Disney's Where's My Water? and Where's My Perry? now available on Windows Phone 8

Disney has release two Windows Phone 8 games over at the Windows Phone Store. The games have had a bit of success over at Disney.com (opens in new tab) and should translate nicely on our Windows Phones.

Where's My Water? and Where's My Perry? are both physics based puzzle games featuring Perry the Platypus from the popular cartoon show "Phineas and Ferb (opens in new tab)" as well as cartoon alligators Swampy and Cranky.

Where's My Water?

In Where's My Water?, Swampy the Alligator needs to have pools of water redirected so he can take a shower. You dig channels to direct the water to different pipes to get the water to Swampy's shower head. Pipes can be twisted into mazes where one inlet will send the water where it needs to go and the others won't.  Along the way you saturate rubber ducks for bonus points.

Where's My Water? is a multi-level game that has three story lines that span over four hundred different puzzles. Where's My Water? also includes free updates that will keep the number of puzzles and levels growing.

There is a free trial version available for Where's My Water? with the full version running $.99. (links below)

Where's My Perry?

Where's My Perry? is very similar to Where's My Water? but you not only have to direct pools of water to solve the puzzle but you also are faced with moving ice and steam as well.

In solving the puzzles, you help Perry (who's a secret agent) complete his secret agent missions. The game has four story lines that include over 80 puzzles.

However, unlike Where's My Water?, there isn't a trial version available for Where's My Perry?. The full version is running $.99.

Both games are well drawn out, easy to pick up, challenging to play and slightly addictive. We can see these two games appealing to players of all ages.

You can find Where's My Water? here (opens in new tab) and Where's My Perry? here (opens in new tab) at the Windows Phone Store.  Keep in mind, both games are for Windows Phone 8 devices.

Source: Windows Phone Blog (opens in new tab); Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

QR: Where's My Water?

QR: Where's My Perry?

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  • I purchased both. Awesome games and very cheap. They should be XBL games.
  • I bought both as well but L920 gets super hot when playing... Nokia seems to be ignoring this heat issue smh
  • They really need to fix that ASAP, very annoying. :(
  • Agree. The heat on the top of lumia 920 is quite annoying :(
  • Yeah, given they come from a big company like Disney and are high quality titles, it's sad they don't support Xbox Live.
  • and be warned - if they ever do get xbox live status they'll be considered a different game and you'll have to rebuy it
  • Wordament didn't...
  • Does the iPhone version have game center? If so, this should have it. If not, this still should have it.
    Keep growing Windows Phone. Now I can play these games without the hangs and freezes I always faced on Android. :)
  • also both are out now and free on windows 8/rt. noticed them listed in the holiday deals section, so it may be only for a limited time before price goes up. get em now!
  • AWESOME. So glad Windows Phone is getting stuff like this. They wouldn't put it on Windows Phone if they didn't think it'd make them money, so it means "big" developers are finally taking this platform seriously.
  • They are part of those 46 of 50 top apps so the developers most likely got paid by Microsoft. Either way, nice to see them there although Xbox status would have been nice.
  • Yeahhhh....2 of my favorite games....i was hoping they'd be available soon....buying these right away.
  • Windows Phone Die Hards should buy these even if they do not want them.  The more sales they see on apps like these, the greater chance they will bring more apps to the platform.  It's a small investment to help the ecosystem move forward.
  • I bought both. Having kids and Disney now on board makes my day. Still have iPhone around just strictly for the Disney games. Hopefully soon enough I can detach myself from the iPhone completely.
  • Woot! Love Agent P!!!
  • Have both games on my HP touchpad but buying both to help sales so more companies will convert games to WP8.
  • Now we just need Disney mobile magic. And no, I don't need it. I don't have kids.
  • Sweetness :)
    Aaaaaaaagent P!!!!
  • I noticed they have the Android App Terms of Use in the Where's My Water Description.
  • Awesome! But unless I read this I would have never known they were available. Microsoft needs to separate new+rising.
  • Any advice if you were going to pick one? Both are similar and I have about 15 other games I have purchased and have not even tried yet. Both seem very similar. Perry seems to have a bit more to it, but Water has a ton of levels. Leaning towards Perry.
  • Where's my Perry is not in the store. I searched for it and nothing comes up
  • I don't see the point of buying a game that is not Xbox live enabled, but I did really like these games on Android, so I guess I will. Microsoft is killing it with great games and prices this holliday season! I'm going to go broke.
  • There are a crap load of games in the Marketplace that aren't Xbox Live games and are excellent games. The designation doesn't make a game better. It just adds ridiculous achievements that, IMO, add nothing to the quality of the game
  • To each his own of course, just personally, it feels like a waste of time playing something without getting anything tangible out of it, especially since there's so much to spend your time on and way too many games so I have to narrow down my choices as well.
  • Agreedd...
  • Yes! Finally. :D
  • Good to see these games on WP8, but they need to change the icon for Where's My Water. They just used the iOS icon with rounded corners and it just looks out of place.
    Edit: Never mind; seems it's the trial only. As soon as I bought it, the icon changed to a more familiar tile.
  • great games! very good priced too 
  • Tip. Pac Man CE DX is on sale for 99¢. I just had to pick it up.
  • Yep, we ran a story on that yesterday. Great deal.
  • Really? :S
  • Where my pery sad not for wp7
  • Awesome!  My kids (and I) love these games and it's great to have them on WP8.
  • Why do all the app links say "title not found"? It works when you click it though. It also has done this before when you do windows phone 8 app links (yes, not 7.5-.
  • Damn it, it is truely for WP8 only! How could you do this to us WP users?!
  • These two came to windows 8 store 24 hrs ago. I tipped about then. Now they also came to windows phone.
  • Just to let you all know, both these games are on the Windows 8 Store as well.  AND IT'S FREE!!
  • This is the cutest looking crook I seen. Love him.
  • Finaly TOP-Game titles are coming to WP but i was waiting so popular games as where's my water & where's my perry to be XBOX enabled!
  • will it come to windows phone 7.8?
  • will it come to windows phone 7.8?
  • Oh well...still waiting for a wp8 device I want and I want to keep my unlimited data. Not for me, wish they made versions for Windows Phone 7 (7.5/7.8)
  • Does anyone know if these games will lauch for windows phone 7.8 ?
  • No such announcement has been made.
  • when it free ❓ (: