Disney Infinity 3.0 on Windows 10 will become unplayable on March 3, 2017

Fans of Disney Infinity 3.0 on Windows 10 will have until March 3, 2017, to play the sandbox game. After that date, the game will be unavailable to download and unplayable even if you have it installed on your PC.

In May, Disney announced that the company was shutting down the Infinity line of games and figures for PC, consoles and mobile devices, This week, Disney revealed its schedule for shutting down most of the Infinity games, including the Windows 10 version.

The good news is that console players, including the Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions, will be able to keep playing their Disney Infinity games offline; the online multiplayer features and the community content for those games will become unavailable on March 3. The Steam PC versions of Disney Infinity 2.0 and 3.0 will be available to play offline, but its online features will also shut down on that date.

Here's the full schedule of what versions of the game will be shutting down and when:

As of today

  • No in-game purchases can be made within the PC, Steam version of Disney Infinity 2.0, iOS, Google Android, Amazon Android and Apple TV versions of the game as this feature has now been removed
  • You can continue to make in-game purchases within the Steam version of Disney Infinity 3.0.

As of September 30, 2016

  • You will no longer be able to log in to play the PC, iOS, Google Android and Amazon Android versions of Disney Infinity, these will no longer be available on the respective app stores
  • The Steam versions of Disney Infinity 2.0 & 3.0 will remain operational with the exception of all online services and community features as these will be discontinued.
  • Apple TV versions of Disney Infinity will be removed from the AppStore
  • The Disney Infinity Community team will no longer be reviewing or approving any new Toy Boxes that are submitted to Disney for all console, mobile and PC versions of the game. However, if you are playing on any console, Apple TV or Windows 8/10 versions of the game, you can continue to download your favorite Toy Boxes from the Community Content section until March 3, 2017

As of January 3, 2017

  • No in-game purchases can be made within the Windows 8/10 versions of the game as this feature will be removed

As of March 3, 2017

  • Apple TV and Windows 8/10 versions will no longer be available, supported or playable
  • All Disney Infinity online services and community features for all versions will be discontinued

Download Disney Infinity 3.0 at the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

John Callaham
  • Time for Xbox to make the console versions Free with Gold. At least we can hunt some free cheevos.
  • +1 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That really sucks for people who bought some of the newer stuff, like Finding Dory. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I was just thinking the same thing!
  • I guess if you're talking about Windows players that's true. For console, it really doesn't matter... Nemo will continue to play just fine. Still a terrible, terrible decision in my mind... the promotional value alone of having this game and tying it into each movie as it comes out has to be worth it. I still haven't told my son yet that there won't be anymore... he's going to be crushed. Sigh.
  • Ask him to play via Steam, and he will keep enjoying that game, even though there will be no IAPs and new characters nor updates :/
  • He already plays on Xbox One, so that's not an issue. But he frequently likes to imagine which Marvel or Star Wars characters they might do next. I hate to take that away from him. We could get the Lego game, but man, Lego characters just don't appeal as much.
  • Now that Disney is getting rid of their own collectibles video game, they might decide to license their stuff to Lego for Dimensions. That would be pretty great. It's not like the Lego Star Wars and Marvel stuff doesn't already exist. For the record, my kids love Dimensions... but, then, they also love the Lego created stuff like Ninjago and Chima.
  • I think that is exactly what will happen. Unfortunately, I have never understood the charm of the Lego games. I have tried several of the Star Wars ones and could never get into them at all. I haven't tried Dimensions, but I really don't like the character designs either, so they don't hold anywhere near the appeal of Infinity.
  • Wonder why they don't sell it. From what I've read it is successful, just not successful enough for Disney.
  • Disney rather just unplug it like their theme park plans in Disney land&world
  • It is surprising. After all, they merchandise heavily. They even make cereal. Well, sugar that is boxed and sold as cereal anyway.
  • They make soap too. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Did anyone else notice that the Windows 8/10 versions will be the last to shut down? :D
  • At least that's one thing that is good :)
  • The title is misleading. Sounds like a doom and gloom article about how Windows is losing apps, when it is more just that Disney isn't supporting a game anymore.
  • god damn your site... fix your eefing site so edge works.... jesus its a windows site who the hell do you think reads and comments here.? sorry but this has been going on for a year..... vitriolic yes but not unwarranted.  
  • It's because of the many ads on the Site. Try using an adblocker. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Or using Windows Central app on Windows 10.
  • Yea use the app the wc guys even say their site is ridiculous but they have to have the ads to keep it going.
  • Try... disney infinity closing down - windows 10 scheduled for ... etcetc