Do you like the leaked Surface Duo 2 camera setup?

Surface duo 2 Leak
Surface duo 2 Leak (Image credit: YouTube: Tech Rat)

It's been an exciting past few days for fans of the Surface Duo, otherwise known as the Microsoft device that's been seeing record-low prices every other week as part of an unending stream of fire sales. The reason for the excitement is that leaked images of the Surface Duo 2 have hit the web!

It's true: The Surface Duo 2 is on the horizon. We've just gotten a serious look at the sequel device and its new camera setup, which will pack three lenses in a tiny bump. That's a big change from the existing Duo. Our question to you, the reader, is: Do you like the changed design, based on what you've seen of it so far?

We've extensively discussed the leaks of the Duo 2, specifically with regards to the camera shakeup. The camera bump isn't just an aesthetic twist; it has some physical consequences as well. One is that the bump is going to stop the Duo 2 from laying flat on itself. And there's also the worry that the bump could introduce structural issues, such as bending or breakage when the device's two sides are closed together.

It seems like a logical assumption that if these things were issues, Microsoft would have already ironed them out. Or, perhaps Microsoft is putting the finishing touches on fixes right now as the device gears up for launch. But who knows for certain? It's unlikely that any glaring issues exist at such a late stage of the prototyping process, but the only way consumers will know for sure is when they get their hands on the Duo 2 and start using it.

If your thoughts on the Duo 2's camera require some elaboration, don't limit yourself to a vote in the poll. Hop in the comments! Whether you're an existing Surface Duo owner or simply a spectator of Microsoft products, your thoughts are welcome.

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