The Division's first two expansions coming to Xbox One 30 days before other platforms

Xbox One owners of Ubisoft's highly anticipated open world shooter Tom Clancy's The Division will gain access to the game'e first two expansion packs 30 days before they are offered to their PC and PlayStation 4 counterparts.

Ubisoft also offered a brief description of those two expansion packs;

"Underground, the first paid expansion, puts Agents in New York's labyrinthine underworld of tunnels and subways to track down groups of dangerous enemies. Survival, the second paid expansion, tests players' ability to survive and gather crucial supplies in an incredibly hostile environment.

A third paid expansion pack, called The Last Stand, will be released for all of The Divisions's platforms at the same time "next winter". In addition, players can download two free DLC packs to the game:

The first of these updates, Incursions features a challenging end-game activity that rewards squads with high-level loot, if they're successful. Incursions also introduces some new features, including loot trading between squad mates. The second free update, Conflict adds new Dark Zone features and a special incursion into New York's iconic Columbus Circle.

Tom Clancy's The Division is due for release on Tuesday, March 8.

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John Callaham