Do you like the leaked redesign of the Calendar app for Windows 10?

Last week, screenshots of a redesigned Calendar app for Windows 10 leaked online, revealing upcoming changes to the overall design of the app. The new Calendar app is now built using React Native, meaning it borrows from the Outlook Calendar website in many areas, and features the same clean design already available online.

It's unclear when the app redesign will launch officially, as the early builds appear to show unfinished UI. It's likely we'll hear more about this updated app in the coming weeks and months.

Make sure you answer our poll and let us know in the comments what your thoughts are. Do you like the new design? Do you think it needs improvements? I personally like it, although I would like to see more Fluent Design in the final product. This early version does feature drop shadows, but there's a distinct lack of reveal and acrylic effects throughout the app.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • I think it's cool and modern. It's time for changes no matter how much us long time users resist change is inevitable whether we like it or not. I'll give it a go
  • I am glad to see Microsoft continuing to update thier Mail and calendar app. A more modern look is a plus. Now retire Groove from Win 10 completely.
  • You can already delete Groove if you want to.
    But I have a feeling it will also be modernized as well.
  • I think it looks great, and I like the greater prominence of the background photo (it's pretty obscured in the current version). But the big thing for me isn't the design, it's showing the day of the week in the date field when creating a calendar entry. That's so basic but it's not in the current design (at least the screen where you add a detailed calendar entry).
  • Sidebar topic but related to the Calender "service" - why can't Shared Calendars be modified in Outlook 365 still? Have to use the Windows Calendar app to do simple shared tasks...tsk tsk...
  • I like the new functionality and layout presented, but I'm not a fan of the crazy amount of colors in the app. A problem I had with the Groove app was that the cover art was used as part of the accent color within the app instead of honoring the user's preference of accent color, and when they clashed it looked ugly. That said I'm sure they'll have it worked out. The Mail/Calendar app has long stood as an early testament and example that it's at least possible to make a pretty, information dense, and highly functional UWP app.
  • Not really. I think UWP apps, in general, look awful. The control set, size of widgets, etc. just look awful on a desktop system. Also, the unnecessary graphical flourishes (which you can avoid, for the most part, by using a plain color background) are unattractive - IMHO.
  • Using a picture for an application background should be forbidden. It's just awful in every way possible! It is ugly, it move the user's focus outside of what is important, the content, it make some important feature harder to read/find and they even increase empty space (above the main bar) to make the picture even more prominent.
    And this red accent on the "new event" dialog instead of the user's blue one... At least, the reminder setting are not hidden behind an ellipsis. That's a good thing. Probably the only one.
    I am always very critical about application's design (UI/UX) but the Calendar is probably one of the worst. And this new concept doesn't improve that impression, far from it.
  • exactly, i know it's a leak, but all the colors are clashing, and using a background image has always been the crutch of broken UI Design. thankfully one can probably disable a lot of these atrocities, so i can only judge how the calendar looks once i am able to customize it to my liking.
  • I have a lot of problems with the way this looks probably more so than others, so let me go through all of them. Lets start with how it's framed. There are several sidebars when only one column view on the left would be necessary. A column on the left, then the general work area on the right. This is a template that is almost become common because it follows the layout you would use on a smartphone or tablet. Apple uses this layout. Some of Microsoft's other apps use this layout. The Skype UWP does a good job with that layout. Even though you can't see it in the above image, there are THREE columns to this app layout making it way more complicated than it needs to be. One of the biggest problems I think this app has is the vertical toolbar and hamburger button. The whole vertical toolbar seems unnecessary. It has the accounts at the the top which are not necessary to be always present, even so if you were to make a single column view one button to bring up a pop-up would suffice. Then there are the app buttons at the bottom. Think about that for a minute. THERE ARE BUTTONS TO OPEN OTHER APPS INSIDE THE APP. The menu bar at the top, This is the other part of this layout that looks terrible to me. Lets go over all of the problems with this. First there is a back and forward button. It's not a browser. Then some of the buttons have text, while others don't. Should there be a "try the beta" toggle in the main view or for that matter a feedback hub icon? A setting icon I could understand, but the whole top menu bar seems unnecessary as the buttons you would think would be in the general layout and not another bar across the top. So the layout has three sidebars, a top menu bar, and the buttons are all over the place in no discernible order. They could be separated by action or menu, while there are other buttons that are completely unnecessary. Also, there's the empty space at the top and the background image within the app. Both of those things seem completely unnecessary.
  • The Search Bar is missing. That's a deal breaker for me.
  • I like the search bar too, but I'm sure Microsoft has plenty of data that shows we're in the minority that actually uses it. And in all fairness, Google Calendar doesn't have it either. They just have a search button. I'm sure if enough feedback is provided, Microsoft will likely implement a search button that works with the new design.
  • Really needs an option for including Teams on meetings.