The Nokia DVLUP team has kindly provided Windows Phone Central with 10 free giveaway DVLUP design consultations for your Windows Phone apps! The consultations are usually worth 3,125 XP points so it's a very good deal.

Do you have a Windows Phone app that works great, with good ratings and reviews but not the best UX and design? If you do then this giveaway is for you.

These free design consultations are one-hour dedicated hands on sessions with Arturo and Alejandro Toledo. They first spend an hour exploring your app and building something called an Application Flow Map (see image below!). This map allows you and them to gain insights on user, flow and interaction issues and opportunities. You can then spend one hour with the Toledo brothers on Skype working together to significantly enhance the visual design and experience of your app.

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You literally see your application go through a 'facelift' in one hour. At the end you are provided with a full high fidelity video recording of the session as well as the source Expression Design files with the improved design ideas.

So, do you want a free app 'facelift' courtesy of Nokia DVLUP and Windows Phone Central? Send a tweet with the following content:

I want @DVLUP and @wpcentral to Facelift my Windows Phone app! [URL OF YOUR APP IN STORE] - Learn More at

The DVLUP team along with Arturo and Alejandro will pick 10 apps by November 21st. If you are selected they will notify you via Twitter.

The DVLUP program awards developers with experience points based on development and publishing activities for their Windows Phone apps. These points can then be used to get great stuff like devices which include the full range of Nokia devices. You can sign up to DVLUP here.