Will Microsoft ever be as 'cool' as Apple?

Microsoft is making great strides in the hardware and software departments, and its new devices, including the Surface Laptop and Surface Pro, are constantly compared to Apple hardware. Why? Apple has a certain "cool factor" that many of its loyal fans can't get enough of. Remember those old commercials with Justin Long and John Hodgman, where the stuffy businessman was a PC? Those are partly to blame.

Forum member Fahmi Bassem recently started a thread to ask the question of whether or not Microsoft will ever have the same cool factor as Apple, and there are already a bunch of thoughtful replies.

Twitter if filled with apple stuff before during and after its events, apple related hashtags are at the most popular on twitter (more than 5 #)!!!


Fahmi Bassem points out that Apple-related hashtags are all over Twitter these days, especially during their WWDC 2017 conference. Microsoft hashtags? Not so much.

Do you think Microsoft will ever hit the same level of "cool" as Apple? What will it take to reach that level? Head over to our forum now and speak your mind!

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