DFT get their hands on Windows Phone build 8757

Dark Forces Team (DFT) are quite busy these days seemingly playing with every unreleased, in development build of Windows Phone that's out there.

It was just a few days ago that we heard they have Windows Phone build 8750 in their hands and now they have 8757 too. Of course we're lacking details just what (if any) changes there are on board but this branch is presumingly steaming towards the final "Tango" release which is expected to drop in a few weeks. What makes it neat too is that they squeezed it on to a Samsung Focus instead of your regular HTC phones--that's thanks to their other tool out there.

No word if DFT will pack this into one of their custom ROMs but we imagine if they find enough goodies, they'll put it out there.

Source: DFT;Thanks mwang!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Why is the storage amount so odd for that phone...isn't the retail version of that phone 8GB?
  • The Focus was the only Windows Phone to have a readily available/easy accessible SD card slot ;-) You could throw a 32GB card in their for some serious added space, so no nothing odd about it.
  • Was? Lol it still is, and my flash just sits and wonders why daddy can have 40 GB of storage and it can't.
  • Lord..off topic again, but why do they keep ramming these 8gb phones into the market? 16gb is bad enough when the iPhone is available with 64gb. I would love a 64gb phone, but would be happy to have to deal with 32gb. This isn't that hard either. Offer it. If people want it they will order it. The general thought on a lot of these sites is that 8 is ridiculous and 16 is falling below par.
  • And by off topic again....i mean I'M going off topic again. Sorry guys...when I reread my own post it sounded like I was pointing fingers when I was just looking in the mirror.
  • You're not alone in wanting more storage. The fact is that even iPhone sales of the above 16GB models isn't very strong. 8 and 16GB are both very popular. That's just the reality. I prefered resistive touch to capacitive touch, but there's nothing I can do but conform to the rest of you. I prefer comedy shows that actually make me laugh instead of ones that make me partly grin on the inside, but again I have to conform to the masses. I like music that actually is played by musicians instead of actors and criminals. In short, I don't belong here, but what's a guy to do? Talk about off-topic...
  • Right, forgot that. thanks
  • Weren't there at least one or two other phones besides the flash that had an accessible sd card?
  • Nope. Just the Focus. But the Dell Venue Pro had several versions with varying storage capacities. I know 8 and 16 GB versions were sold. I want to say there was also a 32 GB version, don't quote me on that. It could have been wishful thinking.
  • There was, very limited release though. Think the at&t version is still available from Dell's site but I dont know anyone foolish enough to buy one right now....
  • The HD7 has a semi-accessible SD slot. By that I mean if you can gently use a small screw driver you can get at the card although you may void your warranty.
  • I wonder how far away Tango might be with all this leaks. Also wonder when Skype will show up, if my Titan will get Apollo? I wonder a lot.
  • I wonder about my Titan and Apollo too... Will probably buy the Lumia 900, but will need an Apollo-guarantee...
  • For real... I m also looking forward to get hands on Apollo when I m gonna see Lumia 900 on shelves. Very excited
  • With any luck we'll get a few answers at MWC.
  • The trophy can be sdcard physical hacked to 32 GB.
  • What is disappointing to me is the fact I have to wait for AT&T to release the update after MS releases it.
  • All phones will be Apollo-accessible. There is no Windows Phone that will not run the update. Microsoft will release it, but it is up to the manufacturers and careers to ready it up from there. Microsoft has no plans of not supporting a single Windows Phone.
  • Is this wishful thinking or do you have inside information? To the best of my knowledge an official announcement regarding this hasn't been made.
  • I agree with Xboxomac. Im watching naurto though . So cya!
  • @XboxOmac buddy u solved the biggest problem, many people might have.... After telling about the secret for getting updates on WPs about Apollo, its really useful info. Thanks