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Don't expect a free Kinect adapter with your Xbox One X

If you were hoping to get your hands on a free Kinect adapter with your Xbox One X purchase, you might want to temper your expectations. When asked about the possibility of a free adapter program on Twitter, Xbox Marketing Chief Aaron Greenberg noted that a previous program to give free adapters to Xbox One S buyers has ended.

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If one wanted to parse Greenberg's words, you could infer that a similar program for the One X hasn't been totally ruled out. However, that doesn't seem likely.

After an initial push with the launch of the original Xbox One, Microsoft has largely left the Kinect behind. The most obvious evidence of this is what caused the need for adapters to begin with: the lack of a Kinect port on the Xbox One S. Because it uses a proprietary connector, the Kinect required a dedicated port on the original Xbox One. Since Microsoft eliminated the port on the One S, it ran a program to give away free adapters for some time after the console's launch. Like the One S, the Xbox One X also lacks a dedicated Kinect port.

If you are planning to use a Kinect unit with your Xbox One X, you can pick up an adapter for $39.99. (opens in new tab)

The Xbox One X is scheduled for release on November 7 for $499.

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  • At least they opened up webcams to use with Skype. This support came over a year too late, and seemingly without support for Cortanan voice commands as well. Xbox division has totally botched audio/video support on One S.
  • remember no audio support for webcams...(MS says majority of webcams do not have noise cancellation built-in, so you still need a headset for audio)
  • Realistically expected as much but Microsoft simply lied while advertising Xbox One X on their website. Quote: "All the Xbox One accessories you've got now (or have got your eye on) work with Xbox One X. No adapters, no hassle. Just play." (I even have a screenshot.) But it has been pulled since then of course.
  • Nice screenshot. Not that it will matter of course.
  • I have that same screen shot and I plan on opening a ticket with MS on Nov 7th. It doesn't need to be a promotion, just make good on your false advertising.
  • Eh, i got 2 free from their last promotion. Lol
  • ok
  • What's wrong with you people? Why do you expect Microsoft to again offer a free adapter? Where were you the first time they offered them? I mean come on! If you have $500 plus tax to throw down on a game console, you're telling me you're going to cry to them about having to spend another $40 for the adapter? Get out of here with your, open a ticket and posting screenshots bs. Please..... First world problems.
  • I didn't get one the first time around because I didn't upgrade my Xbox One to an Xbox One S. I will, however, probably be upgrading to an Xbox One X, which means my Kinect will no longer work with the X. So them saying all my accessories will work is a lie without an adapter, which is why they gave them out the first time around.
  •  Most people buying an Xbox One X didn't buy an S last year. Also at $500 this is already the most expensive game console by far. Adding another $40 to the cost is a huge turnoff. Even I'm not buying this console and I've had every Xbox at launch prior to this. Xbox deserves to fail.
  • Buying an Xbox One S back then when I already had a standard Xbox One would've been a waste of money. I was totally aware of the promotion but I had no reason to get another Xbox one until now with the Xbox One X.
  • Umm. we didn't want to spend 300 dollars on a console we already had to get an adapter? Do u not understand people upgrading from Xbox one to X?
  • Thought so, but can i expect a TV with it
  • Make that a 65 inch 4K TV with HDR. Preferably OLED as well.
  • As long as we can use any camera its ok P.s. Wow after months awaiting fix for app I can posted again directly from wincentral app win10mob...thx
  • So, Microsoft adds insult to injury. They gutted the usefulness of the Kinect with this ridiculous dashboard and now making you pay EXTRA to eek out what value they left with Kinect if your silly enough to buy an Xbox One X.  Great.
  • That is the problem.  I wouldn't be adverse to buying the Kinect dongle but, it is way over priced.  I wouldn't excpect a free dongle. It would be nice, like early S buyers, that  early X purchasers that could prove they had an Kinect could get one as well. But, I don't expect it. I just don't see Microsof has any remorse. Do they realize how they have treated Kinect owners (you know the original 15+ million Xbox One purcahsers) by completely dropping almost all support for the device?  I would think they would feel ashamed by not including the device those upgrading to an X.  At the very least, they should provide a coupon to get a Kinect dongle for a heavily discounted price.  $40 additional for something that you were forced people to buy and not continued to be support or even remotely supported the Kinect even half as much as they sold people on  is ridiculous.
  • does kinect camera even see in 4k?  if not what's the point of it on X?
  • The 2 have NOTHING to do with each other. 
  • My experience with the Kinect camera working on XB1 has been excellent for Skype and voice control.  So I just bought another Kinect camera ($45) with a adapter ($38) on Amazon to get ready for XB1 X to support my 2nd 4K TV.
  • I will buy the stupid adapter but I really hope to see a Windows Central article detailing the Kinect experience with XboneX. I am scared that it may not work as well as it does on my original Xbone
  • Lets be honest, not a big loss, kinect always felt choppy and undeveloped.  And i always hated when it would randomly pick up my voice, chatting in a party and launch an app at the most unappropiate time.
  • I have a Kinect for Windows Adapter already, it's basically the same thing as the Xbox version. Will it work on the Xbox One X though?
  • Yup, the two boxes are almost identical, makes plugging and unplugging the cords easy during upgrade.
  • MS will partner with Sony and cancel the Xbox
  • Well, at least Sony knows how to design a good UI and doesn't change it every freaking year. Oh and doesn't spam users with ads on the homescreen either. So that wouldn't be that bad of an idea as far as I'm concerned...
  • You are joking right? Ps4s UI is terrible
  • cool story
  • I think they might be killing off Kinect too. After they shut down Windows 10 for mobile, Microsoft band, Groove music and all the other Microsoft garage apps. They suck at advertising and really excel at throwing of products which could become the de facto standard if applied better. They are only successful with Surface and Xbox brands in recent years in my opinion.
  • I've just upgraded to an S because I won't be able to afford an X when it comes out and I'm not using Kinect due to the lack of a port and I really don't need it on the S as the IR receiver allows me to use the volume controls on the Xbox remote. I also won't use Cortana with a headset as I use the PC app for party chat since it causes so much lag on the console at the moment. It's a shame that there's no external microphone support at least to make up for it as I loved using Cortana.
  • Kinect is just another HW canceled by Microsoft. Joined Zune, MS Band or all Lumias. Not surprise
  • Kinect..lololololololololololololololololol....whew.... what is this 2010......move along nothing to see here.