Both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC owners will soon be able to take full advantage of Dolby Atmos, a new system that will help create a more 3D sound experience. For movie buffs and gamers, this is quite the big deal when it comes to easily detecting where sound is coming from. Playing Overwatch for example, you don't want any delay when it comes to figuring out where that barrage of pain is being dished out from.


Atmos support on the Xbox One will be the first for video game consoles, allowing developers to implement new capabilities for richer and more engaging experiences. That's the plan anyway. Support for Blu-ray movies is also in the works and should be released soon. So what do you need to enjoy the new Atmos experience? Supported speaker systems, soundbar, or pair of headphones.

If you're one who prefers headphones to a sound system, you won't need to fork out on a new pair. Everything will be handled virtually. But for those who enjoy setting up a home theatre environment can go all out with new speakers, woofers and overhead setups. As a bonus, Microsoft has rolled out Blu-ray Bitstream pass-through to preview members. More details can be found in previous coverage.

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