Windows 10 Calendar is getting a slick new look, according to leaked screenshots

What you need to know

  • A set of leaked screenshots shows off a new design coming to Windows 10's Calendar app.
  • The design overhaul presents a sleeker Claendar with reworked UI elements and more Fluent Design touches.
  • There's no indication of when this experience will be available to test.

It looks like a slick new design is in the works for Windows 10's Calendar app. A set of screenshots revealed by Aggiornamenti Lumia show off an in-development version of the visual overhaul, which incorporates Fluent Design elements and repositions some of the UI elements for a cleaner looking experience.

According to the screenshots, Microsoft will roll out a toggle with this design that allows you to switch between the release and beta versions of the Calendar app on a whim. We've seen this done with other Office services, most notably when Microsoft began testing its new experience.

As for the design itself, Aggiornamenti Lumia reports that the new app will default to a new landscape theme as the background image. New Fuent Design elements are also being added to the menu section.

If you compare the leaked screenshots to the current Calendar app, you can also see where Microsoft has shifted some UI elements in this newer version. The button to create a new event, for example, is now located in a permanent position at the top left of the window, accessible at all times. Likewise, the miniature month view appears to be constantly visible even when your calendar is set to week view.

The font for the month and year at the top of the window is now bolder, but takes up less space compared to the current app. The arrows for moving between months or days have also been shifted to the left of the month name, and a settings cog is always accessible from the top bar.

Shortcuts to the People, Mail, and To-Do apps remain available on the left menu bar.

There's no word on when this update might trickle out for users to test, but it's looking like a promising visual refresh. It's likely we'll see this become available for Insiders to test in the coming months.

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  • Ohh! A "pretty" update. Now, tell me it will sync with more standards-based calendar servers (eg: CalDAV)...
  • Looks very interested, I'm excited about this. Too bad there are no screenshots for dark mode but considering everything I can't imagine they'd release it without one. Will Mail get a redesign, too?
  • I really hope they refine the print options. It's impossible to print a month view with multiple sub calendars....
  • This looks really nice. Honestly though, I'd rather they invest more time in making the web versions of Outlook calendar/mail into full featured PWAs. Not sure why we need so many versions.
  • If they replaced the Mail and Calendar apps with a PWA for, you wouldn't be able to use Windows' default mail and calendar application with other services besides anymore.
  • Actually, I use with my Gmail account just fine.
  • Wrong. That's why you have Microsoft Graph.
  • Looks quite nice. In the present version, the background photo is all but hidden. I also hope that the app becomes a little zippier. It can lag at times.
  • That seems disappointing. It seems like the buttons are just all over the place. It reminds me of how disorganized the ribbon toolbar was. I'm not a fan of vertical toolbars though. I liked the layout when it sort of fit the form factor of a phone. The single column on the left and when draw out to a larger size it presented the work area. It's the way the UWP Skype app looks right now.
  • This cannot be real. Why wasting space showing pretty pictures in a calendar app?
  • I love the fluent design elements. It beats the dark black currently being used. I know this is the light version but in sure dark mode will look good to.
  • I wish it was just a web wrapper/PWA or whatever you call it these days of the Outlook Web Calendar UI.
  • The current app is fine in my daily use. I like using it in dark mode a lot.
    The app could use more other productivity features, and fix other current design imperfections
    The demo with the landscape demo reminds me of the design in windows 8.
  • Hey, Microsoft - how about concentrating a little less on the "slick new look", and a little more on how my laptop displays a black screen EVERY TIME I LOG INTO WINDOWS (NOT using a Remote Desktop, either), making me press Ctrl+Windows+Shift+B, to reset my display adapter (the ONLY way I can get my desktop to display). Then, I go grab a coffee or something, while I wait for my desktop to appear. SO frigging annoying (this just started happening about 2 weeks ago, and I haven't downloaded anything from anywhere other than from Windows Update)!
  • Worthless in my opinion.
  • I think it's a decent upday. As long as they give people an option to use dark mode.