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Images of Microsoft's upcoming 'Surface Duo 2' leak revealing triple camera setup

Surface duo 2 Leak
Surface duo 2 Leak (Image credit: YouTube: Tech Rat)

What you need to know

  • Images of a near-final Surface Duo 2 prototype have leaked.
  • They reveal a new external triple-camera setup.
  • They also show white and black variants of the device.

Microsoft is gearing up to ship a second-generation Surface Duo 2 this fall, and today images of what appears to be a near-final prototype have leaked online revealing a new external camera setup with three lenses, housed in a camera bump just like other flagship smartphones on the market.

It's unclear where these images originated, but Windows Central can confirm that the photos in question are legitimate. Surface Duo 2 features three external cameras consisting of an ultrawide angle, telephoto, and standard lens. The photos also reveal that the device may ship with frosted glass on the outside, and come in both white and black colors. They also show that the fingerprint reader has been removed and likely embedded into the power button, and the USB-C port is now centered on the bottom right hand side of the device.

Source: YouTube: Tech Rat (Image credit: Source: YouTube: Tech Rat)

Windows Central understands that Microsoft is planning to ship Surface Duo 2 in the September or October timeframe, and will feature flagship specs for 2021, including a Snapdragon 888 processor, 5G, and NFC for wireless payments. The device appears to be a major step-up in hardware over the Surface Duo 1, which shipped with outdated specs and without key hardware features.

We'll be interested to see if Surface Duo 2 ships at the same price point as Surface Duo 1, or if it'll be more expensive given how many more hardware features it has. What are your thoughts on Surface Duo 2's external design? Will you consider buying a Surface Duo 2 if the hardware is better than Surface Duo 1? Let us know in the comments.

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Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • I hope that camera bump doesn't affect how the device is used.
  • Since the main point of the Duo is to use both screens at the same time, I doubt it'll change much.
  • A bump? So it won't fold flat? That is sad.
  • A small camera bump, with a divot on the opposing side would be acceptable.
  • I am going to reserve judgment, but that is a question that I have, as the phone is always folded in single screen mode while in my pocket. Initial impression is that I couldn't do this anymore. We shall see.
  • Yeah same, hopefully the release version will have the camera flushed more into the design for onehanded mode.
  • You're expecting decent cameras without a bump? How would that be possible without making the device thicker, so heavier?
  • All I want is a thicker, heavier Duo. Give me more battery life and a flush camera so the phone can lay flat and I am all in. Chasing thinness while sacrificing on multiple postures of orientation and it loses out on being perceived as flexible and adaptive.
  • Looks like the bump is angled slightly so it sits flush with the other side. Slight gap like surface book..
  • Sharp eye, that indeed makes it better.