Reading makes you smarter. You were probably told something to that affect a lot while you were growing up from various people, and there is probably some truth to that statement! Regardless, reading is a wonderful way to explore new worlds, learn about our past, or even scare the living daylights out of you. Any adventure you could possibly imagine is in a book. The only catch to reading is it takes a lot of time.

Sitting down to read a book all in one sitting usually isn't practical, but even if you break it up over weeks, reading a book is something you can't do at the same time as you do other daily tasks. What if there was a way to finish a book while still doing your laundry, working on the house, changing the oil in your car, or even doing dishes? There is! It's called audiobooks, and Windows Central has the perfect deal for you.

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Right now through Windows Central Offers, you can get an Audible 60-Day Membership for free!

Audible has one of the largest audiobook libraries available anywhere with over 180,000 books to choose from, and just for signing up for your free membership you get any two books you want for free!

Just check out these great benefits of having an Audible membership:

  • Get discounts on unlimited audiobooks.
  • Listen while you run errands, exercise, etc.
  • Use on multiple devices and always start exactly where you stopped.

After the 60 membership is done, your Audible membership will cost you $14.95 a month. Don't worry, you can cancel your membership at any time during the 60-day term and not be charged a cent.

So stop trying to cram reading time into your day, and start listening to your favorite books when it's convenient for you and for free!

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