Do you like the leaked Surface Duo 2 camera setup?

Surface duo 2 Leak
Surface duo 2 Leak (Image credit: YouTube: Tech Rat)

It's been an exciting past few days for fans of the Surface Duo, otherwise known as the Microsoft device that's been seeing record-low prices every other week as part of an unending stream of fire sales. The reason for the excitement is that leaked images of the Surface Duo 2 have hit the web!

It's true: The Surface Duo 2 is on the horizon. We've just gotten a serious look at the sequel device and its new camera setup, which will pack three lenses in a tiny bump. That's a big change from the existing Duo. Our question to you, the reader, is: Do you like the changed design, based on what you've seen of it so far?

We've extensively discussed the leaks of the Duo 2, specifically with regards to the camera shakeup. The camera bump isn't just an aesthetic twist; it has some physical consequences as well. One is that the bump is going to stop the Duo 2 from laying flat on itself. And there's also the worry that the bump could introduce structural issues, such as bending or breakage when the device's two sides are closed together.

It seems like a logical assumption that if these things were issues, Microsoft would have already ironed them out. Or, perhaps Microsoft is putting the finishing touches on fixes right now as the device gears up for launch. But who knows for certain? It's unlikely that any glaring issues exist at such a late stage of the prototyping process, but the only way consumers will know for sure is when they get their hands on the Duo 2 and start using it.

If your thoughts on the Duo 2's camera require some elaboration, don't limit yourself to a vote in the poll. Hop in the comments! Whether you're an existing Surface Duo owner or simply a spectator of Microsoft products, your thoughts are welcome.

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  • The obvious place to put the camera was where the wide part of the bumper is on gen 1. Granted I am no engineer so perhaps that wouldn't work. Also is this a real leak or someone's idea on the interwebs?
  • It looks like it sticks too far out. I would be happier with a thicker phone with a flush camera. That would also come with the benefit of more room for a bigger battery.
  • This just isn't going to work... How can you use the Duo in single screen mode... You can no longer fold this back on its self with that camera lump... Also opening two screens just to take a picture isn't ideal... The Fold 3 will kill this off... Microsoft should have kept their own OS to use on a Surface phone... They are never going to get any market share using Android... Samsung just does it better...
  • You still can use it in single screen mode. The camera divot is ankled towards the hinge. Therefore it should slot in to the corresponding area on the other screen. Either if this is not the case then ask yourself, how else are they going to add the camera or cameras? If they add one single camera, the duo will get bashed for having a single camera where as the comp has more. Every other competitor device has a camera bump of sorts. There is no win solution here just compromises. Increasing the thickness of each side was not option as when closed it would make the duo 2 even more thicker. So either you have a rear camera bump, a single rear camera or no rear camera at all.
  • Yeah, regardless of what they do there is always a compromise. Well, having a camera bump but if it brings better photography which is remained to be seen, is a better compromise unlike not having one. Considering many people expect a device to be competent at mobile photography especially on that price range. Personally, I'm fine if they were able to make the device thicker just to have the camera flused with the device. Like how Sony Xperia 1 iii almost flushed with the body. I can deal with it, but of course not everybody does. Not sure how many will accept that kind of compromise, but clearly Surface team doesn't want to go that route either.
  • @aXcross considering each side is 9 mm thick. It would be difficult to fit in any sort of optical stabilization. Especially since digital ois is not that great... If the Surface Team were able to fit in ois with 9 mm thickness along with everything else then we'd have a different design with no camera bump bespoke components available or not. As it would externally look no different than duo gen 1. Thus removing some people's grip about folding the screens flat for single screen use. Or maybe the Surface Team does have an internal prototype with ois squeezed into 9mm thickness and it's being saved for duo gen 3 lol.
  • The Fold 3 will be a better and more useable phone form factor with 4 years of support... I just don't see this gaining traction at all... It's just too wide to be used comfortably as a phone...
  • So will the fold 5 and 6, it gets better with every iteration.
  • It's not for everyone. I prefer the widescreen to the narrow form of the fold. It's good to have options, every device should not be identical!
  • It's too wide for you because you have small hands.
  • I agree they should have asked the insiders. I would have voted same cam. Wider Lenz, faster snaps using 888 hardware. Features are ok but manual wp mode type thing and secondary warm flash for non hdr shots. Keep it flat. Keep it thin. Don't loose your soul in an effort to copy the industry.... That's just not surface or Microsoft. Don't please the masses bring them to u with innovation elseware. Every surface has a compromise somewhere they are all still the best and most sexy devices. No cam on the body was a selling point before. What the heck is this monstrosity and how do they expect to sell it as an evolution?
  • Microsoft was never going to get any market share with their own OS proven by over a decade of failing to do so
  • They had around 10% market share in the UK with Windows Phone when they pulled the plug, even higher in other European countries... I doubt they have 0.00001% market share with the Duo... They can't even give them away...
  • The best thing that could happen to the Duo 2 is to run windows! I loved my 950XL and it worked so much better than an android. The Duo 1 is OK but is bogged down with android.
  • Agreed. I'm using Sailfish X with android apps and the app experience. ... Especially the outlook app - Let's just say it's akin to using a rusty cheese grater as a towel and that's with only 4 accounts connected - have over a dozen that i use day to day (it's compartmentalisation stress relief technique - it allows me to task manage, allocate time and sort more effectively + efficiently too - as asking people to put relevant subject headers is apparently too much lol) I live in a multiple platform household and my 950XL beats them all when it comes to mobile working and emails. I hope we get the option to have duo 2 with Android or WoA. If there's a WoA version that will become my primary device. Just imagining integration with gamepass and xcloud ooh... So much potential.
  • The best thing would to absolutely ensure no app support? 😂 Do people here just refuse to accept that Windows has abysmally failed at gaining developer adoption for UWP? I’m a longtime Surface user but to argue Microsoft stands any chance to gain mobile developer support outside of Android and iOS is ridiculous.
  • Uwp didn't get much app support because Microsoft was too busy focusing on ios and android. There was no first party major uwp app for awhile. No teams uwp, no mixer uwp, no LinkedIn uwp, no office uwp just to name a few. Had Microsoft focued on getting these into the store instead of ios and android then it would have been a different story. Plus Microsoft did kill their entire mobile division prior to launching the 950 series so there is that too.
  • The current Duo has zero support now, so what does that matter? It can't be any worse.
  • Cortana was the best thing about windows phone and she is dead. Groove music - also dead. Band 3, never materialized. Lumia cinematograph, living images, refocus, Storyteller - all buried and forgotten. I don't think windows phone in today's context would be as good as we remember it was back then.
  • The poll should had a fourth option - “I'm indifferent about the camera bump” or something. As some of us do understand the technical complexity in trying to add multiple camera sensors in an extremely thin device or screen segment. As there is no win situation here as with the raw material shortages for components it would be extremely difficult to get bespoke components made on a large scale. That's not even getting into the tooling required. So it looks like this might be the only solution that worked considering all the factors.
  • As terrible of a device as the current Duo is, its hardware, form factor is amazing. Sticking this ridiculous camera bump on it completely ruins the only good thing about the device (so of course its probably real then, because Microsoft has no idea what their doing with this thing). If whoever took this over after Panos went off to make Windows 11 hasn't been fired 5 times over yet, they should be.
  • It seems pretty standard for a flagship phone, assuming that the hardware and software are up to par. I understand why such a configuration is required in order to include a camera of the expected standard but my concern is the ergonomics of the device while using the camera. It's to me that taking a photo with the Duo 2 will be more difficult and uncomfortable than with other phones.
  • The Duo isn't a "standard flagship phone" based on its physical design, so slapping a camera bump like this on it is just lazy and not fitting to what the Duo was supposed to be. So I'm split between "this is clearly fake" and "Microsoft are idiots".
  • What's lazy is you thinking that there is some magical alternative to this. Every phone has a camera bump for a reason. If good quality cameras could be built into phones without a bump then everyone would already be doing it. It's not lazy for Microsoft to not do something that is not physically possible with current technology. I'm sure that they could have included a better camera than in the original Duo without a bump but it would still be well short of flagship standard and Microsoft would get panned for that. The fact is that there simply is no perfect solution right now so they need to decide where to compromise. If you don't agree with their choices then the device is probably not for you - not sure that it's for me but will withhold judgement for now - but pretending that magic was an option is just silly.
  • Microsoft could've solved the camera bump problem differently. Place the camera bump in the same place where the current camera is on the inside and have a recess in the other screen bezel to house the camera bump when the phone is closed. UX is preserved the back of the phone remains flat without a camera. This is what I expected Microsoft to do with the Duo 2 because the idea of a camera bump and a recess was explored by the Surface Duo team in prototypes but that camera was on the outside and the recess was also on the opposite side to allow the phone to be used in single screen mode.
  • Add to that the recess could be a touch sensitive area that flipped which screen the camera app is on. This can be handy since the user may incorrectly launch the app for a selfie or a regular picture and how it interplays with the screen mode. It can also serve as a quick camera launching button.
  • Camera bumps only bothers the armchair experts. I thought it looked hideous on my new phone, but as soon as I put a case on it, which 95% of people I know do, the camera was flush. Issue solved.
  • Well that depends on the phone.. I have a note 20 ultra and the bump doesn't sit flush with the pretty decent case I have. There's now a hairline crack along the telephoto lens, and it's never been dropped.. I'm generally quite careful with my phones.
  • That's all well and good but that isn;t really an option with the Duo because the camera bump alone is going to prevent the device folding open 360 degrees so a case that was flush with that bump would exacerbate that issue even more. People have already been complaining that the minimalist bumper for the original Duo prevented is folding back all the way.
  • It does looks odd and may feel odd on single screen mode with the new camera bump, but this is an understandable compromise if we want a better camera, especially with multiple sensor and different lens as well. At least for me I just need that extra ultrawide lens since it is quite useful on many scenarios even for work purposes. I'm kinda thinking if they actually stretched that camera sensor bumb to the whole vertical stretch instead of that corner, which at least gives a gripping area and better assurance that to support the screen when using on singe screen mode, as there will be no more dead space. That extra length can room for other stuff like maybe a microSD slot, space for mainboard, or even replace the third camera for variable periscope lens. Considering this is an expensive device, having a better camera is pretty much expected on that price range. Though it depends how good it really is, but I don't expect to be on par with Sony, iPhone, Samsung or Huawei. Unless they were actually making in-house development still with mobile photography based from the PureView design assuming they still have the talents and resources to still bring that.
  • Interesting take on the camera bump re: grip and size.
  • Making the bump white would make it look a whole lot better.
  • I don't mind the bump, most phones have them nowadays. But I would like to reserve my opinion until after I see a demo unit.
  • Most phones don't fold over like a 2-1 laptop though.
  • I wonder if they could make the bump white instead of black at least on the white version. I don't know if it's possible but looking at other camera bumps it seems like there are many options and would make the bump less obvious. Glad I will be able to take decent photos anyway!
  • I think they need to make the current selfie camera the only camera and make that better, I don't think/feel they need to make a triple lens camera phone. I believe it is possible to have a better camera than Gen 1 without the need to jump to a triple lens with such a large bump. As others have stated, I'm no engineer, but I think that this bump is a step in the wrong direction for the Duo. Mainly because of having to hold the device with both screens open to utilize it. They should fix the issue of the viewfinder moving to the other screen when in camera mode and folded and then just make that camera lens better but not necessarily triple lens flagship phone better. Plus if the need to have a slight bump on that side then they could have an indent on the opposite bezel which would then be hardly noticeable (because it would be in the dark inside, not the shiny backside/cover). But what do I know, I only fix things for a living... but I often fix things that engineers design poorly.
  • I'm sure you're right that the camera could be better than the original and still not need a bump - better software would help image quality too - but it would still be well short of other flagship phones so that would still be an issue. I guess it depends on the market you're aiming at and what they expect, but I think that a lot of potential buyers would be disappointed. That said, a lot of those who would be critical would probably never buy one either way.
  • Wish it was better integrated.
  • Overall, I like it because I was asking for a RFC, but I wish/hope the bump was thinner and that it looked more integrated into the device.. It's kinda hard to believe this is close to final Surface hardware, based on what the team has released in the past. Granted, this is way pre production (we don't know exactly how much) fit/finish & design could change slightly.. Regardless, this should fix my main issue with the device; camera usability, and quality should improve. Not extremely fond of it, but I'd rather have it than not. 🤷🏾‍♂️
  • Ditto.
    Funny thing is that book mode to take a pic looks more and more like the obvious thing to me.
    With decent camera software, this could become a decent shooter.
    I can totally see the finder on the right screen and a punch of caeta settings on the left screen.
  • Word.. That's what I was thinking. Or a full view viewer. Either way it's better.
  • I don't like camera bumps at all. I never use a case. I use a Sony Xperia compact as my main phone and it's thin and has no bump and takes great pictures. If they had to have three camera's they should have done what Huawei did with the Mate Xs. It's quite beautiful how they did it. Microsoft could have done this to the side like Huawei or on top of one like the right fold. Then like Huawei they could have still used it for front facing and main camera and it would have looked sick. It would have enough room as well to hold a pen like the Samsung Note. Now that would have been a beautiful looking Duo 2. I think I just talked myself into getting the Huawei Mate Xs, Lol.
  • I think you might be on to something. Having the "bump" above one of the screens and full depth of the closed phone would have avoided a bump that makes it less useful flat on a table. They could have integrated a windows hello camera into it making it more useful. Or It could have the cameras pushed to the left and a tiny notification screen on the right that shows things like caller id without having to open the phone. Even more killer would be to have the whole thing be a notification screen when the cameras aren't in use. It also wouldn't compromise battery space in the main phone body. It would be an interesting prototype to explore.
  • I love the idea of notification on it as well, the windows hello camera would be great too.
  • Made a quick render with your notification screen as well.
  • I don't judge a device until I have it in my hands.
    Based on the pictures, I'll probably be fine with it.
    I'll very likely buy it once I see the final product.
  • So ... put it down to write on the screen, or to use the screen while it's flat and it rocks all about ? Seems an odd choice, should have made it fatter (bigger battery life) and flat as the compromise rather then this. I guess wait until in the hand for the final statement but this looks like another poor compromise. Phone users looking for a quality of a p&s from 10 years ago (about the best you can get from the best of phone cameras) might have complained about the camera but this is the sort of device that appeals to me and I fall into the "as long as it has a camera I don't care" camp, so this looks like a terrible choice. I expect most of those who complained about the camera weren't drawn to it anyway ? My beef was productivity, it was supposed to be and it came up miserably short. No NFC (I use this multiple times a day), no SD expansion, no embedded stylus (I use mine multiple times a day) , no 3.5mm headphone jack (and both could have been fixed here by making it slightly thicker to incorporate the camera and a slot to dock a stylus and headphone jack . Which are all reasons I still keep using my 6/512/256 Galaxy Note 9, everything else has gone backwards by removing features. This is not quite a Neo and no Galaxy Note replacement for productivity. I can use DEX and plug the Note in for a big screen experience at my desk. Someone said that carry it in the messenger bag and pull it out to use the extra screen when they sit down but why not use a tablet or a Surface Go for that ? but they have an extra phone to use as a phone. Why not use a Tablet or Surface Go in that case (precisely why I wanted a Neo but that's anther point)
  • I mean, how anyone could like it? That's fanboy's level 9000
  • I'll repeat this again. Microsoft needs to provide a bumper that fits this new design and allows the Surface Slim Pen to fit inside the bumper next to the new camera.
  • Exactly my thoughts. We shall see soon.
  • As an owner of the original Surface Duo (which I dub "the worst smartphone ever") this camera bump, if real, completely destroys the formfactor and if this is the best Microsoft can come up with than I'm done for good. I knew the Duo's camera was crap when I pre-ordered it - taking pictures with it wasn't my use case. It was supposed to be my mobile Microsoft Office powerhouse, but alas with no meaningful updates since launch, a truly horrible UI and lacking basic Android functions/integrations (you still can't adjust how many icons are the home screen, you're still forced to have that useless search screen come up when you miss the target swiping down from the top on the home screen, etc.) and awful dual screen functionality in apps like Outlook (if you click a link in an email it can't remember you had the dual screen setup running and drops you back to the single screen app when you return) this experiment has run its course and it should be left to die on the heap of technology made up of good ideas that were never follow up on. Windows Central: name a SINGLE Microsoft update to this device that added anything. There's none. All they did was keep up with security updates. I'm still using it until my Sony Xperia 1 III arrives, at which point my Pixel 4 will replace my Duo as my work phone and I'll use the Duo as the most expensive Kindle reader ever made.
  • Final comment - I really don't believe this is real. The one thing I do with my Duo 100 times a day is flip it open 360 degrees and use it as a "normal" single-screen phone. The physical design of the current Duo is amazing for that - it sits completely flush and doesn't feel much thicker than a normal smartphone (just wider). How is that going to work with a giant camera bump slapped on the back of one of the sides? Your going to smack the other side into the camera lenses, and then there's going to be this awkward gap that causes the two halves to be uneven. It will be a terrible user experience when trying to use the phone in single screen mode. Then again, a terrible user experience is all Microsoft has been able to deliver with this device, so maybe that doesn't matter. Seriously, it's just dumb if you can't fold the screens over and have them sit flush against one another. I only use my Duo open like a book 10% of the time (as Microsoft hasn't delivered any use cases/software that really makes using it that way work) so not being able to flip the second screen all the way around and have it flush on the back is a total non-starter for me.
  • It's interesting how different users can be. I use my Duo probably close to 95% in book mode.
    Only time I fold it all the way is to take a picture.
  • Agree again.. Are you on Surface Duo Central on Facebook? You should be.
  • Does this mean someone who disagrees with you shouldn't be?
  • You bet I am.
  • It Takes away all the slickness of duo 1 to deliver better camera quality . The hump will be inclined so device will still close flat but with the gap due to thickness of camera hump.
    Overall this move sits well with the idea of using duo predominantly in dual screen mode only.
  • "It seems like a logical assumption that if these things were issues, Microsoft would have already ironed them out." Wow talk about naive. My Duo hard crashes to a complete power off state at least once a day (usually when I'm not even using it) - and you think they'll have "ironed" this out?
  • I've used mine daily for over 2 straight weeks without a single restart. Works fine, you may need to check that your unit is not faulty.
  • My Duo has not hard crashed once since I got it last year.
    Maybe your unit has a hardware issue?
  • Remember when everyone was extolling the virtues of the camera on a 1020 but they also said no one would put up with a camera bump? #BeforeItsTime
  • I read all that's been written above, and taken note. I bought the Duo, just had to have one. No decent case available, the bumper gets in the way for most. No place to store the pen. Android OS, MS should have made a deal with Samsung to use their Android OS, Note 20 ultra is a jewel. Final note, Duo is equal to the Band 1, Duo 2 will be Band 2, then will be forgotten as a also ran. I agree with the statement above, Duo became a very expensive Kindle and Spotify controller. Duo2 will be expensive, and trade in value for Duo will be 150 tops, I will pass on a new one
  • I'd have to see it in person, but don't like the black camera bump on a white phone. Don't also like the flat black color on the black phone leaked photo. If my Duo 1 was my primary phone, the camera quality would be an important make it or break it feature. Esthetics are important. I think I could only take an ugly phone for too long before I'd get tired of it and switch to something else.
  • The aesthetic and functionality of the device would be improved if the whole thing was thicker, and had larger internal batteries. Two problems solved at once. I'd take a heavy phone over an ugly phone.
  • Yup I think a slightly thicker phone with less of a bump would be good.
  • The Duo seems like a great device. But if you want a great camera, buy a great camera. The whole idea that a smartphone has to play a role other than taking a few snapshots when needed is ridiculous in concept and obviously in execution (Duo bump, Samsung bump, iPhone bump. etc.). Maybe they need to offer a second cheaper model without such a "great" camera and a smaller or even better, no bump at all. There have been a lot of really decent cameras on smartphones over the years that did just that.
  • I had a Lumia 1020 and 950xl both had bumps. If we get a flagship level camera with the new Duo bump then I have no problem with it. As for the "won't sit level" argument, Samsung and Apple flagships have huge bumps and it doesn't seem to give their users pause. I think the "phone mode folding" argument will be much ado about nothing it only sticks out a millimeter or two. If you do notice it at first you will be used to it in a week.
  • Apple's camera bumps have given me so much pause that I've decided my next phone can not be an iPhone. I always hear the argument that they are designed that way so the case can make up the difference and return them to being flush once equipped. That argument doesn't work when the device is a foldable and has a case/shell built in to one of it's postures. In my eyes that's part of the whole point of a folding device: extra real estate, flexible postures, built in screen protection when closed. If the designers are making a case that hides this camera monstrosity then maybe it will be okay, but as it looks right now... Hard pass.
  • Well said, thank you. It's just a knee jerk reaction imho. This is a non-issue. I would love the camera module to be white or silver for the white Duo though. That would blend in with the color scheme of the entire Duo.
  • Microsoft has the resources to release... this version... in addition to a better version where both duo panels have their thickness increased and filled exclusively with battery in order to keep the device with enlarged camera flush when closed and opened. Let the market decide whether they prefer a tiny amount of battery life and a massive tumor of a camera, or an integrated phone that maintains its design ethos and has multiple days of battery life to boot. I know which one I'd buy. If I have an all in one device that's meant to replace my other devices, its battery should be larger than average to accommodate how much more you are using it. Will someone use a Duo 2 for Xbox cloud gaming when they know it will kill their battery in 4 hours? Why not offer extra battery life so people can use the device however they want all day, and not worry about losing power on their single device that connects them to everything and everyone. Nobody likes topping off power throughout the day or carrying battery packs. Nobody likes massive camera bumps, especially on folding phones.
  • Perfect if you can take photos of your face in good environment on space.
    Battles for Meetic or Instagram formulary.
    The gameplé, the screenplé. (ay)
    The action, the motion. Difficult, but exiting.
    I hope Microsoft don't dismiss in the way of smartphone.
    Needs for actually device reference, but also for Office, Xcloud.
    Also for preserve privacy and having several choice for consumers.
    Many given Surface Duo 6 now you have Teams, it's one new model all 6 months for propose really good product and acceptation in market by people.
    Probably more options in customisation, presence in physical stores, promotion product could be a good thing.
  • I will take a bump with better camera than selfie crap. I primarily use my phone to take pictures so this will be perfect. Only reason i did not get Duo 1 because of Camera and no nfc. But will be definitely getting Duo 2. I think Microsoft should release two versions of Duo 2's. One with camera bump as a Duo Pro and another one with updated selfie camera similar to version 1 but updated specs and cheaper price. May be there will be 2 versions so who knows???
  • I don't think they'd risk building two versions. The phone isn't mainstream enough and they'd end up with a lot leftover in warehouses.
  • My concern is the hinge on the bottom. Unless the bumper is as deep as the cam. To aliveate that they could have moved it to the middle of the side its on. Having it in the middle of the body would let the higges rest level. Unless the hinges now have a stop point to assist. Also is the rim on the camera rubber? That would help not crack the frosted glass. A lot of unknowns.
    Lets see what happens. As for the duo two being an upgrade from one. .... A faster processor would have made a better camera even with out changing the hardware. Perhaps a wide angle lens instead of the current one. I would have liked that device better. More elegant and able to layflat. Instead we have a Samsung like device with usability issues. Low lite is a software fix with ai etc and a faster cam with a slight quality bump in order to keep the astetic would have made me a day one buyer. But with the pockatable issue lumping and the bump causing usability issues the iPhone bump does not..... I'm sitting this one out. Maybe that sends a message. In all honesty I already traded the cam for the dual screens. Adding a snapdragon 888, 5g, NFC, and wireless charging was enough. The 888, as I said above, would have made the camera snappier. Then they could have used some of that nnokia software that they own the patents for and make the camera app more similar to windows phone amazing by giveing it manual controls and done. That's the duo 2 I wanted... Maybe that's duo 3 who knows. Or maybe 1.5? Last thing is we all saw rhe half camera on each side patent. They should have done as I said above and then waited for the tech on the patent to mature.. No one buying a camera super phone is buying duo. Especially now that taking a Pic is tablet or laptop like. No u look like a douch shooting an image. The d1 was elegant and beautiful and functional. The software was slightly janky esp the cam and its time to react. Again. Minor tweaks. The cam should have been last on the list. At the bottom. The bigger screen, the 5g, NFC, qi and the rounded corners and shifted usb port are all welcome additions. That was enough. I'm gonna see if I can find that prototype and buy that. Untill then I'm sticking with duo one. It's the dream device still and my money is on Android 11 let's them gut the junk further and gives windows 11 parity. That's my 2 cents.
    Everyone great comments. Love the chatter from owners. Kris. Truthfully.
  • To be honest it feels like surface and the device Panos got emotional over is moving away from what made surface great.... Innovation at the cost of the norm. With out which we have an android phone and not a surface. So I have one question... Did plannos green light this or was it so late in development he had no choice.? Or did satya deem the cameras necessary. The bump is so Un surface it literally blows my mind. Even the prototype with the bum in zacs own words was so far from the polished product due to not balancing the two sides. So now ballence and lays flat is irrelevant? The device that feels the same opened or closed is irellavant? Seriously... What's going on here. Microsoft do Not Release this device. Wait 18months and fix this before your the laughing stock of Samsung and Apple users.... Seriously.
  • One last comment then I am done. Zac spoke about (many times) not liking the bumper due to the device not closing flat on itself. Infact thick back screen protectors for the back of the device are in his words annoying. Now Zac your what ok with it suddenly? It's going to be worse than the original in this respect and that was your pet peve. Dan said multiple times the cam is fine for most of only it were faster and continues to speak to the useless features of the cam. I work retail and at photo have never ever met anyone who knows how the iPhone cam works. I have to teach them to turn the phone or change lens or mode. They leave it default and just click. Most don't even know that it's more than one Lens. So why on earth would Ms copy that knowing those same people will tear them up for either copycating or limiting functionality or building a feature the vast majority do not want. Also if duo was for the fans why abandon them with duo two.? I'm so angry I can't even explain my full range of emotion on this. I'm sure it won't be as bad as I think.... But I fully expect Zac to say... Yup Kris is right I'm going back to duo one. The android 11 update and 888, and the other stuff was enough we never needed a monster 12mp camera when the orig was already 11. Mark my words....
  • Yup, 100% agree. Up until a few weeks ago, one of the "big issues" that certain Windows Central writers had with the original Duo was the bumper case, but now the feeling is that you'll have to put an enormously thick case on the Duo 2 to try and make the camera flush with the rest of the device (so you'll at least be able to lie it flat) and suddenly now that ain't so bad. Nah, the more I look at those leaked pics, the more convinced I am that this is a marketing gimmick to get the fanboys talking. Above all else, I simply cannot imagine the Surface Design Team being ok with a huge camera bump. These guys and girls spend thousands of hours and millions of dollars poring over ever little detail of the surface line up. There's no way they'd go "to heck with it, let's just mount an enormously out of place camera on the back of the thing and head to the pub!"
  • I will say this. I'm glad duo 1 has three years support.... I'm waiting on 3
  • This is like the sp2. Just wait for duo3
  • Ok, I'm going to say something that no one seems to be focused on. How in the world would you use this camera? The Duo does not have an outer screen and there hasn't been any talk of adding one. With that said, the Camera bump is moot and pointless to even consider. This is not an actual concept of the Duo 2. The design of the device would make no sense at all. I believe the Duo 2 will have three cameras, but not this way. It will have two on one screen and one on the other. The screen with two cameras will take better pictures than the original, while still maintaining the Duo's esthetics that people have come to love about the original. With camera software improvements, it could prove to be a solid improvement over the original. Just to be clear, the two cameras would be on the left screen. Why you ask? It's the form factor. Most people read from left to right. As such, if you are inclined to fold back the pages of a book, it would be the left side. It's natural feeling and will be less cumbersome to take pictures. No flipping and flopping the phone around. There... You are all welcome! Arguments over bump have been squashed.
  • I'm not sure I'm getting the point here, while yet getting your point. I say that because I was one of those guys who always thought it was dumb to hold an iPad in the air to record something. That was obviously acceptable to most people. What will make holding up the Duo opened any different?
  • Well, take a look at how the Duo is designed and tell me that holding it with both screens open to take a picture would be acceptable for most, when the device itself can be folded. If said camera bump is something they plan on doing, then it's truly lazy on Microsoft and I would say they are definitely trying to be a "me too" device, which defeats the purpose of this form factor. But, that's just my opinion and I believe the way I described how the additional cameras should be placed would be ideal for this form factor.
  • @Vincent McLaughlin I'd have to agree with you 100%. Yours is probably one of the best responses to this Duo 2 design debacle I've seen so far. I cannot imagine Microsoft adding a huge camera bump to the Duo. It makes zero sense. Zero. In fact, adding a camera bump creates more useability issues than it solves. The forums and article posts are full of people asking the really obvious would you fully open the device? (you wouldn't). How would you lie it flat? (you wouldn't). How would you hold the device to take pictures (presumably with both screens fully open...dumb)? The point is, it makes zero engineering sense to put an overly large camera on the Duo. You're far better making the overall device a couple of millimetres thicker and using that additional space to install a better camera. I think these leaks are a marketing gimmick to drum up interest. God, I hope so. Or I'm putting off my purchase until the Duo 3 shows up.
  • I don't trust this "leak". With a majority already showing an obvious dislike, MSFT will come up with the real version which might not be slick, but will be appreciated as being far superior to this leak. What is this strategy called? Overton window, eh?
  • I am writing this on my surface Duo. I never had an issue with the camera, well I never cared about it. The one on inside is fine. I do wonder over the structural problems as I cracked my back left side (screen is fine) while probably sitting on it. I really just want full edge to edge screens, and the inside edge screen to be curved. Also NFC is a must for paying with the device. It also need to have that water proof rating all the other phones have and wireless charging. That is all.