Does the Razer Kraken Tournament Edition work with the Xbox One?

Razer Kraken TE
Razer Kraken TE (Image credit: Razer)

Does the Razer Kraken Tournament Edition work with the Xbox One?

Best answer: The Kraken Tournament Edition (TE) does work with the Xbox One, but you lose out on some of the features. The less expensive Kraken Pro v2 is a better choice.Amazon: Razer Kraken Pro v2 ($79)

USB means lost features for Xbox owners

Unfortunately, since the Razer Kraken TE has a USB powered audio controller, full compatibility with the Xbox One isn't offered.

The Xbox One has USB ports, but the way the console handles headsets means there's no joy with those that utilize USB. And in the case of the Kraken TE, that means no THX spatial audio.

You can connect the Kraken TE directly to the controller over a 3.5mm jack, but you don't get the full feature set and as such you'd be better off grabbing a less expensive headset.

Kraken Pro v2 has only a 3.5mm connection

If you're looking at the Kraken TE then you're likely already interested in a Razer headset. Fortunately, while the TE might be out of the running for your Xbox One, the Kraken Pro v2 is an excellent alternative.

It's not exactly the same as the Kraken TE, but it's pretty close and it has the 3.5mm headset connector that you seek.

Save some money

The Kraken Pro v2 is a little older than the Kraken TE, but it also comes in at a lower price point. It's also very similar in design, as most of the Kraken headsets are.

Performance wise you'll lose some features, such as the THX USB controller you get on the TE, but otherwise, you'll still be enjoying great audio when you're gaming.

If you're looking for an Xbox One headset it's definitely the better choice. The Kraken TE is best for folks looking to game on the PC.

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