Discord and Spotify team up to let you share tunes with your gaming buddies

Spotify and Discord are teaming up to help gamers jam out together while they play together. The companies announced today that Spotify is now integrated with Discord, giving the gaming chat app some new abilities centered around sharing your music with friends.

At a base level, the integration will allow everyone to highlight and share their favorite songs with friends within Discord. A new tag will show your friends what you're currently listening to on Spotify along with the ability for them to start playing that same song on their Spotify account. However, taking thigns a step further, Spotify Premium subscribers can now listen along with friends simultaneously with the "listen along on Spotify" option.

It's a small enhancement in the grand scheme of things, but it's certainly an interesting partnership between two of the biggest names in music and gaming. To get started with the integration, you can connect to Spotify via the "Connections" portion of the Settings menu.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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