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Disaster preparedness app 'Well Prepared' updated for Windows 10

Well Prepared (, an app meant for outdoorsmen and those who like to be, well, prepared for unseen emergencies, has been updated to become a native Windows 10 app for desktop and mobile.

Until today's bump to version 2.0, Well Prepared was a web app/wrapper. However, the disaster preparedness app based off of the site with the same name is now fully native for Windows 10, and includes the following features:

  • Live Tile updates with real-time Emergency Alerts
  • Emergency Alert details viewable in the app
  • Offline browsing of prepper products and pages
  • Related products in the app for easy browsing
  • Share products and pages to OneNote and other apps for later viewing
  • Share blog posts and real-time Emergency Alerts with friends on social networks
  • Built-in search function to help you easily locate products, pages, and posts

If you're interested in checking out Well Prepared, you can grab the latest version of the app for Windows 10 desktop and Mobile at the Windows Store link below.

Download Well Prepared from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

QR: Well Prepared

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  • This is one nice app. A nice effort. :) +830. Win10.
  • Not just that. Becoming a universal windows 10 app, it prevented one entire disaster! :D +830. Win10.
  • We can as well say that the app is Well Prepared for Windows 10
    8-) via Windows Central app for Windows 10
  • Timed perfectly with a potential Trump presidency.
  • Ok, that made me chuckle. :-)
  • Preppers have been prepping since '08.
  • No app will help if warmonger neo-con Hillary gets elected.
  • And all those terrorists lurking around Europe...
  • Outdoorsmen aside, is this an app for doomsday preppers? If so then... Lol
  • There are a lot of different types of "prepper." Doomsday preppers, yes, but there are also disaster preparedness preppers (tornados, earthquakes, etc.) and emergency preppers (unemployment, car break down, etc.). This app is for all of the above. It serves as a way to inform, educate, and supply the aforementioned outdoorspeople and preppers for any evenuality, not as a way to start a panic or use fear mongering to boost sales like a lot of the "doomsday prepper" sources you're probably thinking of.
  • Don't forget hurricanes.
  • Right I live in Louisiana Hurricane central I just got this app going to add most of this to my to do list great app IMO.
  • Don't forget hurricanes.
  • On the lighter side...
    I've been in the Crisis Management/Disaster Recovery industry for nearly a decade, and its nice to see an app come out that plays to the strengths of actual disaster preparation. Sure, many folks laugh this kind of thing off, but bad things happen, and there's nothing wrong with looking forward. Heck, id bet a good portion of folks here have insurance on their cars, phones, homes, whatever - but are you insuring yourselves or family for the same unseen actions that drive us to insure the afore mentioned items?
    Again, many years I've been having in-depth discussions with folks about the other side of being aware and ready. Its not a made for TV prepper thing, its common-sense actions in a world that can pitch some nasty fast balls.
    Ill get off my box now, but give it some thought folks; if something really bad happens tomorrow, will you and your family be able to truly be safe, fed, watered, and healthy, or will you be scrambling with the masses for the basics one can't actually live without?
  • Truth be told if disaster hit I'd rather die in the disaster than deal with the aftermath. I wouldn't be able to cope.
  • Yeah I'm not cray cray with it but I make sure to have 3 weeks of food and water stored away. Now I need to work on all the other stuff.
  • Oh yes this is preparation for the future of w10 mobile apps....
  • This is an app for Sheldon Cooper :D
  • i love well prepared but i need well designed well prepared app :)
  • i love well prepared but i need well designed well prepared app :))
  • Hi wsvx! This is the developer of Well Prepared for Windows. What about the design don't you like? I'd be happy to accept the feedback!
  • On the desktop version the images blur sooo maybe fix that...
  • Noted! They simply need to be made bigger so they don't stretch, so I'll definitely be taking care of this in the next update. Thank you!
  • Cool I'll make sure to give feedback after I go over everythig in the app =)   
  • As someone who lives in a hurricane prone area this app is really useful and I would recommend it.