator, a company that makes cross platform development tools for mobile systems, recently polled developers on WP7S.

Appcelerator polled 1,028 developers in January to see what operating systems they were interested in developing for. In January 13% expressed an interest in Windows Phone development. The same group was polled gain in March and the good news is that interest in Windows Phone development almost tripled, increasing to 34%.

The bad news is that the Windows Phone is still trailing behind Apple, Android, and RIM systems.

Still the news is encouraging. The March poll was conducted on the heels of the MIX10 Conference where developers learned more about WP7S development. Microsoft has recently released a Developer Training Kit which will increase the exposure of WP7S and might boost these numbers further.  You can find the full survey report here.


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  • i cant believe the ipad is that high up. thing is a waste of time
  • you mean you can't understand why a developer would wand to make money selling software for what is already proving to be one of the hottest new pieces of consumer hardware ever released?
  • I think MS shot themselves in the foot. They really dulled the excitement around WP7 with all of the stupid restrictions and missing features they announced at MIX10. I'm not surprised developers aren't super-excited.
  • @Stupid Dummy: ummmm. not sure you're looking at the same article everyone else is reading. Since Phone 7 was announced a few weeks ago, it looks to me like developer interest has nearly tripled. If that's not considered a huge success in getting developers excited about the platform, I don't know what is. I wouldn't be surprised if it doubled from here by the time it releases in the fall. The development tools and development story is one thing that I believe MS is doing a great job with. Silverlight and/or XNA in the Visual Studio environment is going to make development for this platform super-simple.
  • Hi, I think Mobile devices leverage against Windows. I have been predicting for years that during this decade the connected mobile device would replace the PC as primary computing platform.
  • if you're a developer reading this, with monotouch and mono development platform, you can develop apps in .net, that will run on windows phone, iphone and android on the same code. check it out. google mono and .net
  • Britist technology analyst Robin Bloor has a must read article on mobile development callrd "Watch Apple Go (Watch Microsoft Go)". I'd place the url here except from my phone cut and paste doesn't work in this text field. Google is your friend. :-) Honestly, it's a very good article, and you won't be disappointed when you read it.
  • It is a good read. Thanks!
  • Anyone else wondering what the hell 'Andriod' is? haha
  • Windows Phone 7 Series, the next-generation mobile-phone platform from Microsoft, is set to offer a great value to music fans. There will be apps that will be more focused on music, video and games then the productivity side will be very strong too.